World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting - January 9-19, 2024. How Sound Is Real Estate? Session, Jan 18, 2024. Copyright: World Economic Forum/Sikarin Fon Thanachaiary

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I will begin by saying that I have become completely jaded by the World Economic Forum (WEF) conferences. I have been monitoring these events and writing about them for several years, and, really, what else is there left to say, except “Evil people with evil designs meet once again to plot the enslavement of humanity.”  It is an imperial, totalitarian, Malthusian broken record.

Clearly, the organization of these conferences is designed to awe and overwhelm both participants and observers. At this year’s event, for example, there are 240 separate sessions, interviews, and speeches, with more than 700 individual speakers. Overwhelmingly, almost exclusively, all of these people are representatives or flunkies of the global oligarchy—the IMF, the WTO, the UN, Wall Street, the City of London, Central Bankers, the extended Silicon Valley apparatus, the Pharmaceutical cartel, the New York/London/Frankfurt news media, the major family foundations, hedge funds, wealth funds and on and on.  The best thing that could be done for humanity is to round up all these people and humanely retire them to an island surrounded with barbed wire and an alarm system that blares out warnings “Keep away. Dangerous creatures inhabit this island.”

Leaders of nations who participate in these events have either been bought by the oligarchical elite, or they need their heads examined, for they are betraying the citizenry they are allegedly supposed to defend. Clearly, for some, it comes down to a resignation that to continue to exist one must simply “play ball” with the modern-day imperial lords, sort of like learning to live with the British Empire in the 19th century.  This might or might not explain the continued enthusiastic participation of China at the Davos gatherings, with China sending the largest national delegation to this year’s event, a team including Premier Li Qiang, 10 state ministers and more than 100 representatives.

The Terrifying Elephant in the Room

Among the presentations at this year’s Davos event, particularly noticeable with some of the “heavy weight” speakers, nervousness, and angst, bordering on gloom, has been palpable. In the panels and speeches there have been repeated digressions by the speakers, where they complain that no one is listening anymore, no one is following the COP climate mandates, authoritarian regimes are on the rise, globalization is dead, etc. Perhaps the most explicit example of this was the Panel Discussion, “Where Is Freedom of Expression Going?” which focused on “creeping authoritarianism,” with the United States, Russia, China, India, Hungary, Belarus, and other nations, all coming under attack by name. “Our globalized paradise is disintegrating,” they all seemed to be screeching.

The most bone-chilling speech, so far at the conference, has been the “Special Address” by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. In her remarks she insisted that as grave as the “climate crisis” continues to be, the #1 threat facing the world right now is “Disinformation and Misinformation.”  This, von der Leyen ranted, poses an existential risk to democracy globally. She praised the recently enacted “EU Digital Service Act,” and demanded that far more draconian censorship measures be taken to “protect freedom,” particularly given that 2024 will be, in her words, “the biggest electoral year in history.”  She concluded her remarks with a Margaret Thatcher “Iron Lady” imitation, pledging that Russia will be defeated in Ukraine and Europe will “send more money and weapons,” whatever it takes, to secure victory.

One of the most irksome features of von der Leyen’s speech was that she kept referring to herself as “We.” In the realm of royal delusions, it is worth noting that Ursula is, herself, a spawn of the hereditary German aristocracy. Her father’s family, the Albrechts, traces its second-tier aristocratic status back to the 16th century, and her husband’s Heiko von der Leyen family, is a bonafide branch of the German nobility. They, too, trace their lineage back to the 16th century. In 1786, the family was ennobled, and in the 19th Century, one branch of the family was raised to Baronial status.

It was and is very apparent that all of the nervousness, all of the pessimism, all of the semi-suppressed rage which hung over the conference proceedings, like a harbinger of doom, flowed from one cause: —the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House in January 2025. No one openly denounced Trump by name in their prepared remarks, but in the days leading up to the conference various oligarchical mouthpieces were explicit as to their prime concern.

