Jim Dukhovny, one of the founders of Alef Aeronautics, Inc., unveils the company’s prototype Alef flying car on Oct 19, 2022. Alef Aero claims that this is the world’s first actual flying car. Credit: Vasyaivanov / CreativeCommons

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Amid the Götterdämmerung of the Imperial “elites”—dinosaurs lashing out in all directions in vain attempts to forestall their self destruction—it’s important to see across to the other side. Don’t just react to each insane assault but “keep your eyes on the prize” and sustain your efforts on the strategic level to press on through to victory. What will the world look like once we have successfully built a patriotic movement which not only reelects President Trump but successfully shuts down the British Imperial levers of destruction in banking and finance, the “Deep State,” the media, the environmentalist mass murder movement, and Hollywood?

With his Artemis project to settle the Moon and explore Mars, his plan to build new cities in America, and to develop cutting edge technologies and products such as flying cars, President Trump is working to bring out the best in Americans. It is precisely our optimistic determination to create a better future, our openness to new ideas, our friendliness towards strangers and lack of respect for arbitrary authority or “status,” and lack of inclination to preserve a “steady state society,” which are our best societal characteristics. These are precisely the reasons that so many people with great ideas set their sights on coming to the United States. As Elon Musk put it: “I’m nauseatingly pro-American. I would have come here from any country. The US is where great things are possible.”

On the other hand, the oligarchy has a terrible time with what George H. W. Bush called “the vision thing.” No matter how King Charles or Klaus Schwab might try to package and sell it, Americans don’t buy the mass death and economic shutdown required to return us to a “sustainable” “End of History” New Dark Age where concepts like growth and progress are forgotten.

In fact, as Lyndon LaRouche pointed out again and again, every aspect of society, history, and future history revolves around the principles of physical economy. Even were the oligarchs able to secure their desired Aristotelian world of no change, such a society would soon fall apart due to the laws of physical economy. At any fixed level of technology, there is a fixed array of resources which can be economically extracted for the maintenance of the equipotential of an economy. Barring the introduction of new technologies, the more easily acquired resources will be used up first and the physical cost of getting more will continually increase until the process becomes physically unaffordable—threatening the complete collapse of society.

So, ironically, even the oligarchs—though they cannot see it and would never admit it—are counting upon us to overcome their own stubborn and misanthropic stupidity.

Where We’re Heading by the Year 2070

If you are a young person trying to figure out where to devote your work energies over the next 40 to 50 years, it’s very good to have a concept of where society will be by the time that your contribution rate begins to slow down a bit and your children begin to take up their own roles. That should help you to decide how to best put your talents and energies to work. Some of what we will mention is directly a consequence of work already ongoing. Of course there will also be the unforeseen developments which our American System policies will encourage, but what we discuss here will just be baseline developments upon which completely new discoveries and developments will build.

Speed of Progress

Perhaps the most noticeable change will be the speed with which new technologies are introduced during your lifetime. Gone are the days when one could expect to get a job, work 30 years for the same company, perhaps make some incremental improvements, and then retire. If you end up working for the same company for 30 years it will have been because you caused or participated in the introduction of radical changes which kept the company at or near the forefront of progress in its industry.

Space and the Drive for Energy Dense Power Systems

Much of the change will be driven by the process of industrialization and colonization of the Moon, Mars, and near-Earth orbits. Number one among these changes will be the development of high output per kilogram fission and fusion systems for propulsion and materials processing on the Moon and Mars. Lack of a large human workforce on those bodies will require the substitution of magnitudes more energy, and robotic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. That will be tied to the development of very flexible robotic and manufacturing tools which can handle many types of relatively low volume production and construction tasks.

The energy intensity of life off Earth will require both the development of small and miniature reactors and high energy density portable battery and electrical power storage systems. We should expect (not counting propulsion requirements) that energy usage per person in space will be 100 to 1000 times greater than currently used in the United States. And we should expect that energy usage per person on Earth will rise by at least a factor of 10.

