Lyndon LaRouche. 2018

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Today is the anniversary of Lyndon LaRouche's passing into the simultaneity of eternity. It is also the birthday of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, the favorite of LaRouche.

In remarks to a meeting of younger people in August of 2004, LaRouche noted the following about himself: …"[T]he discoveries I’ve made, in principle, which sometimes have seemed to be oddball, not in the mainstream: But it’s precisely those kinds of discoveries, which I’ve made, which enable me, as an individual, to have an exceptional effect upon the history of this planet, over the long term. Because, my commitment was to act for the discovery and application of principle, rather than trying to learn dog-like tricks, circus-like tricks, of how to perform from the lessons of experience in the short term.

And that’s how I changed the history of the planet already. And it will change more. This planet’s never going to forget me. I’m getting older now, but this planet’s never going to forget me, and I haven’t finished doing my work, yet. I’m still working on principle. It’s a habit. It’s a joy that I have. And that’s what you have to learn. Not that I’m saying you should wait 40, 50, or even 60 years, to realize the importance of your life as an individual, or as a group of people. But, to recognize that what you do, may be significant in the short term— and should be. But, what is really important about you, is the ideas you represent, which will show their effect over the longer term, of one or two generations to come. If you have a sense of yourself, as that kind of person, “kicking against the pricks,” doing the things you have to do today, but always governed by a sense, a zeal, a zest for principles that have long term effects, you probably cannot fail. …[T]he long term impact of ideas, such as the ideas of the pre-Aristotelian, Greek Classic thinkers, or the Egyptians before them, who made the Greeks possible: the long term role, on behalf of principle, by the individual in history, is the secret of human existence, the secret of history, and the secret of choosing to live a life that is worthwhile."

Otherwise, we repost here our remembrance of LaRouche from February 13, 2019. It's important to note, in doing so, that LaRouche PAC has no association with entities affiliated with Helga Zepp LaRouche and hasn't for some time.