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"Despite their dog and bullshit show, neither Biden nor Fed Chair Powell has any idea what to do about inflation, and their actions reflect the emptiness of their brains." So writes Bruce Director in his post, on last week's interest rate increase, in which he outlines the actual solution, "To End the Breakdown Crisis, You Have to Pop the Bubble, End the Sanctions, and Extend Credit to Expand Production."


We put that fight for the solution into action at the Texas Republican Party Convention last week, and succeeded in flushing the uniparty into the open. Opposition to our fight for a Third National Bank came from uniparty (or is it eunuch-party?) hacks who argued that conservatives are "Jeffersonians and Jacksonians" and that we shouldn't "mess with the Fed."

Kesha responded with a statement, distributed to delegates, which said, in part:

"Imagine my shock, as an African American who left the Democratic Party because of its racist identity politics and Barack Obama’s destruction of NASA, to join the party of Lincoln and Trump, when platform committee member Rolondo Garcia (SD15) founded his opposition to the National Bank on the statement: 'As conservatives we are Jacksonian and Jeffersonian.'

...Is this for real? The heroes and icons of the racist Democratic Party?"