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Two days after Michigan’s Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel indicted the entire slate of 2020 Trump electors on charges that add up to 80 years in jail, Donald Trump launched an offensive to dramatically expand his vote from UAW workers, who now constitute a major part of the Democrats’ Michigan base.  Citing Biden’s electric car led Green New Deal which is decimating American’s automobile industry and making a car unaffordable for most Americans Trump noted in his latest Agenda 47 video:  “I hope United Auto Workers are listening to this because I think you better endorse Trump…They (the Democrats) are destroying your business.. ..How people can vote for them just because it’s an automatic vote. Look at how they have decimated the car industry over the years.”  On the ground in Michigan, Trump support is widespread among auto workers but union leaders have normally campaigned to crush that enthusiasm. MAGA is not cowering in the wake of the Democrats’ desperate legal and media attacks; it is going for the win.

Trump’s challenge is delivered in his latest  Agenda47 policy video released on July 20, 2023.

Agenda47 is a body of economic, strategic, and cultural policies which Trump has pledged to implement as the 47th President of the United States and represents commitment to dismantle the entire globalist agenda. 

Trump’s statement comes just as the UAW, under new leadership, is about to begin contract negotiations with the Big Three automakers in Detroit. A few months ago, the newly-elected UAW President, Shawn Fain announced that the UAW is withholding its endorsement of Joe Biden because of Biden’s hyper-support for electric vehicles, which Fain calls “a race to the bottom” for auto workers.

Trump drills down on that point:

Joe Biden is waging war on the U.S. auto industry with a series of crippling mandates designed to force Americans into expensive electric cars, even as thousands of electric cars are piling up on car lots all unsold. This ridiculous Green New Deal crusade is causing car prices to skyrocket while setting the stage for the destruction of American auto production…

These extreme left-wing policies are a disaster for families and consumers and are one of the main reasons the average cost of a new car is now over $50,000 dollars—absolutely outrageous…Biden is killing American consumers and he’s also killing U.S. manufacturing. In an all-out attack on American-made pickup trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles...By one estimate, Biden’s electric vehicle mandate will slaughter 117,000 U.S. auto-manufacturing jobs, with workers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio among the hardest hit.

 If Biden’s assault is not stopped, American auto-production will be totally DEAD. 

Of course, the auto industry has been the victim not only of green policies (now on steroids under Biden), but of globalist trade policies going back to the disaster of NAFTA. President Trump emphasizes: In my first term, I fought for autoworkers like never before, canceling TPP, which was a disaster, ending the NAFTA nightmare (the NAFTA trade deal was the worst deal ever negotiated on trade), and renegotiating Obama’s horrendous Korea trade deal. Made it a great deal from a horrible deal… I saved the American auto industry once, and now, I will save it again.”

The video is accompanied by a thorough discussion of Trump’s America First trade policies which would use universal baseline tariffs to protect American manufacturing across the board, and reciprocal tariffs to combat unfair trade practices by other countries. This return to a key element of an American System economic policy is one of the reasons that the global elite are intent on preventing Trump from returning to the White House. It would reverse their multi-decade intention to turn the United States into a Third World country (something which Trump addresses in other sections of his Agenda47 proposals).

The comments under Trump’s Rumble video demonstrate that more and more Americans are getting it:

  • Amen! Used cars are not even affordable anymore. They want us broke and at home. 
  • Michigan's Governor took hundreds and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to create battery plants in the state with 300 Chinese nationals working.
  • Make Cars Great Again
  • Yep, in Delaware there used to be a GM plant in Wilmington and a Chrysler plant in Newark. This is Biden's globalist future for us.

Michigan LaRouchePAC has mapped out a strategy to deliver Trump’s message to auto workers throughout the state.