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As the fog cleared over the DC battlefront on Friday, it’s clear that last week will go down in history as the week in which the patriots of the MAGA movement finally gained the offensive. Yes, the fascist Tories on the other side are still shooting and they won some skirmishes, such as the so-called stopgap unreformed FISA inserted into the otherwise evil and idiotic NDAA, but the overall map of the battle has changed for the better dramatically. Here are three interrelated dispatches from the battlefield.

In Brief: Special Prosecutor and present chief government gangster Jack Smith saw his meticulously planned March 4, 2024, trial date for Donald Trump destroyed. The U.S. Supreme Court at the same time decided to hear the J6 appeal of three J6 defendants concerning the twisted use by the DOJ and Smith of the Sarbanes/Oxley obstruction of justice statute (legislated to prevent destruction of documents in financial crimes) to support years in prison for rioters and trespassers convicted of January 6th transgressions. Two of the counts in Smith’s DC indictment of Trump are under this statute.

More than 320 J6 demonstrators have been either been charged or convicted and have had their lives ruined as the result of the contorted deployment of this statute by the legal jihadists at the DOJ. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the J6ers by the end of its term in June, hundreds of convictions and charges will vaporize, including those involving Trump. Other developments have put the spotlight on the government’s role in instigating the entirety of the J6 riot. Full release of all of the video gathered concerning J6, including police body cams as advocated by Rep. Clay Higgins (R. LA), and promised by Speaker Mike Johnson, will prove this to the American people.

Jack Smith himself is also under the spotlight as the result of a whistleblower complaint filed with intelligence community and State Department IGs and with the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility. It alleges that as the Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor at the Hague, Smith participated in an extortion ring in which targets of the ring paid millions of dollars to the ring to escape investigation and prosecution. There is also a claim that Smith fabricated evidence in the prosecution of Kosovo President Hashim Thaci. The specifics set forth in the Complaint raise multiple issues, including, in this writer’s view, what the relationship is between the CIA nexus identified in the complaint and British agent Christopher Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence Company and the related Hakluyt firm of “retired” MI6 agents. Both Orbis and Hakluyt played prominent roles in the Russiagate operation against Trump and Russia.

Dispatch from DC No. 1: The First Trump Trial Date Has Gone “Poof”

March 4, 2024, (one day before the March 5th Super Tuesday primaries) was supposed to be the first trial date in Jack Smith’s lawfare effort to derail Donald Trump’s re-election. The entire rushed pretrial schedule set by Smith and his collaborator, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, would have had Trump in court for jury selection throughout February. The trial date, along with Judge Chutkan’s entire expedited pretrial schedule has now blown up.

President Trump’s lawyers appealed Judge Chutkan’s refusal to dismiss Smith’s DC indictment of Trump on the grounds that the President of the United States is immune from prosecution for actions taken while President so long as they are within the “outer parameters of his authority as President.” Trump further argues that the U.S. Senate’s impeachment acquittal of Trump on all of acts alleged in Smith’s indictment precludes Smith’s prosecution on double jeopardy grounds. That appeal, as is Trump’s right, went to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals for review. Then normally, as is Trump’s right, if the Court of Appeals decision were adverse, Trump could seek review in the U.S. Supreme Court. These are the appellate rights of every American. But the exercise of those rights by Donald Trump would have occupied much of 2024. Further, the appeal divests Judge Chutkan of any authority to proceed with any of the pretrial schedule she and Smith constructed.

The question presented by Trump has never been decided by any Court and has profound implications for our Constitutional system. If the DOJ (and their intelligence community friends) can willy nilly indict a President for views or actions they disagree with, the Constitution means nothing. The exclusive remedy for presidential malfeasance in office is impeachment by the Congress. Trump has been impeached by Nancy Pelosi’s House but found innocent by the Senate of all alleged post-election crimes in Smith’s indictment of him. That means that Smith’s charges amount to double jeopardy under the Fifth Amendment.

President Trump’s motion to dismiss on presidential immunity grounds states that his actions challenging the election, through the events of January 6, 2021, were central to his duty pursuant to Article III Section 2 of the Constitution to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. As his motion states, “The prosecution does not, and cannot, argue that President Trump’s efforts to ensure election integrity, and to advocate for the same, were outside the scope of his duties. Instead, the prosecution falsely claims that President Trump’s motives were impure—that he purportedly ‘knew’ that the widespread reports of fraud and election irregularities were untrue but sought to address them anyway. But as the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and hundreds of years of history and tradition all make clear, the President’s motivations are not for the prosecution or this Court to decide. Rather, where, as here, the President’s actions are within the ambit of his office, he is absolutely immune from prosecution.”

