The Great Silent Majority is rising like never before—and under our leadership, the Forgotten Man and Woman Will Be Forgotten No Longer! With your help, your love, and your vote, we will put AMERICA FIRST, and WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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Last weekend set the stage:

The Mothership magazine of the modern British financial Empire, The Economist, flipped out in its July 13th issue about the very concrete plans for Trump’s Second Term, followed by similar screams in the New York Times on July 17th  and Salon Magazine on July 14th.  Now there is a flood in the controlled press about how Trump must be taken out now, before he makes an actual revolution.

Chief complaint:  Trump through his Agenda 47 is proposing an economic agenda which can start the visionary new building of a spanking new industrial base buttressed by modern infrastructure, space faring, and completely new modern cities. He will end the genocidal Ukraine War. He will not bow before the Globalist Climate fiends and their Great Reset plans for world totalitarianism. Using Schedule F, he will gut the “expert” class of the fascist administrative state which has created the present U.S. disaster. He will start with the intelligence agencies and the woke Pentagon and their legions of fat and braindead contractors. The MIC has failed at war, at protecting the borders, at ending the drug trade, at protecting the children from pederasts and the doctors who would sterilize them and the teachers who would sanitize their minds. They fail at all similar tasks necessary to maintaining a republic, let alone fundamental common sense.

Even the supposedly sacrosanct and unconstitutional Federal Reserve, so adept at stealing our money and funneling it to the protected elites as part of the world-wide central banking system which subverts every nation state it touches, is on Trump’s examination table. The Economist moans that while some “Investors might become nervous, however, if the Federal Reserve’s independence were in question. Some Trumpists think it should be . . . That is a minority view, Mr. Vought concedes, but could gain ground: ‘I guarantee that if that debate was in front of President Trump, that he wouldn’t just throw you out of the Oval Office.’”

Over the weekend it was clear that the DeSantis surrogate candidacy was crashing and burning and desperately needed retooling, perhaps to a kinder gentler Ron who would not attack Donald Trump directly. Nobody else was getting anywhere either as Trump has built 40- and 50-point leads in Republican polling and leads Biden in general election polling. The Dems are also panicked as Biden’s protection racket from his obvious criminal foreign influence scheme unravels and whatever drug is being used to allow the President to function at least half days is failing. Gavin Newsom is running a shadow campaign and, according to many in D.C., Michelle Obama is in the wings.

“Populism! They scream, in a desperate attempt to name what it is that makes Americans reject them. After ravaging the working and middle classes for decades and involving this nation in genocidal war after genocidal war, capped by a rigged election, total censorship, unnecessary national lockdowns, and a legally mandated medical experiment carried out on millions, and a menticide campaign against the next generation of children, somehow, they just can’t figure it out.  “It’s them,” our would-be Mandarins yell, pointing to a population which has sniffed them out and now realize our purported governors hate those they pretend to govern, deplore those they govern because the governed cannot respect an elite so completely and obviously incompetent and evil.

So, on Sunday night, with Trump celebrating, over dinner, a weekend in which he surged even further ahead across all battleground states, and won Turning Point’s Straw Poll at 87%,  the designated henchman, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith shot his wad, using Sunday night to notify Trump that he would be shortly indicted for a third time.  That could be the charm, they fantasize. Or, more likely, millions more will conclude that the Rubicon has been crossed. Those who secretly love the 45th President but need permission to say so, a number also in the millions, will increasingly step out of their fearful silence. More people will do this as the resistance becomes more and more focused. As Sam Cooke wrote a long time ago, “A Change is Gonna Come.” Here is Donald Trump’s statement about these events: