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by Robert Ingraham & Michael Steger


May 12, 2021—#1: Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln



In this first podcast, we introduce Abraham Lincoln, and discuss why Lincoln and the principles he dedicated his life to are central to the fight we are waging today. We begin with Lincoln’s childhood in Kentucky and Indiana, as well as his early experiences in New Salem, Illinois.

May 20, 2021—#2: Free Labor and the “Right to Rise”



Lincoln insisted that the intention of the Declaration of Independence is only realized by a commitment to human advancement. As an example of this we will look at Lincoln’s career in the Illinois State Legislature, where he led the fight for the “Illinois System.”

May 26, 2021—#3: Education and Self-Improvement



For Lincoln, no subject was more important than education. The uplifting of the minds and creative potentials of the citizenry was the goal, and all his economic policy initiatives were designed to achieve that goal. We examine Lincoln’s own development, the role of the Lyceum movement and Lincoln’s actions as President.

June 4, 2021—#4: Free Speech, Free Soil, Free Men—How Abraham Lincoln Created the Republican Party



This week we look at how Lincoln organized the movement which saved our Republic. Lincoln insisted that only be returning to the principles which created the nation in 1776 could the crisis of the 1850s be overcome. In this story there lies a lesson for what we must do today, one which every American patriot should study.

June 10, 2021—#5: Greenbacks and National Banking



Restoring national sovereignty over economic and financial policy. Freeing America from the domination of the British financial empire. Returning the United States to the physical-economic principles of Alexander Hamilton, and more.

June 20, 2021—#6: The American System in Action



Lincoln’s actions as President created an explosive growth in the productive power of the U.S. economy. From railroads to scientific agriculture to education, Lincoln created the greatest physical-economic revolution in human history.

June 24, 2021—#7: Fables as Facts



Lincoln told stories. He studied the parables of the New Testament, the fables of Aesop, and the poetry of Robert Burns;—and he developed a method of leading people to the truth by getting them to look anew at what they believed, using metaphor to open up doors in their mind.

July 4, 2021—#8: Abraham Lincoln vs. The British Empire



The principles of the Declaration of Independence, principles which Abraham Lincoln dedicated his life to defending, posed a deadly threat to the British Empire and to oligarchical rule. The American Civil War was not simply an internal crisis, but an attempt by the British Empire to destroy the American Republic. Lincoln knew this, and he faced that crisis with a quality of moral courage which we all can learn from today.

July 15, 2021—#9: With Malice toward None, with Charity for All



In this conclusion of the Lincoln podcasts, we review key points concerning Lincoln's creation of the Republican Party, the Greenback national credit policy, Lincoln's triumph with the Emancipation Proclamation and more of Lincoln's wit and humor. All of this is highly relevant for those of us today who are committed to saving our Republic.

July 23, 2021—Wrap-up: Why Abraham Lincoln is Needed to Save Our Nation Today



Over the span of nine podcasts, Bob Ingraham and Michael Steger have explored the life and career of Abraham Lincoln. Particular emphasis has been placed on discussing the principles which guided Lincoln throughout his life. His devotion to the revolutionary precepts of the Declaration of Independence influenced his approach to economics, science, education, culture and almost every aspect of his personal life and political career. The critical importance of Lincoln, for today, goes far beyond merely refuting the lies and slanders of Critical Race Theory and the anti-American leftists. For it is in the life and the moral courage of Lincoln that we find the positive mission of the American Republic, the mission to which we must return if we are to save our nation.