Yet, Smith, his mainstream media megaphone, and the Biden DOJ confronted with the normal exercise of appellate rights of any American citizen, basically screamed, desperately, that their ability to jail Trump before November of 2024 was now in danger. Trump, they proclaimed, was engaged in frivolous and obstructive delay tactics which would egregiously postpone their righteous crusade for his scalp. They filed an immediate appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to have that Court decide the issue, bypassing the Court of Appeals, all to keep the rush to lynching intact. Up to now, Smith and Chutkan have argued, absurdly, that there is nothing special about this prosecution and that a former President of the United States, prosecuted by his successor, while leading that successor by massive margins in pre-election polling, is just like any other criminal case.

But this very normal criminal appeal pulled down the curtain and revealed the devil behind it. Smith argued to the U.S. Supreme Court that delay of the March 4th rush to trial constitutes the legal equivalent of a national emergency—an exceptional situation requiring exceptional action. This as Trump has left his Republican rivals in the dust and is now surging far ahead of Biden in all election polling. The apparent last best hope here, or one of them, is to convict Trump in DC with a completely biased jury pool and a completely biased judge and hope that somehow that dampens the population’s enthusiasm for him.

Even the Washington Post was forced to recognize that Smith’s extraordinary Supreme Court appeal revealed the overtly political motive of his Trump prosecutions—all the covers are now off.

The Supreme Court has asked for briefing over the holidays as to whether they should take up Smith’s appeal.  The D.C. Court of Appeals has also set an expedited schedule on Trump’s regular appeal filed with them. Both Smith and Judge Chutkan preposterously argue that the Sixth Amendment’s speedy trial provision, which guarantees a criminal defendant a speedy trial against any delays by the government must be perverted with respect to Trump to somehow recognize a brand new government right to rush to justice.

Dispatch from DC No. 2: J6 is Before the Supreme Court and Under Rigorous Investigation

The Supreme Court’s acceptance of Fischer v. USA, could represent a death blow to the J6 prosecutions, destroying their credibility and the judicial careers of most judges in the District of Columbia District Court save one, Judge Carl Nichols. All the other judges of this Court have abandoned their duty to the Constitution to brutally enforce the myth that January 6, 2021, a four-hour federally controlled riot, constituted an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States equivalent to the Civil War.

Some 320 citizens, who came to Washington on January 6, 2021 to protest a stolen presidential election, have been indicted or convicted as the result of the DOJ’s novel application of the corporate fraud obstruction statute, 18 U.S.C. 1512(c) (2) to protests surrounding the counting of the Electoral College vote for President. As noted above, it constitutes two counts in Donald Trump’s DC indictment. Former Chief Judge Beryl Howell, about whom more below, issued a directive stating that pretrial detention without bail was appropriate for anyone charged under this statute and the DC federal bench followed it. Some J6 defendants charged with the law, including Matthew Perna, committed suicide.

The Senate title of this statute is the “Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act.”  Its House title is the “Corporate and Auditing Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency Act. " Enacted as the result of the Enron and World Com financial scandals, the obstruction part of the bill deals with destruction of documents or evidence in financial fraud investigations. It yields a sentence of up to 20 years which is why J6 prosecutors have adopted it as part of what they call their “shock and awe” lawfare campaign against MAGA. Judge Nichols dismissed these counts in the cases of Joseph Fischer and two other defendants deeming it wholly inapplicable and constitutionally suspect. The DOJ appealed that dismissal. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Judge Nichols in a very splintered decision. Fischer then took his appeal to the Supreme Court.

You can read more about this from the inimitable Julie Kelly here. Kelly has done more than any other person to bring the abuses concerning January 6 into public view.

Investigative journalist Lara Logan is also now on a quest to demonstrate that J6 was a federally controlled riot aimed at ensuring that Trump did not have a second term and that the vote fraud that occurred in November of 2020 was never addressed. Last week Logan sat down with Representative Clay Higgins (R.LA) who is operating on the hypothesis that all the J6 violence was setup by the FBI and the intelligence community based on infiltrations and profiles of Trump supporters dating back to the first months of 2020. Higgins has identified “ghost buses” which arrived at Union Station in the early morning hours of J6 filled with what he says are FBI assets dressed as Trump supporters. Additionally, he has identified video of government assets dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol while President Trump was still speaking at his rally on the Ellipse. He is insisting that all the J6 digital record be released from the Capitol, as promised by Speaker Johnson, and from the body camera footage of all U.S. and DC government agents on the scene. From what he has seen so far, he believes this will put the responsible government gangsters in jail.

