We are circulating the following statement for endorsement by candidates, organizations, elected officials, and constituency leaders, Third American Economic Revolution: Abolish the Federal Reserve and Restore our Sovereignty with National Banking.  The statement opens,

If the United States is not soon liberated from the criminal system of private central banking which has occupied our nation since the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, and returned to the principles of national banking, our people, our economy, and the U.S. dollar will not survive. Inflation, the danger of hyperinflation, supply chain breakdowns, deindustrialization, the illegal drug epidemic, food, energy, and water shortages--all are the ultimate consequence of surrendering our economic sovereignty to a consortium of global financial interests, headquartered in London and Wall Street, which uses its monetary power to control nations and parasitize economies. The United States is uniquely positioned to do this, being the only sovereign republic in the world to have twice established a system of national banking for the purpose of promoting the general welfare and advancing the productive powers of its population...

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See the list of candidates, former candidates, and elected officials who've endorsed our resolution

Read Brian Lantz's detailed report, "For a U.S. Economic Recovery: A Third National Bank Now Indispensable."

Click here for already concluded classes:  The Principles and Practice of National Banking, which started on June 4, 2022. 

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