Donald Trump in Novi, MI, Jun 25, 2023. Photo credit: Susan Kokinda, LaRouchePAC

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On June 25, 2023, President Donald Trump delivered the best speech of this election cycle, and one of the best speeches of his political career. He addressed the urgency of winning the most important election of our lifetimes, “you win it so big that they can’t cheat, that they can’t create that many fake ballots.” His speech was aimed at recruiting broad new layers to his candidacy, layers that reach far beyond the existing, overwhelming base of support which he already has within the Republican Party.

You can watch full full speech, it starts at minute 37.

Speaking to thousands of supporters from across the state who attended the Oakland County Republican Committee dinner, Trump spoke directly to the new Republican Party which he is intent on creating in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, for whom the dinner was appropriately named—a party of workers, producers and creators.  This is a mission shared by LaRouchePAC, which was represented at the dinner and with a prominent vendor display featuring a banner that said, “The Future Begins with Trump’s Agenda 47.” You can find LaRouchePAC’s roundup of Trump videos outlining his bold vision for his second term here. 

Participants who had become familiar with Trump’s Agenda 47 proposals, largely through LaRouchePAC’s efforts, were excited when he announced “here are some of the rather bold agenda items that I will immediately implement when I become the 47th President of the United States.” Earlier in the day, Trump was greeted at the airport by several hundred supporters, one of whom was Margaret Kucharek, an activist and precinct delegate, who shook his hand and told him, “We support your Agenda 47 and I can’t wait to live in one of your 10 new Freedom Cities!”

Donald Trump arriving in Detroit and being greeted by Margaret Kucharek with \Donald Trump arriving in Detroit and being greeted by Margaret Kucharek with "We support your Agenda 47." Photo credit: Margaret Kucharek

A Master Class in Economics and Organizing

The industrial heartland is the key to victory in 2024 and Trump knows it. In contrast to most of his recent speeches, this one was dominated by a discussion of the economics of production. Pulling no punches, President Trump began: “For decades, the vicious globalist vultures have betrayed Michigan families and workers, they threw open the borders, plundering your factories, shipping your jobs to foreign lands…. Michigan lost nearly 40% of all manufacturing jobs…” He described how he had gotten rid of free-trade agreements like NAFTA, and vetoed the “job-killing TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership),” which was set to “slaughter the auto-manufacturers,” and would have crushed “every worker and supplier at Ford, GM, and Chrysler.” He couldn’t resist taking pokes at Ron “DeSanctimonius’” free trade stance and declared, “DeSantis sided with communists in China, while I fought for workers in America.”

Throughout the speech, Trump gave a master class on one of the key elements of American System economics—tariffs. He spoke of his Agenda 47 proposal for reciprocal tariffs, imposing on other countries dollar-for-dollar what they impose on us. In his first term, he did impose what he called “historic tariffs on aluminum and steel,” which protected those industries. Demonstrating again an American understanding of the physical economy, he made the point that “if you don’t have steel, you don’t have a country.” He described how he used the threat of tariffs in negotiations with other countries to secure both economic and strategic goals.

President Trump pilloried the drive for all electric vehicles, pushed by the Biden administration and its green ideology and globalist controllers. “Environmental extremism is heartless and disloyal to American workers…. Electric cars will kill more than half of U.S. auto jobs and decimate suppliers. They will decimate the state of Michigan. These cars don’t go far, the range is worse in the winter and the materials are all made in China.” Again reflecting a more profound grasp of real economics than all the other Presidential candidates (on both sides) combined, he made the point that the U.S. doesn’t have the energy grid to support all electric vehicles, and that “it takes so much energy to produce the batteries that electric cars don’t break-even environmentally.” As LaRouchePAC has documented extensively, the same holds true for windmills and solar power.

Several times, Trump spoke about support from rank-and-file trade unionists and this speech will clearly resonate strongly through those layers. Both liberal and conservative think-tanks have been discussing Trump’s commanding support from America’s working classes, as opposed to the professional and college-educated classes. A recent poll conducted in the Midwest showed Trump with a sizable margin over Biden among trade unionists in private-sector unions (e.g., manufacturing) as opposed to public-sector unions. LaRouchePAC will be mapping out a strategy to reach even more deeply into trade union layers in the Midwest.

President Trump continued to warn of the danger of World War III and declared that he could and would end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours.

LaRouchePAC's booth at Trump dinner. Photo credit: Susan KokindaLaRouchePAC's booth at Trump dinner. Photo credit: Susan Kokinda

LaRouchePAC’s vendor booth at the event was one of the most prominent and contained hand-outs entitled, “What Does Agenda 47 Mean for Manufacturing?” and “What Does Agenda 47 Mean for Young Families?” Another vendor who was also organizing around Agenda 47 found (as we have) that very few MAGA supporters yet know about the existence or importance of Trump’s Agenda 47. We are changing that.

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