President Biden announced the United States would provide more than $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine during a press conference in Brussels after meeting with NATO allies. March 24, 2022, C-SPAN Framegrab

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What is Washington hoping to accomplish in Ukraine? Whatever it is, the Biden Administration is prepared to do everything short of inciting World War III to make it happen.

      —Matthew Boose

We have met the enemy, and he is us.

      —Walt Kelly

Like his predecessors, George W. Bush/Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, evil old Joe Biden has now launched the United States once more into another  no-win, “forever” foreign war–only this time on a far grander scale.

Of course, there are big differences between the Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria wars on the one hand, and Biden’s war against Russia. Obviously, Russia is a well-armed modern state with nuclear weapons—totally unlike those previous, nearly defenseless targets. And apparently for that reason, the U.S.-European alliance against Russia is limiting itself to war in the form of total economic warfare, while so far avoiding the direct armed clashes with Russian forces that would almost certainly guarantee a nuclear war.

This time, we are told, the US will not provide the bodies—that is for the Ukrainians to do.

Now ask yourself: Who is really the enemy, and what is the true objective of this biggest-ever mother of “forever wars”? We’re supposed to answer: “Why of course Putin is the enemy, and stopping his ‘aggression’ is the objective.” But is that even plausible? If we’re trying to “stop his aggression” why are we sending the brain-dead and angry sundowner, Joe Biden, out to declare Putin a war criminal, and to say, as he said in Poland, that the objective is regime change—removal of Putin as President of Russia. Both are provocations designed to guarantee further fighting and undermine any prospect of a negotiated peace.

Why are we threatening everyone who might mediate in this situation—Russia’s friends, like China, India, and others—with sanctions? Biden and Jake Sullivan had to know that such threats wouldn’t work—as of course they haven’t. No self-respecting nation would back down in the face of such open arrogance—and certainly not China. Neither do Biden and Sullivan care where India stands, nor Turkey, nor any other country outside of Europe. You have to ask, then, is Russia really their objective? Or is it elsewhere?

And does anyone really believe that the Russian government, or any major government, could be toppled by an economic blockade? (Let alone when half the world rejects that blockade and even the Europeans stop short of the U.S./British demand to cut off Russian oil and gas supplies—a demand for almost immediate economic suicide). That failed even when it was tried against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Look at the whole series of wars. In Afghanistan, the supposed, publicized targets were the Taliban, al-Qaeda and bin Laden. The Taliban was defeated within two months, while bin Laden was permitted to escape into Pakistan. Yet after he was killed in 2011, the war continued for a full ten years more.

In Libya, Qaddafi was a U.S. ally, who had destroyed his nuclear weapons program at U.S. request, and assisted the U.S. against al-Qaeda. Yet Obama ordered him overthrown, and Hillary Clinton ordered his murder. Part of the reason was to prepare the way for Obama’s forever war in Syria, where Libyan weapons and fighters were shipped.

Obama began the U.S.-Syria war, which continues to this day, by decreeing in 2011 that Bashar al-Assad could no longer remain in power in Syria. This, even though Syria, under Bashar’s father, had been George H.W. Bush’s ally in the Gulf War of 1990-91.

What was the real objective of all these wars? Democracy?—from the crew that stole the 2020 election? A laughable idea! Oil? No. The reality is that these wars were conceived by the modern-day London-centered financial empire, to weaken and destroy the sovereign nation-state, which is its age-old hereditary enemy. It calls those states asserting their sovereignty against the globalist Empire, “revisionists” and enemies of the so-called “rules based” post World War II order. The crazy neocons and neolibs who launched these wars from Washington and London were merely tools—some witting, others not.

The two major targets in this forever-war campaign of Empire against sovereigns are Russia and the United States. Yes—the United States! London used these wars to weaken and destroy us, just as the Roman Empire maneuvered every tribe or nation on its periphery into perpetual war, in order to drain, weaken, and control them all. Just look back over your own life, if you are an American older than perhaps thirty-five, and see how these forever wars have changed the United States. That is “a feature, not a bug.” Lyndon LaRouche laid this out in his prophetic 1999 video, “Storm over Asia.”

Now, we are supposed to be mobilized for war with Russia—completely defining ourselves by a purported external enemy—while becoming completely oblivious to the actions of the men and women behind the curtain.

Along with the shutdown of our manufacturing, the proliferation of drugs, sexual fluidity, and all the other well-known recent cultural changes, perpetual war was aimed at changing America’s character from our once-proud intellectual independence to that of cringing serfdom—eyes cast downwards as in present-day Western Continental Europe under the empire of the European Union. “Question and you will be canceled,” was a feature of all of the systemic war-propaganda drives which followed September 11, 2001. We are now in a final full blossom of that censorship regime. What would have put Americans in the streets years ago in defense of the First Amendment, finds them either cowering or trying to found alternative networks where they can air their views to the like-minded only.

And why is Biden’s “forever war” so much bigger in every respect than those of his predecessors Bush/Cheney and Obama? It is because the sovereign, patriotic impulses of Americans have been awakened since 2016, and found a leader in Donald Trump and those patriots with the courage to stand with him and fight to take the country back.  The enemy of the Empire has roused itself, reared up on its hind legs, and is ready to be reborn, taking over Congress in 2022, and the White House with Trump in 2024, while routing and clearing out the enemy within.

This prospect throws Biden and his imperial controllers into a perfect spasm of fear and loathing. So much so that they are acting to bring on a depression, and risking thermonuclear war to try to prevent it! That is why Biden and his entourage can’t talk foreign policy without continually referencing their fight against Trump.

Deglobalization:  The New New World Order

If we accept Isaiah’s challenge to know the truth, then let’s review the much-discussed remarks of President Biden to the Business Roundtable on Mar. 21, as reported by the White House:

I think—you know, my mother had an expression:  “Out of everything terrible, something good will come if you look hard enough for it.”

I think this presents us with some significant opportunities to make some real changes. You know, we are at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy—not just the world economy, in the world.  It occurs every three or four generations.

As one of—as one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60—60 million people died between 1900 and 1946. And since then, we’ve established a liberal world order, and that hadn’t happened in a long while. A lot of people dying, but nowhere near the chaos.

And now is a time when things are shifting. We’re going to—there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.

On the surface, Biden seems to say that a “new world order” is beginning, bringing with it a new depression, and wars in which a lot of people will die. Without naming it, he is describing the project of “deglobalization” as London forces have been promoting it since 2018—the same year that the House of Lords declared that a second Trump Presidential term would be intolerable for British interests.

World Wars I and II were among the worst catastrophes of known human historythe world has yet to recover from them. Of the once-proud nations of Western Continental Europe—whose great thinkers once gave us the basis in ideas upon which we founded the United Statesnot one even exists any longer as a sovereign state today.

But was Biden’s statement simply a fortune-teller’s prediction of horrible events to come? It would seem so to those “sheeple” who believe that history unrolls according to its own so-called laws, while we men and women are nothing but spectators or victims. Not so for Biden’s masters of the London-centered world financial empire. (Nor for us republicans.) Quite the opposite:  their intention, delivered through Biden’s mouth, is that they now intend to unleash the equivalent of those two World Wars on the world today, for the purpose of reconfiguring their Empire and eliminating any state demanding its sovereignty. Globalization, the financial system erected after the destruction of the Bretton Woods system in August of 1971, collapsed in 2008-2009, and the attempts to revive it have been met with popular revolt—particularly in the United States.

This is not an idle threat. World Wars I and II were both planned and effectively unleashed from London, to the end that the continental powers of Europe and Eurasia would mutually destroy each other to London’s advantage—especially Russia and Germany. And although neither war developed quite as London had hoped, we can see how close they came to that intended result.

But in a larger sense, London concocted both of those World Wars against America. Alexander II’s Russia, Thiers’ France, and Bismarck’s Germany had been American allies, which had adopted our American System of Economy—or variants of it. It was their American connection, that trans-Atlantic republican bond, which sustained the world presence of the United States as the most deadly threat to the British Empire. After London’s failure to destroy us militarily in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, London’s indirect path to its hoped-for reconquest of the United States, required first destroying our greatest allies and potential allies in Europe and Eurasia.

Now that same London is saying, through Biden’s mouth, that it is once again willing to sacrifice tens of millions. This time, in a sense, to stop just one man: Donald J. Trump and the political movement supporting his assertion that the future belongs to the patriots, not the globalists.

