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In a speech on May 4, 2009, at Central Connecticut State University, Lyndon LaRouche traced the history of the present conflict in the Middle East to British imperial policies, emphasizing that at solution to the endless wars in this region will not come from dynamics from within the region because all players are being played.

In an editorial in EIR Magazine on November 12, 2009, LaRouche expanded on this:

“Until and unless you eliminate this British permanent war/permanent revolution factor by kicking the British—typified by the so-called Quartet peace negotiator Tony Blair—out of the region, and defeating the power of this British imperial apparatus, no meaningful breakthrough toward peace is remotely possible.”LaRouche holds that a Four Power Agreement between Russia, China, India, and the United States for a new credit system, rather than the British imperial monetary system, replacing war with development, is the path to peace.

Watch the full address at Central Connecticut State here.