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Robert Ingraham's latest article available here.

As Congress and the White House grapple with each other in their negotiations to extend the debt ceiling by June 1, they are missing the elephant in the room: the causes of the ballooning federal (and state, local, corporate and personal) debt.

Our ability to produce, to build and to grow has been crippled by unconstitutional policies including the adoption of the Federal Reserve, the establishment of the budget process itself, and the imposition of green insanity. In short, we are running huge and accelerating debts because we have ceased acting as a sovereign nation and have become, once again, the economic colony of a financial empire.

If we are going to deal with the debt and survive, we must rediscover the American economic principles of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon LaRouche.

Tonight, Robert Ingraham will take up that challenge. See you then.