Former President Donald Trump holds campaign rally at the Rochester Opera House in Rochester, New Hampshire, on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Photo: Liam Enea / flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

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Donald Trump beat the combined forces of the British imperial oligarchy last night in New Hampshire by 11 points. He did so in an open primary which burned through millions of dollars in getting Democrats to change their registration to vote in the Republican primary and getting independents to vote in the Republican primary for the oligarchy’s chosen vessel, Nikki Haley. 70% of Nikki Haley’s failed vote came from Democrats and snookered independents. Trump smashed them in a now purple state led by a duplicitous RINO never-Trumper Governor, Chris Sununu, and two Democratic U.S. Senators.

As disconnected from reality as her corporativist sponsors, Haley pretended she had won as she did in Iowa. The British Empire’s Fox News and other corporate media echoed her unhinged enthusiasm, madly searching for any signs of potential Trump “weaknesses” or “warning signs.” They finally settled on their lawfare and “something happening to Trump.”  That will be supplemented with new Wall Street and Silicon Valley billions to Haley in this very peculiar re-enactment of the campaign for the Great White Hope. Typical is Haley’s Manhattan fundraiser now scheduled for next week featuring an all-star list of inherited wealth, Wall Street titans, and hedge fund hucksters.

“The plan,” as articulated by Haley’s campaign gurus, is to use states with open primaries, allowing votes from independents and in some cases Democrats, to staunch Trump’s momentum, exhaust his resources, and distract his supporters from the general election task of securing an overwhelming vote across party lines.  That is what is necessary to secure the vote and win in November. There is no question their plan will fail. The question is at what cost. Republicans should demand, as many are, that the Party end this sham now and endorse Trump.

In his victory speech, Trump characterized this charade appropriately and directly as “bullshit.” It is all designed to drain resources and scare people into cowardly political acquiescence or silence. To put a fine point on it, on the day of the primary, Haley channeled Hillary Clinton by declaring that “Trump supporters are not normal people.” At the same time, lots of British imperial tools, like Boris Johnson, and JP Morgan-Chase’s Jamie Dimon are hinting they will jump onboard the Trump train in a renewed charm offensive.

These chameleons will supplement an already significant establishment aligned Republican contingent who are falsely proclaiming their fervent support for Trump while clinging to their Bushie belief structures. They aim to destroy Trump’s campaign and any future Trump Administration from within, supplementing the attacks from the security state. True to form, Boris Johnson’s “price” involves Trump doing a complete flip flop and supporting the British/Biden genocidal war in Ukraine which he has repeatedly sworn to end immediately.

Trump won more votes than any primary candidate ever in New Hampshire. According to exit polling, Trump voters voted for him because he is a fighter, shares their values, think Biden stole the 2020 election, favor the right to life, and think immigration and the economy are the most important issues. He prevailed across all demographic groups including young people. Those with no college degrees, i.e., the working and middle classes, overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Haley won among self-identified “moderate,” non-MAGA, and college graduates although Trump is closing the gap in these swing groups. The ongoing conversion of the general electorate to MAGA and the very tenuous hold of Biden and the establishment on these previously dependable voters is what has the establishment in general rug chewing mode. Among actual Republicans, Haley had only 25% of the vote.

Haley has already conceded Nevada, the next state in the primary round, by refusing to participate in the Republican Party’s caucuses and instead appearing on a primary ballot engineered by Democrats in the Nevada state legislature in a direct attack on the Republican party nominating process. She will be slaughtered in South Carolina despite her status as a former Governor where Trump leads by huge margins and has been endorsed by virtually every Republican office holder. There is also lots of dirt accumulated there by those with experience with Haley which will now hit the fan.

There are no scenarios in this warfare or predictions as to what comes next. Trump, by creative actions, has already defied all of them, leaving the elites who are supposedly all powerful, to pout and posture in an increasingly desperate mode. They will use what power they have to stop him, most probably centered on the draconian censorship and information and cognitive warfare demands emanating from the recent Davos gathering. He will win if his movement can rise to its true potency and creativity and not dwell in the underling mindset to which the oligarchy had previously consigned them. As Lyndon LaRouche emphasized, self-conscious creativity, the gift God gave to humans, is coincident with both the changing and advancing natural universe and the power to do all things good.