A fox news screengrab from four years ago.

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It’s the Wednesday before Memorial Day and this is the first of our midweek Sitreps. We’ll be following this one up with another closing out the week on Friday-Saturday.  Hopefully, this two a week update plan will continue.  Our idea is to use them to highlight those developments in the mind deadening news cycle which are worthy of your attention as we chart the revolutionary course for the country in 2023-2024. As we play with various video formats, next week we’ll go live with a video format and, probably, a podcast format. When we think there is an educational value, we’ll cite to authors we respect so you can read them too.

Despite the intricate planning and millions of dollars involved in the plot outlined below to stop Donald Trump, it fundamentally misreads the mood of the American people. They don’t want “normal,” the term Elon Musk uses to describe Ron DeSantis.  An opportunistic and autistic policy wonk with a sadistic bent for permanent war and a fundamental discomfort around other human beings is how I’d describe the man. If you liked the Bushes, you’ll love Ron DeSantis, is the appropriate shorthand.

Faced with an economic disaster, open borders, escalating drug deaths wiping out a generation of youth, anarchy and crime dominating our largest cities, Americans want a disrupter and a fighter, not a choreographed blow-dried Washington consulted and tested politician who checks Washington’s boxes. Champion of the forgotten men and women, Donald Trump is making concrete proposals in his Agenda 47 for a total revival of the U.S. manufacturing and industrial economy. No one else even comes close. A survey in The Hill, published today confirms that hunger for fundamental change which keeps propelling Trump to the top of all polls and results in huge leaps whenever he is attacked.  

The Attempted Lawfare Assassination and Replacement of Donald Trump

Four developments on this front already this week constitute this Sitrep. They involve developments in the lawfare legal cases themselves, the Durham report’s coverup of the British role in Russiagate along with its continuing impact in Congress, and the full-scale mobilization of the former Bush machine apparatus behind Ron DeSantis and other potential presidential campaign backups. (Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is now being put into place should DeSantis falter in stopping Trump.) This last aspect of our picture finds former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urgently visiting Texas and Las Vegas to mobilize the Bush machine and other U.S. establishment figures behind both DeSantis and continued support for the war against Russia in Ukraine, which most Americans adamantly oppose.

First, in Manhattan, Trump appeared via video Tuesday, to be lectured by Judge Juan Merchan about the limits of what he can say in publicly defending himself from Alvin Bragg’s ludicrous New York stripper Hush Money case. He can’t talk about what prosecutors give him through discovery in the case lest he be held in contempt. Neither can his lawyers. So, for example, if discovery provided proves that Michael Cohen, the chief witness, is a mobbed-up protégé of long-time FBI and CIA informant Felix Sater and was never really loyal to Trump, Trump can’t say that publicly without Merchan’s prior consent. Of course, prosecutors can continue to defy the law and leak at will, as they have done in this rigged case from its inception. This restriction is justified according to Merchan, by death and other threats delivered to the Judge and to Alvin Bragg, and his prosecutors. We believe these threats are orchestrated by the FBI. As expected, Merchan set a trial date of March 27, 2024, right in the center of Republican primary season.

Second, Trump’s lawyers asked for a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland in the Mar-a-Lago National Archives document case. Such meetings are the normal course when indictments are in the wind. Garland, however, said go pound sand and meet with Special Prosecutor Jack Smith. But it is Smith’s misconduct which was to be the content of the meeting with Garland and Garland, the Attorney General, is supposed to supervise Smith. Smith continues to promote himself as the reborn Grand Inquisitor, always appearing in publicity photos in his Dutch prosecutor costume from his former job as globalist hitman at the war crimes tribunal at the Hague.  As the rumor mill has it, Trump will be indicted very, very soon in that case. Some say, imminently.

Previously, Trump’s lawyers wrote to the House Intelligence Committee asking them to direct Smith to stand down since the case arose from Trump being denied the same transition services provided by the National Archives to Obama in his move out of the White House. They convincingly outline the insanity of this case in their letter. But, they wrote it to Mike Turner (R. Ohio) the rabid neo-Con Ukraine war supporter who now heads House Intel and Turner deep-sixed it.

