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In 2000, during a visit to New England as he campaigned for President, Lyndon LaRouche discussed the principles upon which this Republic was founded, that which forms this nation’s actual Manifest Destiny. In his speech he presages one of Donald Trump’s major missions—the scientific and industrial revival of the United States. LaRouche says that our mission is to ensure the General Welfare and to nurture the creativity of every American through unending economic progress. Our mission, our “Manifest Destiny,” is to export that drive, to push the frontiers of science and technology in order to develop the vast areas of the earth now plagued by ancient forms of empire and colonialism. Joe Biden banks on his repeated claims that Americans are too stupid to figure this out, and will willingly embrace a new Dark Age of continued de-industrialization and endless wars, rather than fighting the fascism which his fraudulent presidency is determined to impose.

Why they falsely imprisoned LaRouche

The use of political hit men—acting at the behest of the British government and an out of control White House—didn't start with the recent illegalities conducted against the campaign and transition of Donald Trump. Now, as a reckoning begins to occur for those who sought to take out the President, that reckoning must include the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche if it is to be true and faithful to the cause of justice and freedom in the United States.

LaRouche, a genius and a visionary, was intended to be consigned to the realm of bad guys and crazies by the calculated smear campaign which accompanied his prosecution. An objective and fresh examination of his ideas now is vital to the survival of this country and its President, an examination which would follow, most naturally, as the result of removing the completely unjust stain of this prosecution. This is the story of the legal atrocity against this man concocted by Robert Mueller, among others.


Content from LaRouche: 

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