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On the surface, making the ridiculous charge that Donald Trump is pushing the policies of the World Economic Forum might appear to be the work of an over-eager political hack in the Ron DeSantis campaign. In reality, it exposes just how much DeSantis is run by high-level security state operatives.

At the end of May, Christina Pushaw, Rapid Response Director for the DeSantis campaign attacked Trump’s extraordinary proposals for building Freedom cities as “15-minute cities” and a “WEF-inspired initiative to cut-down on energy/carbon & stop humans from moving freely across spaces.”  You might try to write this off as a case of really bad logic: i.e, if you say the words “cities” and “government” in the same sentence it must mean the WEF’s 15-minute cities. 

DeSantis’ mouthpiece should have stopped there. But she didn’t. She kept going and let the cat out of the bag, “Centrally-planned, government constructed cities remind me of former communist countries I’ve lived in.”

Christina Pushaw didn’t just “live in” former communist countries. Her resume bears all the check marks of a groomed and trained “color revolution” operative of the MI6-CIA, George Soros funded Project Democracy aimed at controlling and looting the former East Bloc. 

She became DeSantis’ press secretary in 2021 fresh from her role as the U.S. foreign agent for former Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili.  She has since transitioned to being his Rapid Response Director. 

Mikheil Saakashvili led the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia, one of the first British/U.S. sponsored color revolutions.  Saakashvili was groomed and supported for this role by none other than George Soros and Soros’ favorite British partner, Lord Malloch Brown. 

Defeated in Georgia, Saakashvili migrated to Ukraine in 2014 where he played both a significant role in the 2014 coup and the later elevation of Zelensky as the current president.  Pushaw spent a substantial amount of time in both Ukraine and Georgia as part of these operations.

Saakashvili was rewarded for his role in these operations by being given control of Odessa, one of the most corrupt mafia centers in Ukraine.  After politically refueling in Odessa, and under Pushaw's guidance, Saakashvili staged a splash return to Georgia which failed hugely.  He is now rotting in a Georgia prison where many believe he will die, unaided. 

In her belated filing as a foreign agent for Saakashvili, Pushaw was represented by Michael Sherwin, the guy who led the first stages of the J6 inquisition and went on “60 minutes” to proclaim that his strategy against the J6 defendants  was "shock and awe," using legal terrorism like the overwhelming swarm of bombs and missiles unleashed in the invasion of Iraq. This background would seem to confirm suspicions that DeSantis is some sort of Security State-controlled candidate with one objective: finally take out Trump and destroy MAGA in the continuing internal U.S. color revolution underway since 2016. . 

Smart People, Not Smart Cities

Spooky Christina’s attack on Trump’s Freedom Cities represents part of the globalists’ psy-ops strategy to peel off a layer of the MAGA base, by triggering knee-jerk reactions to words and hot-button issues. We, and Donald Trump, are counting on people to be smarter than that.

The Trump War Room tweeted back the following response to Pushaw: “This is cuckoo. He put forward a vision for cities with ultra-low regs and no leftist insanity, to serve as centers for reshoring manufacturing. The opposite of globalism. Nothing about President Trump is inspired by the WEF. Unlike Ron, who sided with WEF, Obama, Biden, Hillary, and Paul Ryan to support TPP, and talks frequently about how he dislikes tariffs…”

While that response would have been bolstered if it had included a link to Trump’s proposal the fact that this most revolutionary of Trump’s Agenda 47 policies is now the focus of public debate is exactly what is needed. LaRouchePAC has almost single-handedly been educating the MAGA base about the existence and importance of Trump’s policies to restore the United States as an industrial superpower, and create the quality and quantity of jobs needed to unleash a “quantum leap in the American standard of living.”

In a “Michigan for Agenda 47” call on June 1, many MAGA delegates and activists, as well as state and county leaders, commented that they had never heard of Agenda 47, and are now ready to move with these bold and very anti-globalist ideas.  In that discussion, one of the suggestions made was to produce a visual comparison of Trump's Freedom Cities and the WEF’s 15-minute cities. 

We have one thing to say to Spooky Christina: Bring it on!

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