An artist's 3d rendering of a fusion reactor called SPARC, which is being developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a spinoff company, Commonwealth Fusion Systems.

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An under-appreciated element of President Donald Trump's Agenda 47 is energy independence. While "Drill Baby Drill," may secure energy independence in the short term, it does not guarantee our future energy needs, here on Earth and throughout the solar system. The development of fusion power is the future of energy independence for humanity.  In a video statement released by President Trump, back in February 2023, he highlighted the need to unleash American energy by lowering energy costs for middle class families that have skyrocketed under Joe Biden's failed leadership and energy-killing regulations. Trump declared, "When I'm back in the White House, I will bring back pro-American energy policies at long last."

Despite the insane Biden agenda, we continue to witness a rapid pace of advancements in the development of fusion energy experiments here in the United States and around the world. Back in  February, I wrote  an article titled "Fusion Energy Builds A Wondrous Future; Biden's Utopians Would Obliterate It."  There I highlighted recent breakthroughs in the development of fusion energy that herald a new future for the United States in manufacturing, infrastructure, and  powering frontier missions for exploration of the Moon and Mars.  

Just how close are we to harnessing the power of the sun? Fusion, the process that powers the sun, occurs when two light hydrogen atomic nuclei collide at very high pressure and fuse together into one heavier element, helium, releasing energy. Unlike the process of fission energy which involves the splitting of heavy elements like uranium, to generate energy, nuclear fusion releases four times more energy per reaction than nuclear fission.  

Revisiting Some of the Latest Achievements in Fusion Energy

The most recent breaking news involves Helion Energy signing an agreement with Microsoft for the world’s first commercial purchase of fusion power. Helion, based in Everett, Washington, announced an agreement to use its fusion power plant to provide electricity to Microsoft by 2028. Constellation, an energy company headquartered in Baltimore Maryland, will manage the transmission for the project. Helion’s plant will provide at least 50 MW of power after a one-year ramp-up period. In its announcement Helion notes that it has been advancing its fusion technology for more than a decade. Helion is reported to be the first private company to reach plasma temperatures of 100 million degrees.

On April 12th, China generated a super-hot fusion plasma, sustained and confined for 403 seconds, bringing commercial scale fusion energy one step closer to reality.  The vehicle was its "artificial sun," officially known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). In writing this article I also learned that researchers in Thailand are generating hydrogen plasma to study nuclear fusion using a tokamak reactor donated by China, known as Thailand Tokamak-1 (TT-1). 

Back in February we reported on the Lawrence Livermore National Labs' National Ignition Facility achievement of fusion breakeven by creating a controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction that generated more energy out than impinged upon the fuel capsule. This was an experiment in inertial confinement, conducted with 192 lasers fired at a 1mm wide deuterium and tritium capsule inside a hohlraum container. The lasers delivered 2.05 MJ of energy into the capsule, generating 3.05 MJ of fusion. Did you know that every time the National Ignition Facility runs a fusion experiment the very center of its target chamber becomes the hottest place in the solar system?  There have been five attempts to reproduce these results, but these attempts have failed.

Even prior to the successful breakthrough by the Lawrence Livermore Lab, there has been a growing number of private investments in fusion start-up technology.

In an opinion piece recently published in The Hill by Congressional Representatives Raja Krishnamoorthi, (D-IL) and Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), they discuss the economic implications of fusion energy for our nation's energy future, and the growing bipartisan support for fusion energy development. The two members of Congress noted that by creating a controlled nuclear fusion reaction that generated more energy than used... "The researchers demonstrated the potential of fusion as a groundbreaking power source." They also noted that, "This nuclear fusion breakthrough not only brings us one step closer to reproducing the power of the sun in a laboratory, but it also helps us guarantee American energy independence.”

Unlike primitive and intermittent wind and solar power sources, fusion will certainly lead us toward a more prosperous economic future. When addressing the need to increase the standard of living of the population, advanced forms of energy are an essential element in achieving that goal. Increasing productivity per capita for the economy as a whole, means increasing the energy flux density of the power sources available to the population, from lower states of energy output, to increasingly higher forms. This decreases the rate of entropy and increases your rate of productivity.  It is extremely important that we make more foundational investments in our economic and energy infrastructure. As stressed by Reps. Krishnamoorthi and Armstrong, developing the highly skilled workforce to meet the demands of fusion technology, will lift the entire economic platform to new levels of productivity. 

Today young people are not being engaged in a national mission orientation to enhance their skills in science, technology, engineering, and math—keystone requirements for increasing the productivity of society through which we can produce our way out of the current economic and cultural collapse. Instead, the emphasis seems to be on destroying an entire generation by cultivating narcissism, social alienation, poisonous drug use, and equally poisonous ideologies of sexual fluidity. The mission of producing fusion, an unbounded energy source which can lift entire poverty-wracked economies throughout the world into prosperity, while powering the exploration of nearby space and Mars, can deliver just that jolt of cultural optimism necessary to destroy this current satanic exercise in human destruction.