Higgin’s explosive interview with Logan will shock most Americans. However, his evidence and conclusion cohere with what this writer has long asserted. Beginning in January of 2020 an intelligence community cabal of public intelligence officials and private officials began meeting to ensure that Trump would never take office even if he won a second term. It was called the Transition Integrity Project and it mapped operations to achieve this objective, up to and including a military coup.

Capping the J6 developments of the week, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R, NY) Chair of the House Republican Conference filed an ethics complaint against former DC District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell. More than any other judge, Howell has led the judicial subversion in the plot against the President. She supervised the gross abuses of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury. She forced Trump’s lawyers to provide evidence against him in gross violation of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. She groused, bizarrely, with respect to the Trump indictment that Trump might flee the country, despite his Secret Service detail and international recognition. She approved the extraordinary and illegal search warrant which allowed the government to surveil anyone posting Trump’s tweets. She has led the campaign to abuse and detain those arrested for their protest activities on January 6th and for the imposition of long prison sentences for what would be, in the normal course, misdemeanors.

Stefanik caught Howell giving a speech before the Womens’ White Collar Defense Association in which she claimed the country was on the verge of going authoritarian, praised a book which is an anti-Trump, anti-MAGA screed, condemned the “campaign of lies” which led to J6, and otherwise celebrated her love of major players in the Trump prosecutions including Deputy AG Lisa Monaco and Andrew Weissman, along with Barack Obama close friend and Jeffrey Epstein confidant Kathryn Ruemmler  Judges are ethically barred from making comments which would cause anyone to question their impartiality.

Dispatch from D.C. No. 3:  How Dirty Is Jack Smith and Who Does He Work for?

Former DEA agent and renowned money laundering expert John F. Moynihan filed an explosive whistleblowers’ complaint on November 28th with the IGs of the State Department, the CIA, and the Intelligence Community and the Office of Professional Responsibility of the DOJ. You can read the actual complaint and affidavits at the bottom of this otherwise completely speculative post by Patrick Byrne about it. 

Moynihan is the business partner of someone who has earned our trust when it comes to intelligence matters, Larry Johnson. Here is Larry’s analysis of the complaint.

You might remember that Kosovo was NATO’s proxy of the day when Yugoslavia broke up and ethnic warfare ensued in the Balkans. The British controlled NATO bombed Serbia, nominally supported by Russia, into obedience and ethnic tensions have flared there periodically ever since. Jack Smith’s job appears to have been to keep this tension boiling by belatedly prosecuting the elected leaders of Kosovo for war crimes in their barbaric war with the Serbs. The British aim is to foster exactly this type of permanent conflict in the Balkans and thereby prevent Europe from ever uniting “from the Atlantic to the Urals.”  President Trump took the opposite view and tried to create economic agreements for development between Kosovo and Serbia, for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. 

This history makes Kosovo’s Specialist Prosecutors Office where Smith served prior to being assigned as Trump special counsel, a hotbed of intelligence activity. The complaint alleges that Smith and CIA contacts were extorting potential war crimes targets and Russian oligarchs for millions of dollars to be paid into a “dark fund.”  The money was to prevent investigation and prosecution by Smith’s office and to allow them to be removed from U.S. sanctions. The complaint also claims that Smith fabricated evidence in this prosecution of Kosovo’s elected president Hashim Thaci.

The targeting of the Russian oligarchs, according to the complaint, was aimed at securing their cooperation as inside informants against Putin. This stinks of British intelligence and specifically both Christopher Steele and the Hakluyt MI-6 network which played such a significant role in Trump’s persecution by Robert Mueller and the British. Steele has described his company’s main mission as performing investigations on behalf of Russian oligarchs which target other (Putin friendly) Russian oligarchs.

As Larry Johnson emphasizes, why, as detailed in the complaint is Jack Smith asking Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin if he still possesses information about Hillary Clinton’s corruption (presumably the Clinton server treasure trove of hacked materials)? The follow-up here, if it is not blocked totally, would prove quite extraordinary.