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These last two weeks of May have seen major shifts on the strategic chessboard. Put simply, Russia is closing in on securing the Donbass in Ukraine and capturing or eliminating the remaining viable Ukrainian troops. It is poised to win the war—an inevitable result based on the correlation of forces from the moment the British and their captive Biden Administration forced Putin’s hand. At the same moment, the world has been hit with a devastating financial crisis.

The bubble built by the Federal Reserve and the world’s Central Banks following the collapse of 2008—the largest financial bubble in human history—is now imploding. The globalist financial oligarchy, who claim to be masters of the universe, have absolutely no idea what to do. That is why bitter pessimism and gloom hung over the usually triumphant Davos meeting this year. That is why everyone from Henry Kissinger to the leaders of the U.S. Defense Department are calling for immediate talks and settlement in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin delivered a speech to the First Eurasian Economic Forum on May 26th in which he laid out Russia’s perspective for economic growth based on economic sovereignty over vital supply chains, a concentration on advanced engineering and frontier science, and treaty-based trading arrangements between geographically-close-cooperating sovereign states. Russia’s singular focus on developing its physical economy is why Russia has not only survived but thrived—amid what was supposed to be a fatal international sanctions regime. According to Putin, China, India, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and others are now expressing interest in allying with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), creating an unparalleled economic powerhouse in greater Eurasia. This has also set off cold panic in New York, Washington, and London.

At Davos, Boris Johnson reportedly floated the idea of a new European Commonwealth composed of the United Kingdom (UK), Ukraine, and anti-Russian former Soviet states, snubbing Germany, France, and the rest of the EU because of their “weak response” to Russian’s “invasion” of Ukraine. Long range missiles and anti-ship missiles are now being set for delivery to Ukraine from the US, the UK, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Putin has already warned that this escalation is exceedingly dangerous.

At the same time, the ignorant and insufferable Liz Truss, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, has delivered new diktats to the captive Ukrainian government. There can be no settlement which cedes territory; Crimea must be returned. These crazed British diktats have been consistent throughout the war, and thousands of Ukrainians are dying servicing them. Every time the Ukrainians signal their desire for peace talks, the UK intervenes to demand ever more Ukrainian carnage and destruction.

When Donald Trump took the stage in Casper, Wyoming on May 28th, he blasted Congresswoman Liz Cheney and her father, Dick, as “globalist war mongers” who had never met a war they did not like—resulting in horrible and unnecessary deaths throughout the world. Trump has also called for immediate peace negotiations to end the war before everyone involved is dead. Trump is correct, and stands out among the moral cowards who now call themselves leaders. Securing the peace, however, involves an additional step: ending the role of the modern British Empire in dictating US foreign policy.

A predominant British intention in all of the forever wars the United States has undertaken at their behest has been the destruction both of the United States itself, and its role as a legitimate moral force in the world. The idea of the United States as a moral force in the world once united our country, and was once deemed worthy of emulation throughout the world. As a result, the “City on a Hill” is badly tarnished; our moral compass unmoored.

Note about the Modern British Empire

Most of what Americans think about the modern British Empire is false. The mad Prince Charles, who plays a dominant role at the World Economic Forum and at such gatherings as COP 26, is barely photographed at these events, let alone covered or seriously investigated. The 68ers counterculture, environmentalism, the climate apocalypse fraud, the claim that COVID would wipe out millions unless drastic lockdowns were immediately imposed, the demand to reduce the world’s population by an alleged 6 billon excess people, the forever war doctrines of “responsibility to protect” and “democracy building”—all of this evil and more, is British in origin. The origin is not the British people but the successor to the Venetian Empire which moved its headquarters to the British Isles, and set up the City of London’s financial houses, the British intelligence services, and empowered the British monarchy and its retainers.

Through the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth heads a bloc of 54 nations, representing 1/3 of the world’s population, who were formerly part of the British Empire. The British military and Foreign Office play a dominant role in NATO. British universities, through Britain’s “soft power” Rhodes scholarships and similar mind-shaping programs, remain the ticket to high-level US government positions. Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, and Pete Buttigieg, for example, are Rhodes scholars. A host of other Biden officials hold British degrees. Before assuming his current National Security Council post, Sullivan worked for Macro Advisory Partners, a London firm chaired by the former head of MI6, John Sawers.

Yet, the actual power of the British throne and its associated City of London banking complex is deliberately disguised in the US. It is treated as so much quaint fodder for the entertainment and gossip pages.

