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In the war for the future in which we are engaged, we report on the battle from two fronts as of the evening of September 6,2023. This is the nature of wars these days, since our oligarchic foes are global and the battle for the future which we are contesting involves all of humankind, although our fate as a species will be determined by what happens now in the United States.

Here, Donald Trump continues to lay out his vision for his second term via Agenda 47 and Truth Social posts. His vision is an outline of the tasks before Americans: rescuing an entire younger generation from drugs and despair, finding our national mission and identity once again in frontier science, technology, building advanced infrastructure and new cities, exploring space, honoring other sovereign nations, never engaging in offensive wars, discovering the actual history and principles which made this nation worthy of those who sacrificed their lives defending it. These tasks must be organized and campaigned for now and brought to full fruition in the first days of 2025 if the nation is to survive. Similarly, if this nation does not win this battle with the imperial disease which is otherwise killing much of the world, this world is bound for a new Dark Age or worse.

The Battle in the United States. It is now openly admitted that the lawfare campaign against Trump is not working, that Donald Trump is unstoppable for the Republican nomination. The indictments and mugshot have turned him from a hugely popular personality into a folk hero, even in traditionally Democratic minority communities. Longtime Democratic fixer Donna Brazille noted truthfully over the weekend that Trump now represents the most powerful political movement of American citizens that she has seen in her lifetime.

While Washington’s uniparty politicians and their donors, the chosen instruments of the globalist oligarchy. are desperate to smash this movement every move they make seems to backfire. But they assault and shred the Constitution (the soul of this nation) with each new, desperate, offensive step forward. Also, every step forward in their mad dash to implement the censorship and information warfare regime they require to survive, exposes even more of their formerly secret and deep players. Witness Elon Musk’s exposure of the extortion racket run on behalf of the secret government by its longtime asset, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. 

Now the behind the doors talk in D.C. is all about replacing Joe Biden, the man who is all used up. Replacing him with whom? Top nominee is Michelle Obama. That’s why you’re hearing so much about Barack’s gay, crack smoking and potentially violent past right now. Opposition research from 2008, widely known yet totally suppressed in Chicago, has now resurfaced as the pure horror of this prospect hits home.

After Michelle in the preferred Democratic lineup is California’s failed governor Gavin Newsom. Tricky though. Joe must be gotten out in time for some kind of limited primary under probable emergency conditions to be held, conferring at least a fig leaf of legitimacy. On the Republican side, the old Bushie guard is in full assault mode, running such relics as the CIA’s Mike Rogers for the Senate in Michigan along with other choices from the corrupt Turtle, Senator Mitch McConnell, while keeping the attacks on MAGA and Trump at full throttle. In Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton is the chosen target. His bogus impeachment trial in the Texas Senate, at the behest of the Bushies is a revenge play based on Paxton’s loyalty to Trump.

All the regime apparatchiks are in search of a new national emergency which will sell, like a terrorist atrocity, the emergent potential world war, a more deadly COVID or other disease outbreak. Watching the regime’s desperation, many are now shining the light on the potential for them to simply kill Trump. But the regime’s problem is that the public is awake and smartened up now about their game. Building on that knowledge in every waking moment is the key to winning here.

As for reality, the bankrupt economy over the past week has begun to fully reveal its contours. The word from Jackson Hole last week was that Treasuries are so difficult to sell that open marketing in formerly criminal environs, like the black market and offshore drug havens, may be required. Commercial real estate, the victim of vacancies and low interest paper, has regional banks reeling. Hundreds of major corporations are, in reality, debt zombies, having been loaded up by hedge funds with unpayable corporate debt in the wholesale post 2009 looting operations otherwise known as the “asset economy.”  The world picture is not much better with Europe entering a deep depression. Winter is approaching with fuel and other key commodities in short supply as the result of the Ukraine War. Even China is reporting major financial difficulties, mainly in the property sector where the citizenry has its savings.

Right now, the clear intention in the Trump legal cases is to focus on the J6 Washington case by Special Counsel Jack Smith as the lead case. That counts on prompt delivery of a guilty verdict from the completely biased DC Jury pool (Joe Biden got 92% of the DC vote against Trump in 2020 and a recent poll found that 68% of potential DC jurors already thought Trump was guilty before hearing any evidence in the case) and the completely biased Judge Tanya Chutkan (granddaughter of a famous Jamaican Communist, partner at DC Democratic powerhouse law firm Boies Schiller when Hunter Biden was there, self- recused from Congress’ case against Russiagate’s Fusion GPS because she formerly employed Fusion, rejected Trump’s executive privilege claim against the bogus Congressional J6 investigation saying that Trump was “not King,” imposer of tough sentences against J6 defendants stating in the process that Trump was responsible for an insurrection on January 6, 2021, the beating heart central claim of the Jack Smith indictment now before her).

