The session took place 27 June 2023 at AMNC, in Tianjin, China. Photo: World Economic Forum / Jakob Polacsek

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On December 18, 2018, the United Kingdom’s House of Lords released a report “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order.”  They declared that a second Presidential term for Donald Trump must be prevented at all costs.  On June 29, 2023, the World Economic Forum just concluded its three-day Annual Meeting of the New Champions (a.k.a. “Summer Davos”) in Tianjin, China.  The proceedings of that conference might rightly be termed “House of Lords Report #2,” for what took place in Tianjin makes clear that a return of Trump to the U.S. Presidency remains the primary fear for the global elite.

If one compares Donald Trump’s June 25, 2023 speech at Novi, Michigan to the policy prescriptions outlined at Tianjin, what is explicit is that these are two divergent paths for humanity:  one defined by national sovereignty, scientific and technological progress and upward mobility for the people, and the other a recipe, designed by the WEF’s corporate priesthood, for depopulation, a Central Banking dictatorship and an Orwellian state.

In monitoring the speeches and panel discussions which took place at “Summer Davos,” what struck this reporter was that many of the speakers seemed to be consciously attacking (although never by name) many of the policy statements that Donald Trump has put forward in his Agenda 47, including the following Trump videos: 

  • Cementing Fair and Reciprocal Trade with the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act (June 21, 2023)
  • A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living (March 03, 2023)
  • President Trump Continues to Lead on Protecting Americans from Radical Leftist ESG Investments (February 25, 2023)
  • President Trump on Making America Energy Independent Again (February 09, 2023)

Trump, of course, pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords and has stridently insisted that the future belongs to the patriots of sovereign nation states and not to the globalists.  Speaker after speaker in Tianjin emphasized the opposite, that nations must now come together around a globalist financial, trade and climate agenda which is the polar opposite of what Trump is calling for.

The Central Issue

Key themes of the conference included the necessity to expand globalization and implement unchecked free trade; the critical need to implement a regime of Central Bank Digital Currencies; and the redefining of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  All of these, however, were overshadowed by—and subservient to—the primary theme:  an ironclad commitment to meet the COP 2050 deadline of Net Zero carbon emissions, as demanded by the Paris Accords. Financial mechanisms associated with this demand punish true development of energy and infrastructure in schemes which will drive most economies back to the Dark Ages and create the primitive conditions under which wars flourish.   

Every panel, every speaker without exception, genuflected at the altar of Climate Change.  A particular emphasis was placed on the importance of “Green Finance.”  It is perhaps no coincidence that on June 28—the second day of the conference—6,000 miles away in Great Britain King Charles III launched a new doomsday “Climate Clock” to countdown the minutes to climate Armageddon.

China’s Role at the Conference

The role of China at this conference was dominant.  Introduced by Klaus Schwab, China’s Premier Li Qiang delivered the keynote address.  In the space of 30 minutes he unleashed a strident defense of globalization, Free Trade, the Market Economy and the urgent need to accelerate the transition to a “Green Economy,” stating that China is leading the way in all of these areas.  That is an unfortunate fact.  The entire Global South, so called, has been infected with the Green virus and its accompanying Fourth Industrial Revolution claptrap, including Russia, India, and the rest of the BRICS. They profit enormously from it as the WEF and related institutions, like the Green Finance Initiative, reward Green productions while imposing financial quarantines on the types of projects which can actually power real and sustained economic growth.  Li Qiang devoted significant time and emphasis to attacking those “in the west” who are pulling back from globalization and attempting to develop self-sufficient industrial capabilities.  He declared that private businesses must be allowed to “lead the way” to a new global economic arrangement, a very strange view, indeed, for a self-proclaimed socialist nation.

In addition to Premier Li, almost half of all of the panelists were from China.  These included Eric Jing (the leader of the Ant Group, which owns Alipay, the world’s largest digital payments platform), Xin Baoan (Executive Chairman, State Grid Corporation of China), Liang Linchong (Deputy Director-General, National Development and Reform Commission), Ma Jun (Chairman, Green Finance Committee, China Society for Finance and Banking);  Joseph Luc Ngai (Chairman, Greater China, McKinsey & Company), Royal Chen (Vice-President, Tencent Financial Technology,), Wang Feng (Editor-in-Chief,, and many others.

Direct functionaries of the Anglo-Dutch imperial financial system also participated, including Ngozo Okonjo-Iweala, the leader of the World Trade Organization, Jeremy Allaire, head of the BlackRock-financed Circle Internet Financial, which manages the crypto currency “stablecoin,” Anju Abrol, the  Regional Head of Asia-Pacific, ING Bank, Fred Hu, the Founder and Chairman, Primavera Capital Group and a former partner at Goldman Sachs, Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum, and Ning Xuanfeng, Senior Partner at King & Wood Mallesons (the largest law firm in Asia).

