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On November 11, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche discussed the road out of the 2007-2008 world-wide economic collapse. That road was not taken and the United States' economy continued to be further looted by Wall Street and City of London predators, its population assigned to gig jobs, inundated by drugs, and a culture of despair. Donald Trump was elected to arrest this. He was attacked relentlessly for attempting vast economic change and an end to imperial wars. His re-election was blocked by Wall Street, London, and other elements of the modern British Empire.

Now a reckoning has come. Across the entire world, with the exception of Africa and some developing countries, population is declining at such a rate that the world could soon be inhabited only by the very old. We will have entered a New Dark Age. Across the entire world, hyperinflation has also broken out in the failed imperial economic system which should have been thrown out and reorganized in bankruptcy, wholesale in 2008. This reckoning is a reckoning with the laws of physical economic science which LaRouche outlined in his November 11, 2009 webcast. Four powers, Russia, China, India, and the United States are uniquely situated to launch the necessary recovery while bankrupting the Empire which caused this. They must do so now.


If you listened carefully to what LaRouche said on November 11, 2009, you'll note that he said that the economic mobilization now necessary would be based on a space driver—that is where we will re-discover our powers as humans as well as the new scientific principles to advance our entire species. Donald Trump understood this when he
launched Artemis, the Moon-Mars colonization and exploration mission. In two webcasts, also in 2009, LaRouche elaborated what he meant. Here they are:


LaRouche: True Value of Apollo, and a 50-Year Moon-Mars Mission



LaRouche: Let's Industrialize the Moon Now as a Base for Future Space Exploration