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On Friday, March 17, 2023, President Trump posted on Truth Social that based on unauthorized leaks from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, he will be arrested on Tuesday as the result of an indictment authorized by DA Alvin Bragg. The proposed charges appear to involve $130,000 paid in 2016 to the stripper Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and twice convicted felon, to suppress Daniels’ claim that she had a one-night sexual encounter with Trump in 2006. Trump denies that the encounter ever occurred. Charges against Trump regarding this payment were previously rejected by both the federal government and the very same DA, Alvin Bragg.

It seems likely that the Security State and Joe Biden’s puppet regime are setting up test cases on this charge in New York and similarly weak and bogus state charges centered on Trump’s demands to investigate fraud in the 2020 elections in Atlanta, Georgia. Both involve George Soros-supported woke DAs. Sections of both Atlanta and New York City now resemble scenes from humanity’s Dark Age as the result of Woke Culture.

Biden and the globalist banksters are panicked about Trump’s huge surge in the polls amid the cascading bank crisis which now borders on a national bankruptcy caused by Donald Trump’s arch opponents, the Fed, the Biden Administration, and the international oligarchs assembled in the World Economic Forum.  They desperately seek to suppress what seems like Trump’s open path to the Presidency while testing the American population’s appetite for the complete rape and dismemberment of Lady Justice.

But they present the weakest of weak charges at a time when the American public cares deeply about the destruction of their daily lives and are indignant about the obvious attempt to turn their attention to the 45th President’s alleged encounter with a woman of the night in 2006.

The regime clearly hopes to manipulate and provoke a violent response from the MAGA movement rather than the type of peaceful mass protests which characterized Martin Luther King’s successful civil rights movement here, and similar successful populist mass strikes in history—including recently the East German protests of 1989.  In the regime’s scenario, the proposed federal indictments involving Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s favorite little fascist, Special Counsel Jack Smith, would then be deployed as a mop up.

However, their desperate gambit is massively backfiring. As Elon Musk tweeted, “If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory.”

In preparing the MAGA offense against this outrage, President Trump is determined to use this rather desperate miscalculation by the Security State regime to the maximum advantage of his campaign and the American people. In Friday and weekend posts, he first set the context by noting that Joe Biden’s America is in disastrous decline, that he alone has proposed policies in the 2024 presidential campaign—a campaign which he now leads by several miles—which can save and transform the United States.

He next notes that this is a totally political prosecution, alluding to the facts that the leaked proposed charges have been fully investigated and rejected and that Bragg and senior personnel in his office are George Soros-controlled creations.  He called on the Trump MAGA movement to protest and take the country back.

He then returned urgently to the political context, posting that we are being led into World War III by a “crooked politician who doesn’t even know he’s alive.” Despite Ron DeSantis’ new-found equivocation about the Ukraine War, Trump remains the only presidential candidate demanding an immediate end to the war and the senseless killing of hundreds of thousands. The President then recounted the major elements of Biden’s destruction of our nation.

If you’re doing poorly financially, as most are, Trump noted, don’t contribute to my defense. Finally, he suggests that that the U.S. Department of Justice is stocking the Manhattan DA’s office with prosecutors to secure a conviction on this bogus planned indictment.

The massive backlash began immediately. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that the House would immediately investigate what federal resources had been supplied to the haplessly political and utopian Manhattan DA. He called the proposed indictment an “outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA.” Other prominent Republicans, including even Mike Pence, reacted similarly.  Every person with an ounce of legal knowledge condemned the prosecution as outrageously political and weak in similar terms to Georgetown Law professor and constitutionalist Jonathan Turley. As the House Republican retreat concluded on Sunday, everyone lined up at the microphone to express their outrage.

Conspicuously silent was Governor Ron DeSantis. He remained silent as of Sunday, as he seeks directions from the numerous consultants who are choreographing his every move. He is also apparently fixated on whether or not to change the pronunciation of his last name from “Dee-Santis” to “Deh-Santis.” The latter is the apparent preference of his wife and ultimate political controller, Casey “Deh-Santis..”

The Absurd Charges

As noted, the purported charges concern the claim that Trump committed a felony when his former attorney and convicted felon, Michael Cohen, paid the stripper Stormy Daniels $130,000 in 2016 to cover up an alleged one-night sexual encounter which occurred in 2006. This claim, wildly pumped by the convicted felon lawyer Michael Avenatti to the delight of all victims of Trump derangement syndrome, has been investigated by New York state and federal authorities since 2018.

The Feds in the Southern District of New York chose to target Michael Cohen, rather than Trump on the Stormy Daniels payment, declining to selectively pursue the former President of the United States for what, if proved at all, is an extremely common male transgression. More recently, Hillary Clinton was never prosecuted for her campaign’s massive payments to the British spy, Christopher Steele, which were reported similarly, as “legal payments.” Cohen pled guilty in 2018 to numerous personal tax and bank fraud charges, and to a federal campaign felony regarding the Daniels payment in Manhattan’s federal court. He also subsequently pled guilty to lying to Congress during the Russiagate investigations.

