President Donald J. Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo)

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The immediate solution to the looming disaster facing Israel and the world now is an immediate return to Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords and his Vision for Israeli/Palestinian peace, an immediate ceasefire accompanied by a return of all hostages held by Hamas, and a coordinated international effort, involving the United States, Russia, China, and the Arab states, to rebuild Gaza which now lies in ruins. It also demands the elimination of Hamas as a military entity, and police and military action against Israeli settlers engaged in provoking further violence.  This is what a U.S. President must do, lest the present murderous humanitarian disaster provoke a regional war or worse. Joe Biden, at best, is playing electoral politics while the possibility of World War III slides ever closer into view. He must be brought, regardless of his kicking and screaming, to the solution we have just outlined, and then use the full power and leverage of the United States to bring it about.

Lyndon LaRouche used to ask a fundamental question about the world after the 1971 dismantling of the Bretton Woods stable world currency system and the sovereign nation states associated with it. This destruction was accompanied by the emergence of a satanic religion which declared fundamental scientific and industrial progress and population growth—the deliberate alteration of nature by human beings—an evil to be ruthlessly destroyed. The instruments were continuous warfare, devolution of energy sources, destruction of religion, education, and civic life and promotion of overt narcissism and polymorphous perversity as cultural norms. The successful system which worked in the wake of World War II was replaced by the modern British financial empire, an empire modeled on the Roman and similar failed financial and military empires.

LaRouche repeatedly asked the population tolerating this: “Have we lost the moral fitness to survive?” His “moral fitness” evoked the fundamental tenet of Western Civilization, that men and women are not wanton beasts, governed by hedonistic impulse, at the mercy of a superior nature, as pagans argue. They are, instead, endowed as instruments of God to participate in the creativity and progress of the universe itself. The employment of that creativity for human progress is what is meant by human freedom. LaRouche was asking whether this most vital of all concepts had been destroyed.

Since the barbaric Hamas massacre of Israeli citizens on October 7th, and Israel’s barbaric response, millions of people throughout the world have attached their emotions to one side or the other, without any actual knowledge about the region’s history or current facts on the ground. I present here some essential facts for your consideration. The complexity of this situation cannot be overstated. Without an effective intelligence operation on the ground in the region, it is nearly impossible to separate fact from propagandistic fiction—the invented narratives meant to shape our minds.

Donald Trump Brought Peace

First and foremost, as he said in his speech in New Hampshire over the weekend, Donald Trump, has been and is the essential peacemaker. Trump’s vision for a two-state solution, based on massive economic development of Palestinian lands and a halt of Israeli settlement activity coupled with the subsequent Abraham Accords, normalizing relations between Arab states and Israel, remain the landmark path to peace in the region. This fact was highlighted by even Tom Friedman in the New York Times on Tuesday. He can hardly be considered a friend of Trump. While this or that aspect of Trump’s Vision might be improved upon, Israel and five Arab nations did sign off on this two-state solution. Jared Kushner, who shepherded his father-in-law’s history breaking effort, states that with the basic agreed outline in hand, improvements can obviously be made to bolster Palestinian development and resulting support.

Israeli journalist Barak Ravid in his book, Trump’s Peace, demonstrates that Donald Trump’s deal-making allowed him to constrain the worst instincts of Benjamin Netanyahu and, as opposed to any other recent American President, force Netanyahu’s hand for peace. Like much else, all of that was tossed in history’s dustbin by Joseph R. Biden, despite a transition briefing to Jake Sullivan from Jared Kushner about the urgency of continuing progress lest the time bomb which is Israel/Palestine, implode yet again.

It took Biden almost a year to appoint an Ambassador to Israel as word circulated among all the Abraham Accord signatories that Biden was dumping anything Trump did including Middle East peace. Returning to the failed nuclear deal with Iran, which Trump cancelled, was Biden’s priority, alienating both Israel and the Abraham Accords signatories.

Both Naftali Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli prime ministers refused to get onboard with the Biden/British war in Ukraine, maintaining an Israeli stance of neutrality. Bennett even negotiated a peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia which was immorally sabotaged by the Biden Administration and the British in order to deploy hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to a certain death in that now failed proxy war.  Knowing the temperament of the satanic world oligarchy, you might even posit that the present situation is Israel’s punishment for getting out of line.

