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Seemingly out of the blue on Monday, Special Counsel John Durham’s 316-page Final Report was sprung on a public which had largely forgotten who he was or what his four-year investigation was all about. In his report, Durham proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the entire Trump Campaign-Russia collusion investigation, known as Crossfire Hurricane, was a total hoax perpetrated on the American people by a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, acting in collusion with the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton and abetted by the controlled corporate media.  There was never any evidence of collusion between Donald Trump, the Trump Campaign, and Russia. Yet, because of this hoax, more than 40% of Americans still believe that Donald Trump either colluded or did something illegal with Russia to gain the presidency in 2016.

On the same day that Durham’s report was released, the attorneys for a lead IRS supervisory agent and whistleblower on Justice Department malfeasance in the Hunter Biden investigation, revealed that the whistleblower and his entire investigative team had been removed from the Biden investigation by the Department of Justice. Such an overt retaliatory action by the DOJ, compromising the entire Biden prosecution, would not have been possible had Durham done his job and prosecuted those responsible for the illegal investigation and subsequent coup against Donald Trump.

Durham does shine a bright light on the FBI, DOJ, and Clinton Campaign actions against the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, meticulously filling out details in the explosive story of partisan corruption first detailed in Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ Crossfire Hurricane report. He details how the FBI opened an unprecedented full investigation of the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos based, according to their account, on nothing more than a vague story from an Australian diplomat about what George Papadopoulos might have told him in a barroom conversation about what Russia knew about Hillary Clinton.

At the same time, the FBI meticulously quashed investigations of Clinton, including the Clinton Foundation, as its lead agents exchanged daily gossip about how much they hated Donald Trump and the “smelly Walmart shoppers” who support him. It laundered a dossier by British agent Christopher Steele into a FISA application surveilling Carter Page and the Trump Campaign without ever factually verifying Steele’s claims. The British and Steele claimed that his dirty dossier resulted from British Intelligence’s deep penetration of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. It turns out that all of Steele’s dossier claims were completely made up, the fabrications of a Brookings Institution employee, Igor Danchenko, whom the FBI had previously investigated as a probable Russian agent, and Charles Dolan, a longstanding Clinton Democratic operative who used to represent the Russian Federation as a public relations agent in Washington.

When the FBI discovered the depth of Danchenko and Steele’s deceptions, they hired Danchenko as an informant and paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet. Completely exculpatory statements by Page and Papadopoulos made to the FBI, CIA, and MI6 asset Stepan Halper were deliberately withheld from the FISA Court, as was the CIA’s note to the FBI that Page was an operational asset of the CIA. There are many similar revelations where alarm bells were ringing red concerning the complete innocence of Trump and his campaign, but the FBI and DOJ put pillows over the alarms.  On its own terms, the report is shocking and should be read by anyone fighting to save the nation.

That said, Durham’s report actively covers up the British role in instigating the entire investigation, and the pervasive role of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Obama White House and intelligence community, particularly John Brennan, and Silicon Valley in continuing it. He refused to investigate the role of the fraudulent Mueller Special Counsel investigation in continuing the coup against the President from May of 2017 through July of 2019 despite a specific charge to do so in his investigative mandate.

Of particular note, Durham focuses extensively on a declassified document made available to him by Trump DNI John Ratcliffe which states: “In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians' hacking of the Democratic National Committee.” Durham interviewed John Brennan about this declassified note and Brennan relayed that he had briefed Barack Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and Vice-President Joe Biden about this Russian claim at an August 2016 White House meeting.

Durham paints this as somehow exculpatory to Brennan and the Obama White House, and inculpatory of Comey and Clinton. But far from holding back after being warned that Clinton was orchestrating a complete hoax, Obama and his intelligence community actively abetted the full realization of Clinton’s plan. The incomparable Lee Smith believes that Brennan actively buried the Clinton Plan information rather than being the CIA truth teller portrayed by Durham.

Everyone prosecuted or investigated by Mueller was framed based on a non-existent Trump/Russia conspiracy. In his report, however, Durham announces that there will be no more criminal prosecutions concerning this affair, other than the three anemic false statement prosecutions he already brought. While they involved significant actors in this seditious conspiracy, they didn’t target its documented leaders, including Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and John Brennan. Since Durham let the statutes of limitations run, his declaration about no more prosecutions and his reasons why, are so much surplusage.