Those who deny London’s power don’t know their history, and are blinded by ideology. Ideas, culture, and the realized creative powers of human beings shape a nation’s success in history. From 1776 forward, the British Empire has sought to destroy the United States by waging war against its scientific and technologically proud culture. The most important aspect of this war has been the elimination of the American assumption that there are knowable universal truths, and that humans are endowed by God with unique powers of mind, allowing them to create and change the environment around them. Continuous scientific and technological progress, and industrial-development assistance to weaker nations were once moral imperatives in our culture. British economic and philosophical nostrums have replaced these virtues with human degradation to the level of beasts. We now celebrate “free trade,” the very doctrine we fought a revolution against. Our history has been rewritten, suppressing the uniquely American parts—while elevating British traitors. More recently, it has all been declared an evil racist plot.

Our current “elites,” thoroughly corrupted by their fawning Anglophilia, have effectively merged with them—forming one putrid and very decadent blob. They believe that the American Republic owes its existence to John Locke and the Enlightenment—tools of British imperial policy—rather than to Gottfried Leibniz, the Renaissance, and the unique scientific and philosophical tenets of Benjamin Franklin, Gouverneur Morris, Alexander Hamilton, James Logan, and George Washington.

Beginning with Harry Truman, the British convinced Washington that the way forward was leadership of the post World War II “rules based international order”—an order designed, shaped, and controlled by British strategists—with America holding the role of “indispensable” brute-force enforcer.

From the Carter Administration forward, there have been differences in this Anglo-American formation on specific social issues, but there has been a seemingly unbreakable consensus across both American political parties concerning entering wars which are not won. Instead, the nation hosting the conflict is physically decimated and subjugated under the rubric of “nation-building.” Regimes deemed hostile to the “rules based international order” are overthrown under the rubric of “democracy support.” These wars, which have killed thousands, are justified by a national security doctrine which stipulates that no “rival” can emerge to the United States as leader of the post War “rules based international order.” This “rule” is enforced whether the putative “rival” represents an actual security threat to the United States, or not.

Since Vladimir Putin’s destruction of the Anglo-American looting schemes conducted by Russia’s oligarchs against the Russian people in the 1990s, Russia has been designated as one of these rivals. During the Obama Administration, China also became a target. Both have been designated as anti-democratic authoritarian “revisionist” regimes in the current US and British national security schemes.

Donald Trump, of course, took on this globalist imperium. He refused to involve the United States in further foreign wars, and re-asserted our sovereignty against the globalist imperium. That is the primary reason for the coup d’état run against him by the British and their Washington retainers.

He was surrounded by Anglophiles at State, Defense, the NSC, and the White House—including Mike Pompeo, H.R. McMaster, Niki Haley, John Bolton, Gina Haspel, and Mike Pence. They were joined by British Ambassador Kim Darroch, who bragged about “flooding the zone” of Trump advisors to achieve British aims, in undermining the President at every turn.

The British launched and controlled the subversion of Trump’s Presidential campaign and presidency, starting in 2015. According to former CIA Director John Brennan’s testimony to Congress, the British started flooding the US with claims about Trump’s ties to Russia in 2015, demanding investigations and exposure. They were aided, to no small extent, by the Ukrainian intelligence services which had a particularly close relationship to Joe Biden. We have previously explored this coup against the United States in both its British and Ukrainian aspects at length. Trump’s second term which was stolen from him would surely have been different.

But now, as the result of the war on Trump, the left secular religion of the Biden cult, and the stark reality of the ongoing economic collapse, there is a great awakening in the American population, and the real possibility that the globalist imperial regime which has destroyed this nation will be finally defeated—with the absurd and murderous Ukraine war proving to be the final act.

The Ukrainian proxy war against Russia has never been supported by the US population despite the biggest pro war propaganda barrage ever conducted in history. Instead, the war has put a spotlight on Washington’s treason faction within the Republican Party. Those who support the war (Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney et al.), are at war with the Party’s mass base which opposes it. Further, Biden’s sanctions against Russia have boomeranged, creating additional hardships in the US and Europe amid the already cascading economic crisis.

As Russia consolidates its control of the Donbass, it will no longer be possible to portray Ukraine as winning the war, or to conceal the fact that the “valiant” Ukrainian “fighters” celebrated by our media are outright Nazis. These thugs, who are allowed to freely function and terrorize the Ukrainian population, control the politics of the country—including the actor, Zelensky. As reality asserts itself, this war is also now splitting the American elite, with both Henry Kissinger and the New York Times editorial board suddenly and publicly urging a quest for peace. 

The coup de grâce for the public was the $40 billion dispatch by a corrupt Washington to Ukraine—the gigantic appropriation flown by private jet to Joe Biden in Tokyo for signature—with assurances that the checkbook remains totally open for more. This was done with great fanfare, while Americans struggled to pay for gas for their cars, to put food on the table, and to find formula for their babies. Throughout this past week, prior to the Texas school massacre, Americans had been expressing their outrage about it, and that outrage had become palpable, even to the brain dead utopians of Washington.