The situation was further destabilized by Netanyahu’s complete reliance on the radical expansionist settlers’ movement for his election and government. That fanatical grouping practices its own brand of terrorism.  To avoid jail based on pending corruption charges, he undertook a radical coup against the Israeli Supreme Court which completely destabilized Israeli society, provoking massive demonstrations against the government and splitting the military and intelligence services.

Israel and the Palestinians Have Been and Are Being Grotesquely Played

In a remarkable speech in Connecticut in 2009, Lyndon LaRouche pointed out that both the Israelis and the Palestinians had been deliberately pitted into mortal conflict by British Imperial arrangements in the world, starting with the 1918 Sykes-Picot treaty. He noted there that “the legacy of ethnic and religious hatreds fostered by that secret accord continues to fan the flames of conflict in the region to this day. There will be no peace between Israelis and Palestinians until the British manipulation is exposed and its agents driven from power and influence. . . End this blasted imperialist system.” In the meantime, LaRouche stated, the world had to ensure that the killing stopped.

Anglo-Dutch Globalists, LaRouche noted, do not like to fight wars. Instead, they create and manipulate two opponents in a designated arena to fight one another as they move freely to achieve their goals in the same area. For the Middle East, throughout this period, that goal has been controlling overall commerce in this crossroads of the world to their advantage, particularly the production of oil. Hence, LaRouche concluded, you can only solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by changing the world around the Middle East.

This, indeed, was the approach taken by Trump. He regularized Israel’s relationship with the Sunni Arab world generally, and consolidated that potential economic power behind his plan for massive economic development supporting a Palestinian state. For decades, under the British thumb, Israel’s fanatical violent settler gangs (whose leaders now inhabit key posts in the Netanyahu government) have perpetually fought Hamas, an equally manipulated British spawned terrorist gang dedicated to Israel’s destruction. Innocent populations on all sides have been held hopelessly captive as this dynamic dominates daily life. The Arab world’s obvious sympathies with the Palestinians and their tragic situation means this warfare destabilizes the entire region.

Hamas is a terrorist offshoot of the terrorist Salafist Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is a longstanding project of British state intelligence. Like all such terrorist formations, Hamas is run by and supported by nation states, in this case, Qatar, Turkey, and the Israeli governments of Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu. Both Netanyahu and Sharon supported and funded Hamas for the purpose of sustained conflict with the secular Palestinian Authority, in order to prevent the emergence of a genuine Palestinian state. Hamas’ long service on behalf of British geopolitical gambits, however, suggests that the British retain operational control of its actions.

From 2007 through May of 2015, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair served as the supposed “peacemaker” for Israel and Palestine, employed by the Quartet of the UN, the US, the EU, and Russia.  Blair took the job following the 2006 election of Hamas to control the Gaza Strip and the 2007 ouster of the Palestinian Authority from Gaza in a violent civil war with the Palestine Authority which continued in various forms throughout Blair’s reign. Blair’s reign featured seven years of overall low intensity conflict and absolutely zero progress toward peace. He continues to operate in the area through the Tony Blair Institute.

Blair famously led the propaganda runup for the disastrous Iraq War and is the author of a preemptive war doctrine specifically aimed at destroying the legacy of the Peace of Westphalia which ended Europe’s disastrous 30 years of religious war. In 2004, Blair proclaimed that Britain’s policy for the 21st century was to use preventive war to establish a “post Westphalian world order,” one in which the nation state system ceases to exist, removing all obstacles to an unbridled oligarchical one world empire.

Being terrorists, Hamas engaged in barbaric terrorism on October 7th, regardless of the claims by some that many casualties resulted from friendly fire by responding Israeli forces flying blind. The investigations of Israel’s complete security failure on October 7th  have been put on hold along with any fact-based investigation of what states supported Hamas’ attack and supplied its vast arsenal of modern and lethal weapons. Neo-Cons and other lunatics in the U.S. point, without any concrete evidence, to Iran. Israelis blame Netanyahu for the security failure and there are calls now for his resignation by the opposition. Hamas was operating off a profile which said that Israel’s current rabid right-wing government would reflexively and brutally overreact to their assault, putting the very existence of Isael’s moral authority, let alone the existence of the Jewish state at issue.