Reuters, Bloomberg, and RT have all reported on remarks, given in an interview on French television by European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde on January 11th. In that interview Lagarde, also the former Director of the International Monetary Fund, was explicit that a second Presidential term for Donald Trump would “clearly be a threat” to Europe and the Central Banking System. The Bloomberg article also states that Lagarde’s analysis was endorsed by former Swiss Central Bank head and Black Rock Vice-Chairman Philipp Hildebrand. He emphasized that the prospect of Trump returning to the White House “is of course of great concern.”

Even more explicit, in terms of the foreign oligarchical threat to Trump, was the interview given by the former head of Britain’s MI6 intelligence service, Richard Dearlove, to Sky News on January 14th. Dearlove, who was previously a major conspirator in the “Russiagate” hoax against President Trump, stated in the interview that Donald Trump’s potential reelection could be “problematic” for British national security due to his stance on NATO. “That is a big deal for the UK,” Dearlove threatened. He had previously promised, in 2018, that Trump’s second term would be prevented in 2020. In terms of a potential assassination threat to Trump, such remarks from one of Britain’s top spooks should not be taken lightly.

Strike Up the Band—the Ship is Sinking

As stated above, there were more than 240 speeches and panel discussions at this year’s WEF affair. Of note, many of the individual discussions were rife with moans about the sad state of the world economy and banking system. Nothing is working, and the financial crisis keeps getting worse and worse. Several world leaders were trotted out, including French President Emmanuel Macron, Chinese Premier Li Qiang, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and others, but the only feeble recipe that was presented was that nations must strive to “rebuild trust.”

One example of the “after us, the deluge” dilemma, was seen in the panel discussion “Not Losing Sight of Financial Vulnerabilities.”  All the speakers in the panel were top executives at hedge funds, bank-holding corporations and sovereign wealth funds, and the question they posed was, “What policies and tools can protect the financial system from potential headwinds in 2024?”  Despite 45 minutes of back-and-forth, they failed to come up with any answers.

One thing that all the European and American speakers could agree on, was the authoritarian threat of Vladimir Putin and the need to support Ukraine to the last dead Ukrainian. To emphasize the importance of this, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was flown in to address the conference on Tuesday. Attired in his regular outfit of designer thrift-store apparel, Zelenskyy delivered a fantasy-ridden speech, boasting that Ukraine is winning the war and will soon liberate all its territory. He was greeted with rapturous applause, and his remarks were warmly praised by Biden administration National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan who opined: “We must stand up to naked aggression.”

It should also be noted that Friday, two days before the opening ceremony of the WEF conference, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Kyiv and signed a new security agreement, which will increase Britain’s 2024 financial support for Ukraine to 2.5 billion pounds, including an increase in military funding for Ukraine to buy drones and other military hardware.

Perhaps to alleviate the pain of all of this, or simply to put the conference attendees into the desired zombified state of mind, the WEF began its proceedings with an opening “Concert,” which they describe in the conference program thus:  “The Opening Concert transcends a traditional performance, transforming into an AI driven immersive experience. . . and is a vibrant testament to how art can awaken and mobilize our senses, alluding to the deep interconnectivity of the distant ecosystems of the Sahara and the Amazon rainforest.”  I struggled through 10 minutes of this “immersive experience” until I sensed that my brain was beginning to short-circuit.

For those delegates possessed with more regrettable animalistic appetites, Reuters reports that the big news from Davos is that the escort-services in town are “fully booked”—shades of COP 28! —and delegates are spending their evenings at “cocaine-infused ‘bunga bunga’ parties.”  They also report that many attendees “boast about having attended zero panels and never setting foot inside the main assembly hall,” instead spending all their time at “notorious soirees full of privileged debauchery.”

Thus, do corrupt empires fall. But it must be kept in mind that the wounded and desperate animal is the most dangerous, and the rage of this animal is now focused against Donald Trump and the American people.