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Think of how many people one farmer could feed 250 years ago, compared to today. There is no better metric of what Alexander Hamilton described as "the productive power of labor," than in the transformation of American farming over the centuries. That productivity has been crippled by monetarism, globalization, and green policies. Tonight, Brian Lantz will discuss how to reverse the disaster. 

From the Agriculture section of Brian's report, (VII. Agriculture)

Whether you focus on the shortage of baby formula, the lack of fertilizer delivered to farmers, or the ever-changing array of empty shelves in the grocery store, one thing stands out: The Biden collective has been a disaster, dramatically exacerbating an already present crisis in American agriculture.

...Only national banking, replacing the bankrupt Federal Reserve central banking system, can organize the required flow of productive credits into the real economy, to grow our population and the productivity of our nation. This is particularly true for modern, capital, and technology-intensive agriculture. In addition, vigorous anti-trust enforcement must be undertaken against the agricultural cartels which are invariably tied to the speculative practices of the City of London and Wall Street. They now dictate both farm prices and farm products....READ MORE