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“The mobilization of a majority of the citizens as a conscious force engaged in direct deliberation of the policymaking of the nation, of discovering which policies are in fact currently in the interest of the nation and its posterity,” was the challenge given to republican organizations by Lyndon LaRouche in 1979. (Creating a Republican Labor Party)

This page is devoted to that task. 

Donald Trump has provided the basis for beginning that “direct deliberation of the policymaking of the nation” with the promulgation of a series of policies which he calls Agenda 47.

Agenda 47 includes proposals to undo the economic and strategic damage of the global elite and it includes bold and visionary ideas like building ten brand-new “Freedom Cities.” Implicit in these proposals is an understanding that prosperity comes from increasing the productive powers of our population, as understood by Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and advanced by Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouchePAC has put forward its own agenda for the future, which provides a deeper understanding of the principles needed to accomplish this vision. You can find out more on our campaign pages: Project Prometheus and Abolish the Fed.


On this page, you will find links to the most significant of Donald Trump's Agenda 47 statements, grouped in two categories—economic policy and foreign policy. Learn about them, think about them and organize around these bold new initiatives. We have also created a slide presentation and half-page leaflets which you are free to use and share.

Agenda 47 Slide Presentation

Half-page color flyers

What Does Agenda47 Mean for Manufacturing

What Does Agenda47 Mean for Young Families


Links to President Trump's Agenda 47 Economic Policies

Featured: A Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living—March 3, 2023

We Must Protect Social Security and Medicare—January 23, 2023

Making America Energy Independent Again—February 9, 2023

Reclaiming America's Independence by Slashing Biden's Disastrous Trade Deficits—February 28, 2023

Joe Biden Has Been a Disaster for the Economy—March 27, 2023

Liberating America from Biden's Regulatory Onslaught—April 16, 2023

Links to President Trump's Agenda 47 Foreign and Security Policies

FeaturedPreventing World War III—March 16, 2023

President Trump Declares Wars on the Cartels—January 5, 2023

President Trump Call's for Immediate De-Escalation and Peace—February 1, 2023

President Trump Will Build a New Missile Defense Shield—February 2, 2023

President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists—February 22, 2023

President Trump's Plan to Dismantle the Deep State and Return Power to the American People—March 21, 2023

DeSantis' Childish Foreign Policy Cliches Betray Dangerous Lack of Historical, Intellectual and Diplomatic Sophistication—March 31, 2023

Day One Executive Order Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegals and Outlawing Birth Tourism—May 30, 2023

All of the President Trump's Agenda 47 videos can be found here.


LaRouchePAC is covering the importance of Agenda 47 in posts and videos.

Agenda 47 for Organizers, YouTube discussion,Susan Kokinda, June 19, 2023


LaRouchePAC Podcasts on Agenda 47

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