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Today is the one-year anniversary of the passing of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. We ask you to join us in reflecting on his life and his legacy, and to join us in completing the unfinished business of his exoneration.

While incarcerated as political prisoner 30 years ago, LaRouche reflected the true meaning of human life,

"And, rather than seeing that mortal life as a succession of experiences, you see it as a unity. Imagine facing the question respecting that mortal life, asking, 'was that life necessary in the total scheme of the universe and the existence of mankind, was it necessary that I be born in order to lead that life, the sum total of that number of years between birth and death? Did I do something, or did my living represent something, which was positively beneficial to present generations, and implicitly to future generations after me?' If so, then I should have walked through that life with joy, knowing that every moment was precious to all mankind, because what I was doing by living was something that was needed by all mankind, something beneficial to all mankind."

In his 1988 "Food for Peace" address, Mr. LaRouche takes up this same issue: