President Trump appeared with Sean Hannity on Fox, last night. June 1, 2023

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Donald Trump told Sean Hannity last night that this is the most dangerous time in our entire history because of the looming threat of nuclear war. Yet, Hannity, echoing the current Potomac Fever, chattered on about the new “Axis of Evil,” with whom we must go to war, to wit:  Russia, Iran, China. Trump looked beyond Hannity’s stupidity and repeated his warning, as he has often done recently, trying to wrestle down the madness. Now, Russia, has concluded that it is faced with crazy people in Washington and London who, according to the June 1st Washington Post, believe they can now keep “discounting” Russia’s red lines. Russia has begun to act on that reality, matching each escalatory step on the march to Doomsday.

As the Russians kept warning and acting throughout last week, Washington was playing Kabuki Theatre around the so-called debt ceiling negotiations, which, under any scenario put forth by the conservative budget cutters in the Freedom Caucus or Steve Bannon’s Posse, or the Democrats, or the Uniparty –you pick, would not have done a damn thing to grow the economy or pay down the debt. Kabuki Theatre because it had already been concluded behind closed doors that the debt will be paid down by keeping interest rates at 3-4% and inflating it down on the backs of the poor and working classes who will bear the brunt of the continuing inflation.

Donald Trump told Hannity that the economic goal must be building a productive economy, not cutting the social safety nets which in many cases are the only things keeping citizens one step ahead of personal economic disaster. A productive economy outproducing the incurred debt is the means to create a healthy economy. That is what Trump has begun to set forth in his Agenda 47.  It is what is to be done. It is the platform in formation by which to judge any politician on any level of government. Putting it as the urgent priority in the public mind is the task now, ahead of 2024—the only path to certain victory. Everything else is secondary, or, in the case of rage about Washington’s failure to “balance the budget,” calculated impotence.

In economic reality, as opposed to the Alice-in-Wonderland world of official Washington, you prioritize paying for things which will grow the economy and support its reindustrialization:  space exploration with its accompanying scientific and technological breakthroughs, fusion and advanced nuclear development as well as advanced fossil fuel production, like natural gas, training and educating your workforce as scientists, engineers, and masters of advanced manufacturing and agricultural  processes, doctors and nurses delivering the best and most advanced healthcare in the world at prices which are affordable.

You build large scale infrastructure aimed at a modern platform for water and weather management, power delivery, and new modern and beautiful cities. You aim to build a powerful and completely self-sufficient economy for the next generation, a physically producing economy like the one we had after World War II   You cut the spending for forever wars and foreign imperial enterprises. You cut the Green New Deal and other drivers of deindustrialization and decadence. You attack ruthlessly, the drug trade, the sex trade, the open border, and its accompanying labor slave trade, and restore safety to our city streets, the topic of Trump’s most recent Agenda 47 video. You foster family formation and home building and ownership.

You eliminate those things which are inherently inflationary:  the Green New Deal and other drivers of deindustrialization and decadence. You restructure the incurred debt for worthless projects and fraud just like Hamilton did at the nation’s founding. Most of all, you demand an end to the war drive right about now. Continuing to exist on this earth means you can do these other things.

The Truth Censored, the March to Oblivion Proceeds

Our censorship regime prevents a clear understanding of the maelstrom which lies just ahead of us. Taking the developments of the past week which, we report here, put yourself for the moment in the mind of Vladimir Putin. Mad Senator Lindsey Graham, like the Mad Queen of Wonderland had run around Washington and Kiev over the past two weeks, calling for Putin’s assassination and imprisonment. He embraces Zelensky and swears that the United States will do anything and everything to secure Ukraine’s victory. He is not alone. In fact, that is the taunt throughout Europe, Britain, and Washington despite the growing and fervent opposition of the American population to this escalating war.

Instead of listening to those they are supposed to represent, Washington attacks its antiwar opponents. It is hellbent on jailing Donald Trump immediately if not sooner. It attacks and seeks to destroy the MAGA movement. It sidelines or seeks to sideline every sane voice in opposition like Tucker Carlson and Matt Taibbi. Lovers of the Ukrainian Nazis and color revolutionists like Christina Pushaw, a registered foreign agent for the George Soros, Lord Malloch Brown sponsored Mikheil Saakashvili, dominate Ron DeSantis’ campaign.  The mad bitch, Victoria Nuland issues marching orders to Washington’s mandarins and their Ukrainian minions and appears to entirely control official Washington. Only Trump has consistently opposed this madness.

Meanwhile, even one of the most rabid members of the Putin hate and fight club, Fiona Hill, has managed to notice that the majority of the world is aghast and repulsed by the present nuclear chicken and world financial warfare game being played by the United States and London and is organizing for a world without it, inclusive of divorcing the dollar system.  

Now, the Ukrainian Nazis have begun to attack Moscow itself with assistance from Americans and British intelligence agents and mercenaries, touting the proximity of those attacks to “Putin’s residence.”   Your intelligence tells you that the British are leading these attacks, just as they led the senile Biden into this war and sabotaged every effort at peace. Boris Johnson, Zelensky’s PR flak just toured the U.S. seeking to personally staunch the growing American antiwar sentiment.

The Russian population has taken notice and has reached its conclusions. Former President, Dmitry Medvedev, notes that the British are Russia’s “eternal enemy.”  Would that Trump or someone else in power in the U.S. recognize that this fact also urgently pertains to the United States. After all, it is the British who have enjoined the entire world to prevent a second Trump presidency, declaring so openly through the House of Lords in December of 2018. It is the British who generated Russiagate, despite the coverup of their role in John Durham’s report. Medvedev said that these attacks mean that British politicians are now legitimate targets. 

  Yevgeny Prigozhin, fresh from his Wagner Group triumph in decimating thousands of Ukraine’s best trained troops in the charnel battle of Bakhmut is calling for a total war mobilization of over four million Russians now to decisively destroy Ukraine. Apparently, Russian missiles attacked Ukraine’s central war planning intelligence center in Kyiv this week, inflicting mass casualties not only on the central Ukrainian war planning staff but on the American and British agents who were guiding their attacks. According to Putin, more such attacks are coming whatever the consequences for the NATO and American operatives in Ukraine. Each delivery of new wunderwaffen from NATO is being targeted for systemic destruction by the technologically superior Russians. So much so that many question whether the much-heralded July Ukrainian offensive can even take place due to lack of weaponry and, more importantly, trained and living soldiers.

Please take the time to listen to this latest review of the war by Colonel Doug McGregor with Judge Napolitano. It is chilling.

For now, there should be two things on your organizing agenda:  do everything you can to organize and build the opposition to this insane war and the Washington Security State which is its present lead agent. At the same time, organize like hell for Trump’s economic Agenda 47 and its expansion. Those are the terms for the nation’s immediate survival. Accept no substitutes.