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More info on Trump's Agenda 47

With Barbara Boyd and Kesha Rogers - Last week's further revelations about the lies being told to us about the failure of the U.S./British proxy war against Russia in Ukraine point to an all out fight occurring within the security state itself about the future of that war and, implicitly, the human race.

The release of Airman Jack Teixeria's Top Secret document trove follows the calculated leaks to Sy Hersh, which showed that the U.S. blew up the Nord Steam pipeline. That was an act of war against Germany by the grossly incompetent Biden Administration. This reckless act of war blew up NATO and shocked a sector of the intelligence community which no longer plans to go along to get along. Now, the neo-cons panic in response and seek even more totalitarian measures to censor and control thought and speech. At the same time we barrel toward an economic collapse.

Great wars are won when a people mobilizes around ideas and concepts they would rather die for than give up. Such was the circumstance of our founders, who had educated themselves in truthful and scientific philosophies and profound ideas about man and nature, allowing them to outflank at great odds the most powerful empire the world had then known. As were our founders, so we must be now. Join us for tonight's discussion.