In September, 2019. Donald Trump told the UN the future belongs to the patriots not the globalists.

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LaRouchePAC is circulating the following leaflet at the APEC Conference now taking place in San Francisco which appears to be a last gasp attempt to rescue the dying globalist system. PDF Version

Subject: Trump’s Return is the Very Best Thing for the World Now

President Donald J. Trump was considered to be a bull in a glassware shop by the proponents of the post war “rules-based order.” Yet it is the mental disease of those defending that oligarchical globalist entity which has brought the two potential world wars we now confront, and generalized financial ruin. Stuck in the post-1989 “end of history” fever dream, they have sought to impose their utopian Green Great Reset on all of humanity. It is a thinly disguised Malthusian population-reduction scheme which will drive humanity back to the Middle Ages.

The efforts of this oligarchical imperial force to destroy Trump, either through impeachment or imprisonment, have awakened Americans to the corrupt and evil forces operating in their name. There is a great awakening manifest throughout the country, as people step forward to fulfill the mandates of popular and representative leadership enshrined in our great Constitution. The American people no longer support the “forever wars” which have plagued the world in the period between Franklin Roosevelt’s death and the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency. Notably, his presidency was a period of peace in the world, before the present occupant of the White House decided to go to war against “autocrats” on behalf of “democracy.” Trump alone, in this election season, wants to immediately end both current conflicts. Until October 7, his Abraham Accords gave unparalleled promise for peace in the Middle East.

In his second term, we believe President Trump will return our country to the purposes of our founders. In the words of John Quincy Adams, Americans do not go abroad seeking monsters to destroy. While we will defend our nation if it is attacked, we seek to be the City on the Hill, creating new ideas, advances, and policies benefiting all of mankind and leading by example. As Donald Trump noted at Davos, the sovereign nation-state is the highest development of statecraft in history to date, and the future belongs to the patriots, not the globalists. Trade and commerce between nations, on a fair and reciprocal basis, is the formula for peace and for human development and advances. John Quincy Adams sought a community of principle among sovereign nation-states based on the principles set forth in America’s Declaration of Independence. It is a deliberate anti-imperial, anti-oligarchical policy.

Donald Trump is outlining his policies for his second term in a series of announcements which he calls "Agenda 47." While much of it focuses on reversing unbridled and uncontrolled immigration, the poisoning of tens of thousands by killer synthetic drugs, and the crime wave unleashed by the present administration, along with the world inflation created by the imperial war on energy and fossil fuels, Agenda 47 also focuses on building a prosperous United States as its first principle. President Trump wants to unleash a U.S. industrial and manufacturing renaissance, building ten brand new cities, and executing bold initiatives on the frontiers of science involving fusion energy, space exploration focused on colonizing the Moon and Mars, and building advanced missile defense systems which will end for the present the threat of thermonuclear destruction based on present policies. He wants to change our economic system to one in which one income earned from purposeful and mission-driven labor can sustain a family.

None of this will be easy. But we are sure, if you think about it, that you will also see that his second presidency could open the doors to a period of unparalleled peace and prosperity for the entire world, and is most worthy of your support.