Agriculture on Earth will also greatly benefit from the work on indoor farming of plants and fish primarily on the Moon, the products of which will be exported to Earth orbit and the early operations on Mars. All of these technologies will contribute to the proliferation of cities and agriculture in desert areas on Earth.


Which brings us to the second critical element besides energy: water. The North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) will be built along with the other continental water systems long promoted by Lyndon LaRouche for the entire world. Many of the new cities which President Trump will start in the United States will be developed in coordination with the building and operation of NAWAPA. Due to the distribution of water into the dry areas of the American West, and the introduction of direct weather modification via measures such as artificial atmospheric ionization, the American West will become much more alive, more productive, and a sort of new frontier inside our national territory.


Transportation will undergo many, many innovations—from regular commercial service to the Moon and space stations in low Earth orbit, to rocket service from any major city to any other major city on Earth within an hour, to hypersonic and supersonic passenger aircraft service. The advent of autonomous flying cars will open the realm of general aviation to the general public—giving people the option of bypassing all of the transfers usually involved in travelling over medium distances—and to directly go from origination point to final destination by autonomous ground or air system. Tube trains containing magnetically levitated and propelled vehicles will compete with supersonic and hypersonic flights over medium to long distances between major cities.

The Production Innovation Driver

All of the above will be driven by relentless improvements in productivity fostered both by new discoveries and new concepts guiding production. For example, instead of mass producing thousands and thousands of identical items, complex products will have individual digital doubles that record each individual part used in fabrication. This, along with the constant innovation allowed by the reorganization of assembly lines into lines of assembly cells—each of which can quickly be swapped out and replaced with new cells using better equipment or procedures—allows the same speed of change once associated with software development to be brought into manufacturing.

Humanoid Robots

The advent of rapidly improving neural networks for pattern recognition (also known as artificial intelligence, or AI), continuing miniaturization of computer systems and actuators, and high energy density batteries will finally allow the building of humanoid robots capable of performing most routine (but especially dangerous) types of physical work in response to simple general verbal instructions. More and more human work will be centered upon designing, debugging, perfecting, directing, and maintaining machines. And more and more the conceptual part of that work will be assisted by AI.

Human Life

All of the above, will contribute to the process of extension of human lifetimes and the lengthening of the period in which people can make continuing economic and cultural contributions to society. Among other things, this process will foster a more even-tempered society—not so prone to believing any outrageous lie put out by the mischievous. In general, life will be easier on people. Interesting and exciting work will be easy to find and will pay well. One job will again return more than enough to support an entire family. And general prosperity will make it easier to deal with mental disorders. Starting with the second Trump administration, mental hospitals will be set up in every major city to handle the addicted and mental cases in the best manner possible.

Family Life

The return of American System economic policies and the relative ease of providing for a family with only one paycheck will encourage the return of birth rates to the levels required for long term population growth. That growth will continue to be supplemented by legal immigration of great people. And the progress in communications technologies will allow even parents spending most of their lives at home with children to directly make cultural and economic contributions to society.

The World

The final replacement of the British Imperial free trade monetarist system by a New Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates and easy availability of long-term low interest credit for productive activity everywhere will finally lift the entire world to industrial and general prosperity and allow problems and disagreements among nations to be settled upon the basis of mutual benefit and collegiality. In particular, the development of life off Earth will help to give greater perspective to world society and allow the recognition that we all need each other’s contributions. In particular, global cooperation in developing a robust Earth defense capability against deadly comets and asteroids, earthquake and tsunami early warning systems, etc. will bring the entire world together. In short, the global environment of rapid progress, and the final burial of the the British Empire, will make pursuing the greater good both natural and relatively easy.

Role of the US in World Society

As the United States gets out from under the control of the British Imperial war mongers and returns to its historical natural role in the world—the place where whatever your origin or ancestry you have the right to try to prove that you have a better idea, and maybe even a better idea about worshiping God. Once again it will become the star nursery where new ideas can be pursued with the greatest freedom and likelihood of success—the place of dreams.


Keep all of that in mind as we build the 2024 tidal wave.