Michael Cohen has been shepherded by Clinton family fixer Lanny Davis throughout his plea deals and subsequent attempts to become the regime’s most favored traitor against Donald Trump. However, prosecutors seriously seeking to destroy the President have adamantly refused to take Cohen up on this offer until now. They cite his record of compulsive and repeated lies, his pathological and violent hatred of Trump, his apparent longstanding connections to organized crime, and speculation that he is actually a deep informant for the FBI or CIA. Larry Johnson has admirably explored the latter.

Cohen became Bragg’s key witness, along with Stormy Daniels, through the efforts of former Manhattan DA Cy Vance, Jr., New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned openly for her office by claiming she was the lawfare darling who would finally “get” Donald Trump, and a coterie of federal prosecutors.

New York state prosecutors and judges are elected. In Manhattan that means that careers are made based on the preferences of party bosses and voters. Biden carried New York City in 2020 76% to 23%. Despite the revolt of New York state voters in 2022 as the Biden/Soros decriminalization and deinstitutionalization efforts flooded the streets with homeless addicts, violent criminals, and the mentally deranged, liberal Democrats still carried the city itself by a 65% margin in the Governors’ race. Ever since local Queen Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, New York City liberals have demanded Trump’s lynching, legally or otherwise.

Based on this political landscape, Cyrus Vance, Jr., hired the private prosecutor Mark Pomerantz from the venerable Democratic elite law firm Paul, Weiss in February 2021 to put together a case against Donald Trump. Pomerantz did not take any pay and has since said that he would pay to be able to prosecute Donald Trump.  In his subsequent book, People vs. Donald Trump, an Inside Account, Pomerantz documents his complete allegiance to the dictum of Josef Stalin’s henchman Lavrentiy Beria: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” He pored over every aspect of Donald Trump’s life and businesses seeking to fit novel legal theories to distorted facts in order to jail him. Pomerantz’s jihad was so overt that career prosecutors in Vance’s office rebelled, constantly challenging his theories and purported facts despite Vance’s apparent loyalty to him.

Pomerantz did succeed, in close collaboration with Attorney General Leticia James, in creating the recent prosecution of Donald Trump’s long-time chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization for various tax violations involving fringe benefits. While Bragg’s office ultimately got a plea from Weisselberg and a conviction of the Trump companies, even the Trump-hating New York Magazine was forced to admit: “This was not the crime of the century. Had Trump not been involved, the company may never have been charged for the conduct at issue given the relatively paltry amounts at issue for a corporate criminal case.” Despite subjecting Weisselberg to unrelenting threats and pressure, he has not been turned, so far, against Donald Trump.

 With respect to Pomerantz’s plan to use Michael Cohen as the lead witness, DA Vance noted that Cohen’s cross-examination would be “very difficult,” but “jury selection” would take care of it. In other words, appropriately selected Trump-hating denizens of Manhattan would not sweat the facts or the law. Any judge standing in the way would be committing “political hari-kari” as Jonathan Turley has noted.

Faced with a full staff rebellion against the use of Michael Cohen and Pomerantz’s innovative and unprecedented legal theories, Vance and Pomerantz called in legal and media support from the DOJ veterans who were obviously steering the case from behind the scenes. Associates were also detailed from Manhattan law firms Davis, Polk & Wardwell (the historic law firm for the House of Morgan) and Paul Weiss. The outsiders included stars from Robert Mueller’s prosecution team including Greg Andres and Michael Dreeben; Scott Muller, a former federal prosecutor and general counsel at the CIA; Rick Girgenti, the only person in the outside “team” who had worked in the DA’s office before; and Harris Fischman, a former prosecutor in the Southern District of New York. According to Pomerantz, the group came down on the side of bringing Pomerantz’s proposed Trump prosecution only to be repulsed by the slow-working and inattentive new black prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, who had replaced Vance when he retired. It is unclear whether these Feds are the same ones Donald Trump referred to in his weekend post.

After he issued his infamous Day One memo downgrading prosecutions for violent crimes, Alvin Bragg was in no shape to handle the staff revolt which would have fully manifested itself if he followed the Pomerantz/Mueller team diktat. He also doubted the viability of the case which boils down to a potential misdemeanor false business record charge which falls outside the statute of limitations, tortured into a felony charge by an unprecedented statutory construction to avoid the statute of limitations, all prosecuted against a former President of the United States presently leading the 2024 field for election. Bragg stopped Pomerantz’s presentation to a grand jury and suspended the investigation indefinitely.

This prompted Pomerantz’s resignation along with that of Carey Dunne, Cy Vance’s General Counsel. Pomerantz, violating both the state ethical rules and criminal rules governing prosecutions, then began leaking documents to the press challenging Bragg’s actions and creating a media furor over it. Using confidential grand jury and deliberative memoranda Pomerantz argued that Bragg was deep-sixing the last best liberal hope of legally assassinating Donald Trump. So the controlled media went wild against Bragg in response. Trump’s continued lead in the 2024 polls and the resulting desperation of Manhattan’s elites has apparently now forced Bragg’s hand despite his previous declination of the case, the same declination position originally exercised by the U.S. Department of Justice. Presumably, President Trump has more information he will share with the Congress about the DOJ’s steering of DA Bragg’s decision.