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This nation’s early encounter with British Imperial Economic and Cultural War

Rarely have I read a book which made such a big impression. Many a fuzzy idea has been clarified in a striking manner. Freedom, liberty, economy, democracy, republic—so many words have been twisted into their opposites that citizens with good intentions are left in a confused state. Washington’s Republic: The American Revolution of 1775-1796 by Robert Ingraham (a frequent contributor of written and video materials to LaRouche PAC) is a key to unlocking your history, and thus your future.

Ingraham spends an entire chapter going through the shift of the British Empire strategy to defeat the American Constitution and new Washington Presidency. Instead of bayonets, the strategy was shifted to economic and cultural warfare.

The European oligarchy—especially the part associated with trade and banking—had been playing around with an array of ideas which came to be grouped under the title of empiricism or the Enlightenment. You will immediately recognize many of the associated ideas:

  • There is no God.
  • People are just talking animals with no more intrinsic value than cattle.
  • Hypotheses, concepts, ideas don’t really exist. All you can know are the impressions that your senses feed back to you.
  • If you attempt to accomplish something, the Universe will randomly interfere to put you back in your place. You are better off taking a lassez-faire attitude and letting the markets, weather, disease, whatever decide your fate.
  • There really is no good or evil. There are only social contracts which keep us all from killing each other.
  • Justice is simply the will of the stronger.

Of course, there are variations and many distinct flavors of this poison, but you get the idea—you hear it all the time still today. All of it was put into action as a counterrevolution against the American Revolution and in particular against the leadership and intentions of George Washington and his associated patriots—just as President Washington assumed office. The center of physical action was France, but the target was Washington and the revolutionary intentions he brought to office:

  • Establish a model government based in the natural goodness and potential of man-made in the image of God—a model of use to people everywhere.
  • Unify the nation centering on a vision of future progress in many areas.
  • Create necessary preconditions to prosperity: roads, canals, and higher education to foster the creativity and economic potentials of the people.
  • Straighten out the economic chaos caused by the lack of unified power which had existed under the Articles of Confederation.
  • Move to transition the country out of old British institutions such as the slave plantation system and free trade.
  • Maintain peace and friendly relations with all other powers.

If you think that all of this sounds like the daily grind of politics today, you are not far off! Washington’s image may be on your money, his name may even still grace the swamp which has been overrun with Enlightenment war mongers, but during his Presidency, Washington faced mobs demanding his early demise and threatening the guillotine. Those mobs were organized by Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and the French ambassador known as Citizen Genêt.

It is not the case that President Trump is too controversial. The actual case is that President Trump actively seeks to return the United States government to the Washingtonian intentions. It is the old oligarchy of Europe and its modern day domestic fellow travelers who attempt to use every possible lever to undermine the mission of the United States, the interests of our citizenry, and the intentions of President Trump.

So remember that all of the isms—anarchism, communism, socialism, wokeism, liberalism, conservatism, monetarism, libertarianism—have their roots in the buildup to the French Revolution, the counterrevolution to the American Revolution. That does not mean that people espousing such philosophies are necessarily bad people—just that they are probably confused, fragile, or compromised in some way.

In talking with fellow citizens, try to take your interlocutors out of the present—out of the noise about “current events.” Put them into the past with George Washington, or into the future of Trump’s new cities on the Moon, Mars, and federal lands. The long-distance view helps to circumvent the fog of current propaganda.