Throughout, the Chinese participants uniformly saluted the deadly Green Agenda.  In various panels, including “Better Living, Zero Waste,” “Climate Finance in China,” “Innovating for Food Security and “Innovating for the Planet,” the focus on reducing carbon emissions, meeting the COP/UN deadlines and green finance was relentless.  Green, green, green.  All about Net-Zero by 2050.  Governments, businesses, banks, philanthropies must all be whipped into line.  In the envisioned New World Order, this path alone will reward investments with profit.

Greening the Planet with the Belt and Road Initiative

On Day 2 of the Conference, an eye-opening discussion occurred at a panel titled “Future of the Belt and Road Initiative.”  Four of the five panelists were from China’s government, media, and academia.  What was stated by all of the speakers was that the primary purpose of the Belt and Road Initiative has now been redefined as fighting “climate change.”  This appears to represent the victory of British global finance over the real development prospects embodied in the original 2013 Belt and Road infrastructure proposal. From the beginning the City of London intervened directly to “Green” the project with collaborators in China.  You can read about this nefarious effort here.

Wan Zhe, a professor at Beijing Normal University, announced this triumph, declaring “Green is the defining color of BRI.  The Green philosophy is integrated into every feature of the BRI.”  Xin Baoan, Executive Chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China, stated “We are going to deepen the Green transformation.  This is the trend of the day.”  He added that China is now bringing online 1,000 GW of wind and solar every year, and that “this will be our energy policy for the BRI.”  Chen Weihong of China Central Television (CCTV) also intoned, “green is the magic color for each and every country within the BRI.  It is our common objective.”

This intention to subjugate what is euphemistically termed “economic development” to a Malthusian green agenda was also elucidated at other panels.  In the panel “Climate Finance in China,” Deng Jianling, the President of China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd, revealed his successful efforts in getting the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to cease all loans for infrastructure and businesses that contribute to “climate change.”  He talked about China’s issuance of “Green Bonds,” and he stated, “ 80 percent of our investments goes into renewables.  We have recruited AIIB to this outlook.  We are developing carbon pricing and carbon trading.  We are following the model of the European Union.”

In another panel, one of the speakers brought up the case of Malaysia, which is 90 percent dependent on fossil fuels, as an example of a wayward nation that must change its ways.  Perhaps, most chilling was the

discussion at the panels “China and Africa: Mutually Transformative” and “Innovating for Food Security,” where it was stated bluntly that all aid to African nations must be based on creating “sustainable eco-systems,” and that “consumers” (i.e., the people) would simply have to adjust to the higher prices of “renewable” energy.

Several speakers blamed the African nations for both their increased debt burdens that have arisen from the financing of BRI projects as well as for complaints that China’s trade policies have been one-sided.

All Power to the Central Banks

Other than green fascism, the second major topic of the Conference was the move toward Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the subsumed topics of crypto-currencies and “instant payment systems.” These issues were the subjects of several panels over the course of three days.  I will not report on this in-depth here but just note a few of the themes.

First is the concept of what one panelist called “the democratization (decentralization) of finance.”  What this actually means is the end of sovereign nations controlling their own legal currency and the handing over of the value, circulation and even creation of that money to the “digital marketplace.”  What was stressed by several speakers was the critical role of the Central Banks in forcing this transformation, and it was reported that this is now advancing, particularly in Asia, among many nations.

It was also reported that 79 nations (the majority in Asia) have implemented “instant payment systems,” and it should be noted that this ability to conduct instant transactions, particularly for cross-border payments, has implications for very sophisticated global money-laundering techniques.  This is also true of “cryptocurrencies.”

The mindset of the Tianjin delegates is perhaps best captured by the “Concert” which was performed on the final day.  Titled “Continuum,” it is described as “a large-scale immersive artwork.”  Composed by “contemporary artist” Krista Kim and performed by musicians from the Juilliard School, New York, and Juilliard Tianjin alumni, the kindest thing that can be said about it is that it very clear that another objective of the WEF is to make schizophrenia the new societal norm.

Trump in 2024

What Donald Trump has defined in Agenda 47 represents a future for the People, not the elite.  That is why they hate him, why they fear him.  The message from Tianjin is that all nations must surrender to the over-arching power of the financial and corporate Lords.  The Tianjin conference is nothing less than a declaration of war against Trump and his 2024 campaign to regain the White House.  Review Trump’s Agenda 47 videos.  Watch his June 25th speech in Michigan.  Think through the potential of a second Trump presidency.  He is outlining a pathway directly contrary to the imperial oligarchical agenda.  We can win this fight.  The elite do not control the American people.