Perhaps, like the failure to release the remaining classified documents concerning the Kennedy assassination, AG Bill Barr, who dictated Durham’s scope and investigative emphasis, feared that a full disclosure would completely destroy institutions which he has dedicated his life to protecting at any cost. More likely, as Trump and this author now believe, he is just a corrupt sophist coward who is the key player in this controlled coverup.

The failure to hold the seditionist conspirators to account set the stage for everything which has happened since: the phony impeachments, the rigged 2020 elections, the controlled riots of 2020 and January 6, 2021, the current four-pronged lawfare attack aimed at imprisoning Trump before 2024, the imposition of a total surveillance and censorship regime across the United States—all were enabled by the Barr/Durham failure to prosecute.

Bill Barr, as Attorney General, knew all about the huge FBI disinformation unit responsible for quashing the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election. He set it up. He quashed the Biden corruption investigation set forth on Hunter Biden’s computer which was seized by the FBI in 2019, well ahead of the 2020 elections. He had to authorize the wiretaps and surveillance on Rudy Giuliani and New York Post reporters who had copies of the laptop’s files. Brian Auten, the same FBI supervisory agent named by Durham as clearing and shepherding the completely phony Christopher Steele into the FISA warrant process, was put under internal investigation by DOJ Inspector General Horowitz in 2018 for his actions.  But he somehow emerged unscathed and is now named by FBI whistleblowers as the key man quashing the Hunter Biden investigation and leading the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. He teaches “ethics” in intelligence investigations at the ultra-conservative Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.

To the clear-eyed, the seditionists, the modern American Stassi—the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DOJ—appear to have gotten away with it. A senile idiot now sits as the 46th President of the United States. The British geopolitical aim of dragging the US directly into a war against Russia in Ukraine while the US itself is transformed into a globalist-controlled colonial plantation, with a divided working- and middle-class population turned against itself by identity politics and fighting among themselves for scraps, seems well on the way to complete realization.

But there is another factor at work here. There is an awakened and growing opposition, across nominal partisan lines, and involving a majority of the US population who are suddenly realizing that they have been bamboozled and brainwashed on multiple fronts. They are lining up to support Donald Trump. The simple replay of Durham’s main conclusion: there was never any there, there on Trump/Russia collusion, coupled with the clips of every mainstream politician, news media personality, and security state hack repeating the Trump/Russia collusion lie with certainty, a montage repeatedly featured in the past 48 hours throughout social media is, powerfully, breaking the brainwashing spell in ever new layers.

About the British Role

In December of 2018, the British House of Lords issued a report entitled, “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order.” It declared that while the British could contain Trump for one term, they could not do so for a second. Hence, their marching orders were clear, under no circumstances could Trump be allowed a second term. The City of London financial center and the related apparatus of the British monarchy sits as the center of the modern globalist oligarchy with offshoots on Wall Street, Washington, D.C, the Netherlands, and Brussels. Hence, John Brennan’s testimony to the US Congress that the Trump/Russia investigation was undertaken by the CIA and other elements of the intelligence community here in late 2015 after demands from the British government who were threatening to end the “special relationship.” In leaks to the Guardian in early 2017, British intelligence officials openly bragged that they, in conjunction with the Netherlands and NATO, were the first to raise the alarm about Trump and Russia.

As many have remarked, John Durham takes great pains to exonerate the British and pin it on Hillary Clinton and the rabidly partisan and incompetent gumshoes of the FBI. He reports that British intelligence told the Crossfire Hurricane investigators of their low opinion of their evidence-free investigation and refused to cooperate with the Mueller investigations, deploying expletives to show their absolute horror at the prospect. In reality, as this writer has amply documented, the British, tasked their NSA, GCHQ, to fully surveil Donald Trump and his associates, conducted entrapment operations against Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page on British soil or through British assets, including Ukraine.

Before and simultaneous with his work with the FBI on Crossfire Hurricane, Steele had been closely collaborating with Victoria Nuland, the Neo-Con case officer for the British/CIA/State Department 2014 coup in Ukraine and subsequent development of Ukrainian hybrid warfare actions against the Russian state, inclusive of the present war. Nuland and the State Department were early recipients of Steele’s dirty dossier on Trump.

