Official welcoming ceremony. With President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping.

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Why deny the obvious? Nearly everyone knows the truth even if they won’t admit it. Presidents Putin and Xi held their March 20-22 meetings to prepare against World War III—World War III beginning as general warfare of the United States against both Russia and China. We have all been racing down that road ever since January 21, 2021. President Trump is right to say, “We have never been closer to World War III than we are right now.”

Biden’s controllers and handlers have been rushing toward war since before his inauguration, with the hypnotic fascination of the moth for the candle—and with all the farsightedness of a chicken. That was why Biden entered office mouthing British catchphrases about a world struggle of “democracy” against “autocracy.”  In Europe, he accelerated the NATO weaponization of Ukraine against Russia and against its own Russian-speaking citizens. When Putin protested, Biden responded with provocations rather than negotiate. He knew that the result would be war—and said so repeatedly—but he imagined that he could defeat Russia with economic “sanctions from Hell,” and then move on unhindered against China. We see how that turned out.

In Asia, Biden has acted to press in on China’s borders with hostile military blocs like AUKUS. (Meaning Australia, the UK, and the US.) China sees the “Quad” of the US, Australia, India, and Japan in the same light. NATO has even been pressured to expand into Asia; we see how well that worked in Europe.

Biden’s best-known provocations against China have been his continually pushing the boundaries of the US-China agreements on Taiwan (called the three Joint Communiques). But his massive technology war is a bigger provocation. This is a scheme to enlist allies to strangle China’s ability to produce up-to-date semiconductors—all based on Eric Schmidt’s (of Google) crackbrained theory that the key to modern warfare is huge AI data centers with enormous training datasets. No surprise that Biden’s “CHIPS Act” will not produce the promised American jobs—it is actually just an economic-warfare measure against China. 

Now some have suggested that Joe Biden may not know where he is much of the time. But his team of “Winken, Blinken and Nod” is little better. They know neither what they are doing nor why they are doing it. As they rush on toward war, all their sanctions, all their military calculations, and all their economic plans have failed. But what if they had succeeded—what, for instance, if they were actually able to remove Putin from power as they fantasize? What then? Ask the matron who was warned that her elderly husband was chasing other women. “Dogs chase cars,” she replied, “but if they catch them, they can’t drive them.”

It is hard to reconcile the slapstick and the pratfalls of these merry fools in Washington, with the reality of the hundreds of thousands of men who will never come home again in Ukraine. Truly, they know not what they do. The governments of Europe which unleashed the “Guns of August” in 1914, triggering a war which killed 40 million, were wise by comparison.

Like Biden with his teleprompter, Blinken, Sullivan, Nuland and the rest try to read their lines with feeling, but their parts have been written by another. How does this scene end? What will follow it? No one has told them that.


Empire is older than recorded history, and throughout history, most men and women have always been subjects of empire, as they still are today. As Lyndon LaRouche showed, empire is characterized by a monetary system evolving from that of the ancient Babylonian priest-usurers, to the 17th Century Banks of Venice and Amsterdam, and today’s Bank of England and our Federal Reserve System. 

There has been a consistently evolving military policy of empire as well. In English slang it is “Let’s you and him fight,” or in Latin, tertius gaudens. War is a disaster for any country which engages in it, even if sometimes a necessary disaster. But the policy of empire has been to engage its rivals or potential rivals in warfare against each other—preferably in forever war, or in annihilation war—so as to weaken and destroy, and master and control them all alike.

Despite their overwhelming numbers, the armies and navies of the Persian-Babylonian empire failed miserably to subdue the free Greek city-states in the two Persian Wars of 490-479 BC. But that Empire came back from defeat to foment the devastating Peloponnesian Wars of 460-404 BC, which pitted Athens against Sparta, and spread from there to ensnare the entire Greek world on one side or the other. By the time those wars ended with a hollow Spartan victory in 404 BC, Greece had been destroyed. Never again would it play an independent role in history.

Later the Roman Empire maintained its long, ruinous sway over the Mediterranean world by keeping its borderlands in perpetual war between rival groups, and between them and the Empire.

The British Empire rose to pre-eminence by arranging for its continental rivals to tear each other to pieces in the Seven Years War of 1756-63— called in America the French and Indian Wars. The Seven Years War is sometimes called World War Zero for the way it foreshadowed World War I.

But the moment that the Seven Years War ended by securing the British Empire’s world primacy—was the same moment that its nemesis began its rise here in North America. The London-centered financier oligarchy—which runs Wall Street as a local branch-office—has always known that our republic’s existence is incompatible with its own.