Bibi Netanyahu was picked from obscurity and promoted by none other than George Pratt Shultz, perhaps the dean of the Anglo-American financiers who set out to destroy the United States post 1971. It was Schultz who ordered Treasury Secretary John Connolly to end the Bretton Woods system. It was Schultz who vetted and created the entire presidential administration of George W. Bush. At Shultz’ insistence, Bibi began his career with an appointment to Israel’s DC embassy for purposes of damage control after the massacres committed by Ariel Sharon at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps during the war in Lebanon in 1982. All that follows relies on Steven Meyer’s excellent and well-sourced review of the relationship between Shultz and Netanyahu in EIR magazine.

At an international conference organized by Shultz and Netanyahu in 1984, Shultz announced his support for a new policy of preemptive war against terrorism internationally, echoing Tony Blair. Shultz orchestrated media for the conference turning Netanyahu into a new political star by having him open and close the conference with speeches dictated by Shultz on “terror against terror.” Bibi was almost immediately appointed to be Israel’s ambassador to the UN where his staff included the British agent, Bernard Lewis, the father of using “Clash of Civilizations” religious warfare as the preferred mode of irregular warfare throughout the world. Shultz opened his entire closet of neoconservative operatives in support of Bibi’s career, including those responsible for Clean Break, the operative U.S./British policy document put into operation by the Cheney/Bush administration which dictated the overthrow of numerous nationalist governments in the Middle East including that of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

Bibi’s other personal mentor was his father, Benzion. Benzion’s mentor in turn was the self-proclaimed fascist, Abba Achimeir. Achimeir was a leader in Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s revisionist Zionist movement and led his articles for the movement with the title, “From the Desk of a Fascist.” Bibi’s father later became Jabotinsky’s personal secretary. Bibi opposed the Oslo Accords and was singled out by Leah Rabin, the widow of the assassinated author of the Oslo Accords, Yitzak Rabin, as the inspiration for the assassination.

The rabid settlers’ movement at the heart of Netanyahu’s present government also has high Anglo/American origins. Jabotinsky’s radical Revisionist Zionism advocates Greater Israel, devoid of any Palestinian land ownership as a Biblical injunction, an ordained outcome to be obtained if necessary by sanctioned violence. To the Gush Emunim, now known as the Ne'emanei Eretz Yisrael, Palestinians are merely modern manifestations of the Canaanites and Amalekites in the Bible. Against the Amalekites there was a command of revenge to kill every man, woman and child. The Canaanites were given three options: to stay under Israel’s terms, to leave, or to make war.

On Oct. 28, Natenyahu mirrored this madness in a speech to the population.  Citing Deuteronomy,  he said, “You must remember what Amalek did to you.” As many Israelis know, in revenge for the attack by Amalek, the Bible calls to “kill alike men and women, infants and sucklings.”.” As Steven Meyer has documented at great length, the Jabotinsky from whom the settlers’ and other revisionist Zionists take their creed was an avowed agent of the British Empire.

Under Ariel Sharon’s government a massive expansion of Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank occurred in order to create “facts on the ground” preventing a coherent Palestinian state. The kickoff for this undertaking featured a 1982 meeting at Sharon’s ranch in Israel with the leading lights of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy including Henry Kissinger, Sir David Ormsby Gore, Joahnnes von Thurn und Taxis, Julian Amery, Sir Edward Peck, and MI-6 Middle East mandarin Nicholas Elliot.

Despite this backdrop, there was another side to Netanyahu which Donald Trump was apparently able to exploit: a devotion to developing Israel’s high technology and science sectors for export to the world but also throughout the Middle East. Netanyahu was intensely interested in developing relations with the Gulf States and other potential customers for this advanced civilizational product from the Jewish state and had worked for some time in developing back-channel relationships to various Arab states and governments. It seems somewhat obvious that with Trump’s defeat and subsequent geopolitical manipulations of the globalists, Netanyahu has now resorted to the ways of the fascists who otherwise sponsored his career.