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Two days after America’s own Grand Inquisitor, Jack Smith, notified President Trump of a yet another indictment, his lesbian understudy in Michigan, Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the indictments of the 16 people who constituted the electoral slate for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Just as Special Counsel Smith piled multiple felony counts onto Trump in the “classified documents” case, Nessel has dutifully come up with every iteration of “fraud” to threaten the electors with up to 80 years in prison for presenting themselves as a slate of alternate electors in December 2020, while the outcome of the election was still very much in question. Nessel made herself famous last year by advocating a Drag Queen in every school as a necessary ingredient of a “good” education.

 If you remember the actual fraud of the J6 show trials conducted by the Congress, you will have located the fanatical mind set behind these perverse indictments.  Alternative slates of electors are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the electoral college when election challenges have not been completed at the time of certification. That occurred in 2000 in Florida in the Bush v. Gore challenge and, famously, in 1960 in Hawaii in the battle between JFK and Nixon.  Now Nessel claims that the actions of the alternative electors which occurred completely in the open, never were intended to fool anyone, and did not, in fact fool anyone, amount to forgeries and frauds under statutes designed for prosecuting criminals scheming to hoodwink people. Nessel’s scheme was too much for even the feds–she referred it to them but they rejected it.  Now, with Trump surging in the polls, it’s become necessary to take out key Trump loyalists in the state through lawfare. 

Attorney General Nessel is otherwise distinguished for having sabotaged the prosecution of the Michigan elected officials and Wall Street banks, whose decisions forced the city of Flint, MI to use the contaminated Flint River as their water supply, with horrific health consequences. (Documented in The Guardian in January 2022“Revealed: The Flint water poisoning charges that never came to light.”)

So, here’s the state of justice in the United States today. In Washington, DC, if you are Joe Biden’s son or Joe Biden and you commit felonies, including selling your influence to multiple foreign governments for millions, you get to walk; but if you are Donald Trump, you get prosecuted for keeping Presidential documents as every other former President has done. In Michigan, if you poison the mostly poor children of Flint, in order to enrich JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo (see above link), you get to walk; but if you are a Trump elector, you get threatened with 80 years in prison.

As Barbara Boyd’s July 18 post documents, this judicial overkill is a function of the intensifying panic of the Anglo-American elite as they watch Donald Trump surge in the polls and prepare to dismantle their Deep State apparatus when he returns to office. But it is not only Trump—the globalists see other truth-speakers like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. draw millions of Americans into discussions of topics which have long been ruled out-of-bounds. 

Michigan is a microcosm of the establishment’s loss of control. Earlier this year, grassroots precinct delegates took over the Michigan Republican Party. On July 11, all six GOP members of Michigan’s Congressional delegation endorsed Donald Trump, reflecting the overwhelming grassroots support that Trump has in Michigan. And, in a move that is surely rattling the powers-that-be, United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain announced that the UAW is withholding its endorsement of Joe Biden because of Biden’s hyper-support for electric vehicles, which Fain identifies as “a race to the bottom” for auto workers.

Taking a page out of the elite’s playbook of simply doubling-down with banana republic tactics, Nessel has chosen to indict leaders of the Trump movement in an effort to somehow stop this political transformation. Those indicted include former Republican National Committeewoman Kathy Berden, former Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock  (who, along with her husband State Representative Matt Maddock are Michigan MAGA leaders), and Michigan GOP Grassroots Vice Chair Marian Sheridan. The Maddocks and Sheridan were instrumental in Trump’s 2016 upset victory in Michigan.