After it failed to defeat us in our Revolution, and failed again through its puppet Confederacy in our Civil War, the Empire never again attempted to conquer us through military force here in North America. Instead, it relied on subversion here (and assassination of our Presidents), while re-running the Seven Years War scenario in Europe, to destroy our allies and potential allies over there. As Lyndon LaRouche wrote in 2009, “Every major war on this planet since 1865 has been an offshoot of the principal goal of the British Empire, that empire’s desperate commitment to bringing about the ultimate destruction of our United States.” 

Britain’s Rivals Destroy Each Other in World Wars I and II

As the United States became an industrial giant after the Civil War, Bismarck’s Germany, Sadi Carnot’s France, Alexander II’s Russia, and the Emperor Meiji’s Japan emulated President Lincoln’s American System economic policies. The threat to the Empire of a potential transcontinental alliance, was reminiscent of Europe’s “League of Armed Neutrality” and America’s old alliance with France, which together had helped us win our Revolutionary War.

Britain’s Prince Albert Edward, later King Edward VII, responded by manipulating open and secret alliances, treaties and promises, to repeat once more the mutual killing-off of Continental European powers which had been the Seven Years War—this time as the horror show we call World War I. Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck had foreseen this, and concluded his secret 1887 Reinsurance Treaty against a war between Germany and Russia—but Kaiser Wilhelm II fired Bismarck in 1890 under British pressure, and declined to renew the treaty. Russia’s Alexander II had been assassinated in 1881, and French President Sadi Carnot, another obstacle to the war, was assassinated in 1894.

In 1914, Continental Europe’s governments sleepwalked into a war they imagined would last merely for months. When it ended four year later, not only were 40 million dead, but many prewar European states had ceased to exist, including Austria-Hungary and both the German and Russian Empires. Britain itself lost about 750,000 from a population of only 46 million, an enormous figure—but most of them were commoners who are considered worthless by the Empire in any case.

No sooner had World War I ended than the Empire connived to finish its unfinished business in what became a new World War. Hitler’s financier Hjalmar Schacht tapped Montagu Norman of the Bank of England and Prescott Bush of the Anglophile Brown Brothers Harriman firm, for the money to bring Hitler back from defeat in 1932 and fuel his rise to power. Hitler was no British puppet—his turn to the West against France upended British plans, and in the end, the Empire only survived the war at all thanks to the hated Americans. But the paradox of Dunkirk, 1940, illustrates the continuing British channels into the Nazi command. That was when Hitler gave orders to halt the advance of his Panzer divisions on May 24, which gave time for 338,000 trapped British and French troops to evacuate over the English Channel.

The US was Always the Target, Not Vietnam or the Mideast

In Vietnam and the subsequent American wars, British Empire subversion has put us at war continually, not in order to finish us off at one blow, but to rot us out through perpetual warfare. Historian Derek Leebaert (The Grand Improvisation) documented how Malcolm MacDonald, Britain’s “Viceroy” for Southeast Asia, campaigned relentlessly for years to drag the US into the Vietnam War. That disaster was made possible by the assassination of John Kennedy—a turning point in US history—and probably also by Lyndon Johnson’s well-documented fear that he would share Kennedy’s fate. But the good relations that have existed between Vietnam and the United States since the war, show how false was the insistence of Oxford’s Walt Whitman Rostow and Harvard’s McGeorge Bundy, that victory in Vietnam was vital to US national security.

The horrific Mideast and Afghanistan adventures into which the Bushes and Obama have thrown us, where in most cases we are still at war today, are by now generally recognized as unmitigated losses for the United States. There was never any US national security interest in any of these wars, except perhaps for a brief period at the start of the Afghanistan War. But the British hand was again visible. Remember that Margaret Thatcher was with George Bush in Aspen, Colorado, when Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990, “This is no time to go wobbly, George,” she told him, spurring him on to an invasion which he had opposed at first. She later recalled that she had breathed spine into the American president. Tony Blair, with his “dodgy Iraq dossier,” played a similar role with the next President Bush in Iraq War II.

But all that is behind us now. Now the US has been suckered into waging a full-scale proxy war on the European continent, against Russia, while simultaneously moving aggressively toward war with China. Russia and China have the means to destroy the United States, even if they may perhaps go down with us. The precocious boys and girls around Joe Biden have no conception of the bigger game in which they are mere chess pieces.

Aesop ended one of his tales by writing, “This story is about you.” Well, this story is indeed about you. The great threat to the British Empire is neither Russia nor China—it is, and has been since our beginnings, the United States of America. After a mortal struggle lasting a quarter-millennium, our oldest, permanent enemy now hopes to use our own foolishness to destroy us at the hands of Russia and China. This is the background to the meetings of Putin and Xi

If you understand this, throw all your support behind President Trump and his efforts, as the only leader who can prevent it.