The British Great Con

According to the myth put forth by numerous historians, the British Empire gave up the ghost at the end of World War II, and America, which had the only intact economy after the War, reluctantly accepted the mantle of imperial world leadership. In fact, the alleged British collapse and retreat after World War II is a myth, initially put forward by the British themselves to panic the Truman Administration and secure the American might by which to staff British geopolitical schemes.

Historian Derek Leebaert proves this in his book Grand Improvisation—America Confronts the British Superpower, as does NSC 75, a 1950 audit of the British Empire and its capabilities conducted by the US National Security Council. As Leebaert and NSC 75 document, the British faked national bankruptcy in order to entice a panicked Truman Administration to intervene in the Greek Civil War. It was the first of many such gambits, including the disastrous Viet Nam war.

From 1946-1955, Britain’s Commissioner General for Southeast Asia, Malcolm MacDonald, hosted America’s political and military elite in numerous salons from his post in Singapore. Leebaert writes: “MacDonald was the only senior Western official who was on the scene in Southeast Asia for those nearly ten critical years, drafting dispatches for the novice US ambassador in Saigon (once the post was established) and profoundly influencing the Americans. No French politician or general, no American congressman or admiral, comes close to having his impact on the US decisions that led America step by step into Vietnam.” The British saw US involvement in Viet Nam as deterring the rise of communism in Malaysia, which threatened their rubber supply. More importantly, they saw the Viet Nam war as a mortal trap for the United States, irrevocably damaging its once proud national identity.

The present British drive to secure Ukraine as a vassal state from which to wage regime change and similar hybrid and direct warfare against Russia is really a relic of the Cold War. Both the British themselves and the British-subservient Dulles brothers’ CIA created networks in Ukraine and elsewhere in eastern Europe through which to wage insurgencies in the Soviet Union. These networks were supported by the World Anti-Communist League and, subsequently, the Reagan Administration’s “captive nations” project. Now modern successors to Stepan Bandera’s OUN-B, like the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, control sizable voting blocs inside the United States and have substantial influence over the US Congress.

The leaders of the joint British/American post-war project were Nazis Stepan Bandera and Mykola Lebed. They serve as the icons for thousands of Ukrainian neo-Nazis who now enforce British policy and are celebrated as heroes in Ukraine. Since the 2014 US/British coup which overthrew the duly elected president, Victor Yanukovych, British and Canadian armed forces have been training these neo-Nazis in Ukraine for a prolonged war with Russia. The neo-Nazis have been joined by anti-Russian jihadists fresh from Syria and other locales in the Middle East and Europe, who are also British assets. Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) magazine has covered the history of these British networks better than anyone. If you want to learn more about this history, you might start here. 

Beginning with the so-called Orange color revolution in Ukraine in 2004-2005, the British began an intense regime change operation targeting Putin. The Orange Revolution was followed by the 2014 coup, dubbed the “Revolution of Dignity,” a joint project of the National Endowment for Democracy, Victoria Nuland at the State Department, and the British intelligence services. The present war is the outcome of that ever escalating policy which has transformed Ukraine into a vassal state.

The Orange Revolution was financed by Boris Berezovsky, an anti-Putin Russian oligarch operating from London and under direction from MI6. George Soros, who has always operated on behalf of British imperial interests, also contributed heavily. See, e.g., pp. 43-47. Berezovsky’s “bomb-thrower” against Putin, who also operated from London, Alexander Litvinenko, famously died in 2006 of polonium poisoning. This was the first of many “poisonings” dubiously attributed to Putin in the British shaping of the brutal narrative against him.

Unsurprisingly, the MI6 case officer for Berezovsky and Litvinenko was none other than Christopher Steele, the author of the dirty dossier against Donald Trump. Steele also worked with Victoria Nuland at the State Department throughout the 2014 coup in Ukraine and subsequently.

It’s Well Past Time to Change This

This post only sketches the surface of documentable British imperial satanism. Witness the recent saint-like reputation granted by our pundits to Winston Churchill, one of history’s greatest war criminals and mass murderers. As our country awakens, it is well past time that we ended the special relationship with the very Empire we fought a righteous revolution against and cleaned out the Tory traitors here.

At the same time, rebuilding and modernizing our physical economy is our most urgent priority. We need to reshore essential supply chains, and concentrate on advanced engineering and scientific frontiers while building mutually beneficial trading relationships with regional partners. This is the same American System economic policy Putin utilized in his May 26th speech. This great project begins with ending the Federal Reserve and creating a Third National Bank of the United States to fund the necessary large-scale infrastructure and scientific projects which are the sole road out of our present economic morass.