Thus, when Matthew Boose wrote above, “short of inciting World War III,” he was mistaken, although clearly well-meaning. “Inciting World War III” is precisely their explicit intention, although they hope to do it without the use of nuclear weapons.

Although Biden did not precisely repeat it here, the other part of London’s “deglobalization” project is a world depression. How else can you explain Biden taunting us about fuel shortages, food shortages, and hard times, while doing absolutely everything to exacerbate the raging inflation, shortages of physical goods and fuel, and directly jeopardizing the role of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency? 

Now, a Biden who goes full-gaga against the feared electoral victories of Trump followers in 2022 and Trump in 2024, surely knows that world depression is not the way to win elections. But the British plan is to cripple, pacify, and, if possible, destroy the United States, rather than allow us to return to our republican heritage with a Trump movement thoroughly educated with the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche and our founders.

Many of the British, and British-inspired “deglobalization” (or “deglobalisation”) plans—as a simple Google search will show you—sigh piteously about how many people will have to die, especially die of starvation in the Southern Hemisphere. How sad, they say. What a shame.

A Foreign War against Domestic Enemies

In its background, George Orwell’s 1984 described an eerie, unending foreign war in which the real although undeclared target was the civilian population of the combatant country “Oceania,” which is the scene of the novel. This was the forever-shifting three-way war of Oceania against alternately Eurasia and Eastasia, the three superstates which had emerged from an earlier global atomic war. Oceania’s conduct of this war was clearly waged against its own population, both to justify their wretched standard of living, and to scare the population into seeking the protection of Big Brother.

Orwell has been criticized as describing the dynamics of a presumed Communist dictatorship without adequate personal knowledge of one. However that may be, what Orwell unquestionably did have was first-hand knowledge of the wartime BBC, which he worked for until he quit in a fury after heated quarrels. All the forms of wartime population-control and thought-control he describes, so uncannily similar to everyday practice in post-2015 America, owe much to his experience under British Intelligence at the BBC. 1984's universal surveillance, thought crimes, and “vaporization” a/k/a “cancellation,” make clear the British intelligence input into our “Big Brother” national security state—including its development through and beyond the Covid crises and Jan. 6, 2021. But the full deployment of these police-state measures requires wartime conditions such as Biden is trying to create now.

Whatever his merits as a general or as a politician, Gen. Wesley Clark has served the United States well by leaking important secrets of the U.S. secret government. Although his April, 2021, Washington Monthly article was written as a policy recommendation, it should likewise be regarded as a leak of a policy whose implementation is now being attempted using the Ukraine crisis.     

Shorn of some details, what Clark recommends is the formation of a sort of super-NATO uniting the U.S. and Europe in alliance against China and Russia. But the reader should be able to see that his motivation is not so much any danger from China or Russia, but rather to transform the U.S. into a likeness of the countries of the European Union and rule out Trump movement victories in 2022 or Trump’s return to the White House in 2024.

He would do this by trapping the U.S. into an elaborate alliance structure with a secretariat, an assembly, and other accoutrements, which would effectively prohibit future Presidents and Congresses from ever leaving the arrangement. Clark writes that agreement on the global Green agenda is the sine qua non of the alliance. He argues that to reassure Europe, it is necessary that the U.S. bind itself to become more “European”—which simply means to become a colony without any sovereignty—like the members of the European Union.

Isn’t this what Biden has been doing in his extended European trip—pulling together an extended and expanded NATO into a war mission against Russia, and by extension China and many other nations? NATO against almost everyone. Is that the way to fight a war? No, but it’s the way they are fighting this war, which, as we said, is a foreign war against a domestic adversary.

You, the American people, have frightened the lords of the London-centered world financial empire almost to death and terminal madness, by electing a Donald Trump who laughs to scorn them and all their machinations, manipulations, and threats. They are so frightened and panicked as they survey the ruins of the predatory financial system they erected, that there is nothing they will not do to stop us—even pulling the very building down on their own heads in an economic depression.

United with the late Lyndon LaRouche in a profounder understanding of American principles, there is nothing, as President Trump has said, that we cannot do—and their present horrific stance can become their undoing.  That is, if we expose them, end their war, and erect now a new economy based on the American System—starting with bankrupting the Federal Reserve and founding a Third National Bank to issue credit for our immediate economic and scientific revival.