Third, reverberations continue from the release of John Durham’s report on the entire Russiagate hoax used against Trump from 2015 forward at the behest of the British government. It is increasingly clear that a major component of that British scheme was to eliminate opposition to their plan for a war against Russia in Ukraine, the current human slaughterhouse with the potential to end humanity itself. Donald Trump has taken the lead in condemning this war. He has now been joined on the Republican side of the presidential race by Vivek Ramaswamy and on the Democratic side by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in a position which reflects the sentiments of the American population. Given his belief in sovereign relationships between nations outside the confines of the “rules-based global order” Trump’s opposition to the current war was entirely predictable, all the way back in 2015. Under Hillary Clinton, this war would have started in 2017.

The oligarchy’s security state has now sent former British PM Boris Johnson to the U.S. heartland, starting with Texas, to shore up faltering support for the war and to continue the mobilization of the former Bush machine against Trump’s candidacy. Johnson met with Governor Gregg Abbott, big time Republican donors, and former President George W. Bush. The British have led the senile and British blackmailed Biden by the nose up each step in this dangerously escalating conflict. (While the current revelations about the Biden family assume blackmail of Biden by China, and certain Ukrainian and Romanian oligarchs, they overlook the fact that everything Biden does or did is monitored by British intelligence and its appendages in the CIA).

The British claim that their historical alliance with the Netherlands resulted in Biden’s recent decision to provide F16s and pilot training to the Ukrainians which many believe could lead to direct NATO involvement in that war with Russia. Ukraine’s huge losses and impossible position have become increasingly obvious, and the war is now at its most dangerous decision point. Desperate Ukrainian and allied forces are now making direct forays into Russia as a propaganda distraction from the loss of Bakhmut and the tens of thousands of Ukrainians who died there. 

As the British House of Lords noted in December of 2018, the “special relationship” which melds the U.S. and British intelligence services could survive one term of Trump but not two. Hence, under no circumstances should he be re-elected in 2020, the British said. While Durham proves conclusively, that the whole Russiagate claim was totally, totally made up, an intelligence hoax dwarfing any other intelligence hoax in U.S. or world history, he applies equal diligence to covering up the British role. The British are responsible, among other things, for resurrecting the myth of all powerful mind bending Russian active measures or disinformation which needs an industrial strength censorship complex to confront it. That’s why we now live under a security state/Silicon Valley censorship regime worthy of the Stassi.

The former head of House Intelligence, Devin Nunes has taken note of the Durham British coverup. Larry Johnson provides a terrific concise summary of the British role on his blog. I wrote a detailed longer piece back in 2019. 

If the House Judiciary Committee subcommittee on weaponization is to play an effective role in exposing the Security State and stopping the planned legal assassination of Donald Trump, it has to staff up and get focused on educating the American population on why Special Prosecutor Jack Smith has to be defunded, why ending the special relationship with the British and other instrumentalities of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy is the first step in re-establishing a system of justice, and why any intelligence agent who had anything whatsoever to do with promoting Russiagate,  the Hunter Biden laptop Russian disinformation hoax, or the fiction that January 6, 2021 was an insurrection must be fired as irredeemably corrupt.  With respect to Biden corruption, two IRS whistleblowers have now come forward saying that political appointees at the Justice Department, presumably Garland and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, have directly interfered with the Hunter Biden tax investigation.  The whistleblowers include the IRS Biden case agent and his supervisor, both of whom are now testifying behind closed doors to Congress.

Fourth, of course, is Ron DeSantis’ entry into the presidential race today.  His backers are all part of the former Bush Republican machine, including its British components, built, and heavily funded from the Reagan Administration forward. They are mobilizing evangelicals in Iowa, favorite son Chris Sununu in New Hampshire, Senator Tim Scott, and former Governor Nikki Haley in South Carolina to blunt Trump in the early Republican primaries.  They have accumulated a $200 million war chest from Wall Street, the City of London, and Silicon Valley, the largest in history, next to that of Jeb Bush’s failed 2016 campaign. The criminal proceedings against Trump, coordinated through the Biden Justice Department and the Democratic Party are designed to do the rest. The firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News removed any obstacle within the British Murdoch press empire to full throated support for DeSantis. Casey DeSantis, Desanctimonious’ wife, and immediate controller posted this strange launch video on Twitter today. Note the British accent of the narrator.