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When Lyndon LaRouche recorded "Storm Over Asia" twenty years ago, there was no economic development process like China’s Belt and Road Initiative, involving over 155 nations. Russia was just emerging, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, from a vicious eight-year looting spree that had been carried out by the International Monetary Fund, resulting in the reduction of the Russian population by one million people per year. The September 11, 2001 attack on America, and the subsequent Afghanistan and Second Iraq Wars, had not yet occurred.

What has remained consistent over the past twenty years is the pro-war, anti-Russia, anti-China, and anti-US policies of the British Empire. When the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, gave a speech last August in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, calling for financial “regime change,” those remarks were explicitly directed against the Trump Presidency. Today’s reckless impeachment process against Donald Trump is part of that operation.

This is not an internal US matter, but, as recent events have shown, of the utmost global strategic importance. The destabilization of the American Presidency at this time endangers the world, disrupting China’s and Russia’s leaders attempts to collaborate with the United States to put an end to potential conflicts with North Korea, Iran, and other nations.
In the flurry of contradictory wartime propaganda bombarding the American people in recent days, this presentation by Lyndon LaRouche is essential.

LaRouche, who passed away February 12 of last year, was known for his unique strategic analysis and analytical method. This method, also referred to as the “LaRouche-Riemann method” allowed him to accurately forecast certain future developments. This method is starkly demonstrated to the viewer who watches “Storm Over Asia” in its entirety.

LaRouche’s clarity, both about the ongoing role of British intelligence against the interests of the United States, as well as the disastrous role of British Intelligence asset Sir George Bush 41, even going back to 1975, is striking . LaRouche in “Storm Over Asia” also anticipates the policy disasters of the later Bush 43 and Barack Obama Administrations, years before they existed.

If the United States joins forces, now, with Russia, China and India—the nations LaRouche identified twenty years ago, —and makes economic development the basis for peace, the storm clouds of impending war, gathering as we speak, can be dissipated.
Listen carefully.