President Trump speaks after leaving a New York court, Feb 15, 2024. 9news screengrab

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Friday finds us at the end of a week featuring huge battles in courtrooms in New York, Georgia, and at the U.S. Supreme Court, where the fate of this Republic might be decided if people are stupid or cowardly enough to tolerate the stinking crimes against the Republic in progress. All of it involves our judicial system falling in line with the Anglo-American oligarchy’s order to prevent Donald Trump’s overwhelming election in November of 2024 by the American people. All of it, so far, has produced massive blowback from a population increasingly determined to upend the post war “rules based” international order and begin anew in the spirit of the American Revolution.

Today, February 16, 2024, the 74-year-old hippie partisan judge in New York, Arthur Engeron, will take his turn on the lawfare stage. Smirking, as this Harpo Marx look-a-like does, he will strip Donald Trump of the businesses he spent his life building in New York and will attempt to fine him into bankruptcy. The instrument? New York’s Executive Law 63(12) by which a business may be killed for simple misstatements of fact (as determined here by a biased partisan judge inventing his own universe of “facts”). There does not have to be any intent to defraud, or recklessness, or negligence, or damage to anyone or any other mens rea or culpable human state of mind.

The fact that the loans at issue to the Trump organization were fully repaid with interest and at a profit for the banks is irrelevant. The fact that real estate valuation is an extraordinarily fluid and speculative enterprise, the fact that the statements in question explicitly warned the banks of their subjective nature and mandated that they do due diligence and the banks in question testified that they did so, none of that matters in this Alice-in-Wonderland world where judges take turns in screaming like the Mad Queen, “off with his head.”  The same statute had been deployed against Exxon in the attempt to destroy it for “misstatements” about climate change.

Yesterday, Thursday, another New York player, Judge Juan Merchan, who we seem set to have to tolerate in coming months, set a trial date of March 25, in the crazy Stormy Daniels nuisance settlement case. Smack dab in the middle of the presidential race Trump will be attending his criminal trial for “falsifying business records.” This is normally a misdemeanor, but it has been transformed, in the case of Trump, into multiple felonies. This case involves a $130,000 payment made back in 2016, by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen to make former stripper Stormy Daniel’s claim that she had sex with Donald Trump one time in 2006 go away. We have covered the background to this case extensively.

Tish James, the New York Attorney General, and Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s District Attorney have participated in a Get Trump task force convened by former Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. since early 2021. James campaigned for her job with the promise that she would “get Trump” and was directly funded by George Soros, Soros’ son, Reid Hoffman, and other Silicon Valley and Wall Street titans who wanted the job done. Bragg received the same support indirectly, through Colors of Change, an organization washing such funding.

The task force was led by Mark Pomerantz, a Trump deranged partner at New York’s Paul Weiss law firm, other Paul Weiss associates, and lawyers from the Morgan firm, Davis, Polk along with a few regular DAs employed by the public. Advisors included many prosecutors from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. This is what they produced after foraging through every aspect of Donald Trump’s life and business. The Feds in the Southern District of New York looked at the case and ran away, declining prosecution of Trump but convicting Michael Cohen of any crimes involved here. Bragg initially declined prosecution but then found the right side to be on. Vance had assured everyone that the Trump deranged and blinded jury would convict no matter what the factual circumstance. The task force was not dissuaded even after Robert Costello, the former attorney for Michael Cohen presented detailed statements by Michael Cohen showing that his current testimony is an outright lie and induced perjury. Cohen is currently represented by Clinton fixer Lanny Davis and exhibits all the dissociative signs of “deprogramming.”

None of this, of course, compares in pure late Republic insanity, with the hearing in Atlanta about Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ affair with her chosen Special Prosecutor of Donald Trump, Nathan Wade. Willis brought the bogus RICO case against Trump and several supporters for their efforts to challenge the rigged results of the 2020 presidential election. Ashleigh Merchant, the lawyer for Trump’s co-defendant, Mike Roman, discovered that Willis hired Wade amid an affair with him, and paid him over $650,000 in public funds even though he had never prosecuted a felony case, let alone a RICO case. The two went on luxury cruises and vacations using his credit card while Wade tried to cheat his ex-wife in his divorce case. Merchant discovered that Wade met with the Biden White House in a discussion involving potential charges against Donald Trump. If Roman’s charges are proven out, both Wade and Willis could be disqualified from the case. That was the subject of Thursday’s very revealing hearing in an Atlanta courtroom.

First on the stand was Willis’ former best friend, Robin Yeartie, who testified that Wade and Willis started their affair in 2019, years before their sworn contentions that the hanky panky began after Willis hired Wade. Wade then took the stand to be confronted with his own false statements in his divorce proceedings to the effect that he had never had a sexual relationship outside his marriage. He otherwise described the bizarre business practices of his former law firm. Following these disasters, an enflamed Fani Willis made her dramatic entrance into the courtroom demanding that she take the witness stand while her defense attorneys were still arguing their motion to prevent her testimony. Her bright red dress zipped on backwards, Fani put on her best mean Black girl ghetto snarls in the hopes of staging a racial drama as all white Trump defense legal team explored her “personal business.”

Willis’ buffoonish performance involved attempts to pivot away from the fact that neither Willis or Wade created any records of the payments back and forth at issue in the case. This is a “black thing” about cash, she told a national television audience, instilled in her by her father, John Floyd III, the former Black Panther, and close ally of Angela Davis. She appeared to say that some of the cash she kept in her house was appropriated by her from campaign funds, a possible felony. While portraying herself as a “world traveler” who had gone to several continents, she was forced to admit that she did not know her “continents” and therefore could not say what “continent Aruba was on.”  The embarrassingly low brow Kardashian character of this case was previously topped by Grand Jury forewoman Emily Kohrs’ national media tour. Kohrs ended up getting yanked by her media agents after the public nailed her as a complete buffoon. She has now been eclipsed by Willis.

At the Supreme Court, the Justices are again confronted by the demand by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, that they strip Donald Trump of the normal appellate rights of any defendant. Trump seeks to appeal to the entire D.C. Circuit Court sitting en banc, the unprecedented decision by the D.C. District Court and a panel of the Court of Appeals that a President has no immunity for challenging the results of a rigged presidential election. Again, Joe Biden’s little Nazi, Jack Smith tells the Supreme Court directly that Trump must be convicted before the November election in this case to assure the right result and an appeal will endanger that schedule. Even some of Smith’s most erstwhile defenders, like Jack Goldsmith, are saying that Smith is making things too clear. In his blog, Lawfare, Goldsmith says that this posture not only violates all extant Department of Justice rules. It ensures continued massive popular blowback. We plan to ensure that blowback becomes overwhelming.