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A note to readers: this is an old post on the archive website for Promethean PAC. It was written when we were known as LaRouche PAC, before changing our name to Promethean PAC in April 2024. You can find the latest daily news and updates on Additionally, Promethean PAC has a new website at

From all corners of the nation, citizens have stepped forward to take a new measure of responsibility for the Republic and to run for office. The candidates on this page have taken an added level of responsibility in endorsing LaRouchePAC’s call, for “A Third American Economic Revolution: Abolish the Federal Reserve and Restore our Sovereignty with National Banking.” Several have amplified their support in their own words.

Endorsement messages:

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Endorsement messages


Jon Welch, Congressional Candidate, 2 CD, Washington State

As Washington State's only Conservative candidate for Congressional District #2, I fully endorse ending the Federal Reserve's war on the middle class and America itself. It's past time financial industries worked with and for our nation. Instead of preying upon it! We can no longer absolve career politicians who rubber stamp policies and spending bills with their eyes wide shut toward the needs of their own people. The future beckons. And, I have answered!


Angela Rigas, Candidate for State Representative, 79 HD, Michigan

I truly believe in ending the Federal Reserve. As Thomas Jefferson stated:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened to America. We need to end the Federal Reserve and restore the issuing power back to the people.

I fully endorse the LaRouchePAC for the tremendous work they do for the people.


Ron Kokinda, Candidate for State Representative, 2 HD, Michigan

I support the LaRouchePAC resolution to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to National Banking because it means a return to sovereignty over our economy and our currency. We are in a fight to save the republic, and for our economic survival. The Third National Banking is the most effective weapon we have to break the globalist grip that is strangling our nation. It would enable us to revive our physical economy and rebuild the nation.


Mindy Pechenuk, Candidate for State Representative, 18 AD, California

I fully endorse the LaRouchePAC call to " Abolish the Federal Reserve and Restore our Sovereignty with National Banking". God created us in his image with beautiful creative minds. The power of this creativity allows us to develop our nation with constantly new discoveries, discoveries that will uplift the quality of life for every generation. It was from this conception of humanity that Hamilton gave birth to the idea of a Constitutional National Bank credit system. We can solve all problems from these actions, and will be able to develop a culture of growth, as expressed by our productive powers. Let us leave the Central Banking system of Wall Street, the British Globalist and their money, and go ahead with the American system. It is the only solution!


Solomon Pena, Candidate for State Representative, District 14, NM

I endorse this LaRouchePAC resolution to abolish the Federal Reserve and restore a National Bank, because our first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, founded an economic system that was based on the principle of national sovereignty. What our elected representatives have done over the decades is sell that national sovereignty out to the highest bidder. This resolution gives that sovereignty back to “we the people of the United States.”


Lisa Meyer-Hagen, Candidate for State Representative, District 11, NM

Human beings have unparalleled potential to create, innovate, develop, design, actualize, and express unlimited inspiration, influence, and ideas.Our freedoms to live all the above are being threatened by a few in an unprecedented effort to pick winners and losers by controlling our lives through money and credit rather than the market making those decisions. Central banks work with a larger global cabal pretending to create wealth. Only a few get rich while the rest of us become impoverished because they set the rules regarding who can play and who has to submit. I see Central banks being connected to a small group of people who make monetary decisions for the other billions of us. A National banking system promotes, supports, and lends to citizens to create tangible wealth through production and industry.


Federal Office

Thomas Gibbons — Former candidate, at large congressional district (Alaska)

Robert Lyons — Former candidate, at large congressional district (Alaska)

Jeff Zink — Primary candidate, 3rd congressional district (Arizona)

Kelly Cooper — Primary candidate, 4th congressional district (Arizona)

Jason Kishineff — Primary candidate, 4th congressional district (California)

Steve Wozniak — Primary candidate, 5th congressional district (California)

Chris Bish — Primary candidate, 6th congressional district (California)

Ned Nuerge — Primary candidate, 12th congressional district (California)

Nadia Smalley — Primary candidate, 49th congressional district (California)

Jared Craig — Former candidate, 3th congressional district (Georgia)

Steven Sparks — Primary candidate, 2th congressional district (Hawaii)

Tony Marcinkewciz — Primary candidate, 10th congressional district (Michigan)

Darryl Baber — General election candidate, 2nd congressional district (Nevada)

Cathy Sampson — Former candidate, 2nd congressional district (Nevada)

Bill Wheeler — Primary candidate, 2nd congressional district (Washington)

Jon Welch — Primary candidate, 2nd congressional district (Washington)

Benancio Garcia — Primary candidate, 4th congressional district (Washington)

Paul Glumaz — Primary candidate, 7th congressional district (Washington)

Justin Greywolf — Primary candidate, 8th congressional district (Washington)


State Office

Barry Hess — Primary candidate, Governor (Arizona)

Joseph Chesney — Elected official, Chapter Leader, California Republican Assembly (California)

Joseph Rubay — General election candidate, 16 Assembly District (California)

Mindy Pechenuk — General election candidate, 18 Assembly District (California)

Amanda Fleming — Primary candidate, 27 Assembly District (California)

Paul Fournier — Primary candidate, 34 Assembly District (California)

Gia D'Amto — Primary candidate, 52 Assembly District (California)

Jack Dillender — Primary candidate, Governor (Colorado)

Dan Johnson — Primary candidate, 12 House District (Hawaii)

Netra Halperin — Primary candidate, 11 House District (Hawaii)

Shaira Taylor — Primary candidate, 42 House District (Hawaii)

Beth Socia — Primary candidate, 4 Senate District (Michigan)

Ronald Kokinda — Primary candidate, 2 House District (Michigan)

Diane Saber — Primary candidate, 12 House District (Michigan)

Brian Warzocha — Primary candidate, 29 House District (Michigan)

Angela Rigas — Primary candidate, 79 House District (Michigan)

Monica Stabbert — Former candidate, 16 Senate District (Nevada)

Audrey Trujillo — General election candidate, Secretary of State (New Mexico)

Lisa Meyer-Hagen — General election candidate, 11 House District (New Mexico)

Solomon Pena — General election candidate, 14 House District (New Mexico)

Cynthia Horner — Former candidate, 27 House District (South Carolina)

Lonny Ray Williams — Primary candidate, 7 House District, #1 (Washington)


Local Office

Kent Henderson — Former candidate, County Commissioner, District 3 (Georgia)

Lynn Wood — Elected official, District 25, Waikiki, Republican Party (Hawaii)

Susan P Hughes — Elected official, District 3, Chairman, E. Hawaii, Republican Party (Hawaii)

Barbara Zinner — Elected official, County Commissioner, Macomb County (Michigan)

Robert Van Hee — Elected official, District 4, Redwood County Commissioner (Minnesota)

Marilyn Snyder — Elected official, Fort Bend county precinct chair (Texas)

Renee Tribe — Primary candidate, County Commissioner, Seat A (Utah)