Steele’s reputation was vouched for directly by Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, the British intelligence establishment’s Sir Andrew Wood, and indirectly by other heads of MI6 when he was first named as the author of the fake Trump/Russia dossier in early 2017. He is a premier propagandist and full spectrum information warfare expert. A remarkable article by Peter Van Buren in the American Conservative all the way back in 2017 detailed exactly how Steele’s operation worked.  In all such operations the goal is complete manipulation of the information environment in order to induce the targeted population to proclaim that snow is black, and similar preposterous conclusions at war with reality.

As soon as Trump won the election, however, the British sought to cover their tracks and began to reverse course. Steele testified in Alfa Bank’s London defamation case that he had erased all documents related to his Trump/Russia dossier back in December of 2016. He refused to be interviewed by Durham. The British government officially told the incoming Trump Administration that Steele was unreliable and had gone “rogue.” In addition to the FBI, which used Steele as an informant starting in 2009, Steele was paid by the DNC and Silicon Valley billionaires operating through front groups run by Senator Diane Feinstein’s former chief aide on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Daniel Jones. The FBI offered him a million dollars to verify the claims in his dirty Trump Russia dossier. He could not do so and was obviously making more money by continuing to produce his concocted lies. By 2019, he was back at the highest levels of the British security establishment, working for the all-powerful Intelligence and Security Committee and claiming that Conservative Party supporters of Brexit were pawns of Russian intelligence.

Durham’s Deliberately Truncated Investigation

Durham’s investigative authorization from Attorney General Bill Barr reads as follows:

“The Special Counsel is authorized to investigate whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence, or law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated with those campaigns, and individuals associated with the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III.”

In a footnote to this charge set forth in his report, Durham explains, however, that he interpreted the charge not to include the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump and his associates, anything preceding the opening of the FBI’s  Crossfire Hurricane on July 28, 2016, or anything related to the Mueller prosecution of Michael Flynn. Early on, AG Barr excluded the CIA and other intelligence agencies from Durham’s open investigation, insisting that the CIA had “stayed in its lane.” In reaction to Durham’s report, Kash Patel, who led Devin Nunes’ House Intelligence investigation of the entire affair noted heatedly that Gina Haspel, the CIA London Station Chief, had led the primary coverup of the coup against Trump, a coverup started by Mike Pompeo who preceded her reign as CIA Director. That coverup was fully backed by AG Bill Barr.

Egregiously, the report makes no mention of the alleged DNC/John Podesta hack and leak operation allegedly involving Russia and Wikileaks. The FBI’s bogus investigation of the alleged hack was coordinated with Michael Sussman from the Perkins, Coie law firm, who represented the DNC. Both the House Intelligence Committee investigation and independent forensics by the NSA’s former chief technical officer, William Binney, that there was never any Russian hack and leak as fabricated by the Sussman and the FBI, the Obama Administration, and Robert Mueller.  Yet, Durham indicted the same Michael Sussman for false statements with respect to the bogus claims Sussman had made to the FBI, the CIA, and national news media regarding the alleged covert relationship between Donald Trump and the Russian Alfa Bank—allegations which had been set forth in the final Steele dossier report.

This omission, of course, leaves the Department of Justice/British government immoral prosecution and grotesque persecution of Julian Assange unquestioned and intact. It accepts, as proven, the entirely bogus claim that Russia, using “disinformation” interfered in a major way in the 2016 U.S. US presidential election, the central conclusion of the fraudulent Mueller investigation, the January 2017 “assessment” by the Obama intelligence community, and the subsequent bogus US Senate Intelligence Committee report about the 2016 presidential election.

The “whole of government” effort initiated by Barack Obama in December of 2016 to counter an alleged “Russian disinformation” and “active measures” supremacy was continued by the rogue intelligence community under Trump and has led to the imposition of wholesale censorship by and through the government across all social media platforms. It directly resulted in the ability to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election, a scheme supported fully by 50 of the top current and former intelligence community brass in the United States. That doesn’t even account for the impact of the wholesale suppression of any scientific or public debate about COVID.  Despite Democratic and media protestations that there is “nothing to see here,” a full airing of what happened holds the key to saving this country.