As the prelude to the atrocity under preparation by Smith, the polluted DC federal judiciary is enacting a whole new body of totalitarian law based on the myth that the four-hour intelligence community-controlled riot on January 6, 2021, was an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States. In sentencing members of the FBI infiltrated Proud Boys this week, Judge Timothy Kelly ruled that shaking a barrier fence, breaking a window in the Capitol, and advocating violence ahead of the riot (without actually participating in the riot or the violence) all separate acts by the three separate Proud Boys defendants before him, constituted terrorism.  This allowed Judge Kelly to add sentences of 10 years to already draconian and novel obstruction of justice charges for acts which in the normal course would be tried as misdemeanors or felony assaults. Kelly’s argument: speech and non-violent acts become terrorism because they occur in the context of a riot which Judge Kelly claims was a violent attempt to overthrow the government.

Translation: political speech and shaking a fence on behalf of Trump or any other disfavored dissident now will be prosecuted as terrorism. That terrorism moniker, of course, as the result of the Patriot Act and other relics of 9/11 allows the intelligence community to circumvent the Constitution in myriad ways to “neutralize” activities deemed subversive. Donald Trump appointed, Judge Kelly, chirped the thrilled insurrectionists of Washington's media and professional classes. They don't tell you anything about this institutional DOJ hitman whose Federalist society membership and work for Sen. Chuck Grassley resulted in his appointment to the court. Kelly formerly worked for Jack Smith when Jack Smith was head of the Public Integrity Section at DOJ. Kelly claims in his vitae that his big proud case at DOJ was the despicable revenge prosecution of black CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling. 

Congress is back in town now and the historical question confronting them is whether they have the guts to stop the Trump prosecutions and with it the subversion of the citizenry by the satanic elites. They can do that by simply withholding funds from DOJ and aligned state prosecutors who have gone off the Constitutional rails, and starting an impeachment inquiry against Merrick Garland which reaches all the way back to 2015 when the actual insurrection against the citizens of the United States started with Obama’s targeting of Trump. LaRouchePAC is leading a mobilization which you can join to force them to do just that. 

Ukraine, the planned permanent war which is reshaping the world. The Ukraine counteroffensive has been over for a long time. Ukraine and NATO lost, with Ukraine’s forces slaughtered in “offensive” charges drawn up by quarterbacks in London and Washington. Ukraine is so out of military capable humans to throw into this cauldron that the Russians report capturing 71-year-olds running Ukie tanks. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken showed up in Kiev on Tuesday along with crazy General David Petraeus to argue that Ukraine had made enough imaginary progress in the actually catastrophic counteroffensive to justify a further $24 billion from Joe Biden’s sinecure in Washington, D.C., starting with the $1 billion Blinken brought with him. True to form, Sen. Mitch McConnell overcame his recent on camera seizures to reveal that securing these funds for Ukraine was the top priority for the Republican Senate.

At the same time, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, the man in charge of administering the previous $111 billion in U.S. taxpayer aid, was fired for corruption. Sy Hersh reports that his replacement is even more corrupt.   Petraeus has perpetually argued that when Ukraine runs out of soldiers to sacrifice, willing NATO forces (Poland and Lithuania) should step in, which, of course, will generate an open war throughout Europe and beyond. It is now openly acknowledged that the United States has boots on the ground in Ukraine, running intelligence for strikes and mapping strategies. The Brits are even more overt with covert deployments of elite troops, daring a Russian response. The Russians are moving asymmetrically, engaging in an opening to North Korea which has China’s backing this time. The wires are abuzz about probable nuclear weapons cooperation between North Korea and Russia, a chilling development in the Asian theatre.

Meanwhile, European economies are collapsing with the German economy in the lead. The cheap fuel from Russia which fueled German industry along with much of Europe is no longer available due to the U.S. blowing up Nord Stream. Suicidal sanctions and Green insanity have also limited fertilizers and other chemicals essential for agriculture and human life. Inflation is eating the incomes of the middle and lower classes and destroying social safety nets. Populist parties are rising throughout, including the AFD in Germany which now constitutes the second most popular party. At Berlin’s annual auto show, China dominated because of its increasingly superior advanced manufacturing and engineering capacities. As opposed to anyone in the West, they are aiming to produce low cost EVs and engineer the charging infrastructure to support them.

The consequences of the Obama/Biden led destruction of the United States showed clearly there. The economy of the Green New Deal is the economy where China will dominate in solar, wind, and related EV and other technologies while absolutely refusing to curtail its own energy needs and sourcing. That, of course, is the right of a sovereign nation playing fully its advantage over nations which have suicidally sacrificed their own sovereignty and dirigiste potentials to a globalist elite.