President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks Thursday, May 21, 2020, at the Ford Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti, Mich. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

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On August 18, 2023, UAW President Shawn Fain, who announced months ago that the union is withholding its endorsement of Joe Biden because of the green/EV push, upped the ante. Fain warned that Donald Trump’s recent statements, asserting that the Biden Administration’s forced transition to electric vehicles will have a devastating impact on auto worker jobs, are striking home. “So when somebody else comes along and says, ‘Get ready to watch your jobs disappear,’ that is gonna resonate,” Fain said in an interview at the UAW’s Solidarity House, reported by Bloomberg and titled "UAW President Shawn Fain warns Biden that Trump's EV attacks touch a nerve."

LaRouchePAC organizers already knew that. Over the past several weeks, Detroit area organizers have been going to auto plants in southeastern Michigan with a leaflet entitled, “Donald Trump’s Message to Auto Workers”, which describes Trump’s recent Agenda47 pledge to defend auto workers jobs from the globalists’ policies of free trade, as he has in the past, and from the forced march to electric vehicles. 

The response from auto workers has been electrifying!

At three different plants, two in Wayne County and one in Macomb, the majority of workers have welcomed Trump’s statement and support for Trump has been off the charts. Hostility has been non-existent, with only a few people even tossing the leaflets away. The workforce at these plants is largely composed of black and Hispanic men and women in their 30’s and 40’s, people who are trying to raise families with some kind of decent, stable income. They know the difference between a union scale wage, where you have a fighting chance of raising a family on one income, versus a $17/hour job in an EV battery factory. They also know what free trade did over recent decades to shrink the number of good-paying jobs in Michigan and gut Michigan’s economy. Michigan’s population has collapsed—its Congressional delegation which numbered 19 in the 1970’s is now at 13.

There are scores of auto plants, steel plants, and auto parts facilities in southeastern Michigan, and LaRouche PAC has plans to intersect as many of them as possible, with Trump’s statement on auto, and with our petition to “Stop the Prosecutions of Donald Trump.”

As “Auto Workers for Trump” founder Brian Pannebecker said in a recent LaRouchePAC podcast, blue collar workers in Macomb County, north of Detroit, provided the margin of victory for Donald Trump in Michigan in 2016. The potential for the blue collar areas of Wayne County, which includes the city of Detroit, to push the vote totals for Trump toward 40 percent would also be crucial for a Trump win in the state.

Meanwhile, Back in the Barracks

The response of auto workers, long considered the bedrock of the Democratic Party in Michigan, underscores the revolutionary nature of the political transformation taking place in America, akin to the Abraham Lincoln revolution which saved the nation in the 19th century. While Donald Trump remains their primary target, our enemies are also intent on immobilizing those individuals and organizations who must execute a campaign for victory in 2024. 

In Michigan, the attack is two-fold. The drag-queen-loving lesbian Attorney General, Dana Nessel, recently slapped the sixteen Trump 2020 electors with felony indictments totalling as much as 70 years in jail. The enemy hopes to pin down key figures who have led the Trump movement since 2017. 

Less obvious is the all-too-successful tactic of keeping the largely pro-Trump grassroots movement, which earlier this year took over the Michigan Republican Party, caught up in endless internal fights. Everywhere you look, activists’ time is being consumed with procedural pissing matches at the state, county, and Congressional District level. The ruling elites, who are indeed masters of social engineering, are well aware of how easy it is to keep idled soldiers, sitting in their barracks, at each other’s throats. The technique seems to be in full swing in Michigan.

The antidote to that is the sergeant’s rather salty demand to “drop your (rhymes with clocks) and pick up your socks.” LaRouchePAC is throwing out a wide dragnet to delegates and other MAGA activists to pick up their socks and join us in building a force which is unstoppable in Michigan and the nation. That begins with crippling the prosecutions of Trump, through saturation circulation of our petition to “Stop the Prosecutions,” and continues with a commitment to take Trump’s Agenda47 policies, which include his pledge to auto workers, to every voter in Michigan.