Steve Sund on Tucker's show.

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Tucker Carlson re-interviewed Steve Sund, who was the Chief of the Capitol Police on January 6, 2021, and published the interview on Twitter Thursday night. It is explosive and undermines everything the public has been told about the events of that day. Carlson’s initial interview with Sund was scheduled to air on Fox; Fox fired Carlson instead of airing it.

Please listen to Sund’s account of what he experienced that day in the interview with Tucker. He is a straight cop whose honesty and passion for the job emanates from every word and gesture. Then think about the fact that our government has put Donald Trump on the proverbial judicial railroad in Washington, D.C. for the claimed “insurrection” which happened that day—a four-hour controlled violent riot which effectively derailed any ability to further examine what happened in the 2020 Presidential election. Special Prosecutor Jack Smith wants to try Trump for January 6th on its anniversary next year, effectively barring him from participation in the primaries leading up to Super Tuesday in March, while burying forever the coup détat against Donald Trump which occurred on January 6, 2021.

On September 11, 2001, Lyndon LaRouche noted that the most conspicuous development of that day was the complete takedown of the normal defenses of the United States of America which would have prevented or intercepted the attack. We learned since that in the first hours after the attack every key Saudi national, some of whom were implicated in the attack, was ferried out of the country by the Bush White House. It now turns out that two of the hijackers from the infamous San Diego cell may have been part of a covert CIA operation.  Based on 9/11, U.S. citizens’ constitutional rights were decimated by the Patriot Act. The British directed and Dick Cheney operated a plan to set the Middle East aflame in religious war. The murder of 3,000 Americans on that day still has not been solved. Millions died in the resulting “War on Terror,” conducted completely within the parameters of Malthusian population control and resource war principles, sprinkled with utopian “democracy-building” propaganda themes.

Listening to what Sund told Carlson, this writer could not help but remember 9/11. In brief, Sund was deliberately cut out of the intelligence demonstrating that there were plans for a violent attack on the Capitol that day, even though he was supposed to be the incident commander. The FBI, Homeland Security, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the form of Gen. Mark Milley had intelligence in reams warning of a violent attack—so much so that General Milley floated plans to shut down the entire city and revoke all demonstration permits. But this analysis was never presented to Sund despite multiple coordinating conference calls with these agencies.

Sund’s own intelligence division, under the command of Yogananda Pittman presented a false picture in written briefings prior to the event stating that the probability of any sort of violent incident was low. Despite this, Sund asked for National Guard assistance on January 3rd, but it was denied by Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi on the grounds that it would create “bad optics.”

Sund watched his officers getting beaten by demonstrators, outnumbered by huge margins, and the Capitol being breached. He remains absolutely devoted to his men and women and traumatized by what he saw. He futilely spent 70 minutes amid the riot getting permission from McConnell and Pelosi to ask for the National Guard. Finally getting approval after the Capitol had been breached, he called the Pentagon to arrange the deployment and had to sell the idea to hostile brass who were watching the same attack on live TV. After Sund practically screamed about the urgency of the moment when Ashli Babbit was shot, Lieutenant General Walter Piatt told him that he would recommend against deployment of the Guard because he didn’t like the “optics” of the military at the Capitol. Ultimately, the Guard did not arrive at the Capitol until 6 p.m., after the riot was over.

This occurred even though President Trump had authorized deployment of the Guard days before the actual event. Trump did this even though the bureaucratic authority for calling out the Guard rests with the Mayor of Washington, D.C. and the leaders of the House and the Senate. As Sund documents, they, along with General Milley’s Pentagon, effectively subverted the President’s intent. Moreover, the protesting crowd was loaded with federal and military informants. Sund notes that intelligence subsequently revealed that at least 19 domestic terrorists would be among the “protesters” and that the countervailing federal deployment for that contingency would be enormous. Although he does not discuss this directly, subsequent investigations have unearthed multiple provocateurs among the “protesters.”

The next day, January 7, 2021, Nancy Pelosi fired Steve Sund, declaring the chief and his force along with Donald Trump to be the cause of the Capitol breach. A poisonous propaganda onslaught ensued claiming that Capitol Police who were Trump supporters escorted the demonstrators into the Capitol and that various Congressmen seeking to block the electoral college certification had conducted surveillance tours of the Capitol during the week before January 6 with the rioters. Pelosi immediately moved to impeach Trump based on January 6 and that show trial proceeded in the House, derailing any serious examination of the actual events. According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa in their propaganda piece, Peril, Pelosi commenced calls to General Milley on January 8th to ensure that Trump could not start a nuclear war because, she claimed, he was crazy and had to be effectively barred from further actions as President during the remaining days of his Presidency. As Woodward and Costa recount the joint Pelosi/Milley leak to them, Milley agreed with everything Pelosi said.

Pelosi moved Yogananda Pittman into Sund’s position, proclaiming that she was the first woman and African American to have the post. But it had been Pittman who had prepared the false intelligence assessments. In subsequent testimony before Congress, Pittman backed Pelosi’s narrative and apologized for the alleged failures of performance of the Capitol Police. Rank and file Capitol cops refused to back Pittman for the permanent post. She is now Chief of the University of California, Berkeley Police Department at a salary dwarfing what she had earned at the Capitol. Tucker Carlson rightly suggests that this was a reward at Pelosi’s behest.

Pelosi’s staff testified to Congress that they began preparing for January 6 in the summer of 2020. As we outline below, this date corresponds with the summer 2020 planning for a final coup d’état against Donald Trump were he to win the November election. While Sund’s immediate observations are explosive, they lack the strategic context in which this event played out. He rightly condemns Pelosi and McConnell as on-the-ground controllers and the Pentagon and federal law enforcement for their documented dereliction of duty. House Republicans reexamining these events this week found that much of Pelosi’s show trial January 6 investigative documentation has been lost or destroyed. The B team’s work, assigned by the J6 committee to examine security failures at the Capitol, is nowhere to be found. In addition, depositions, and interviews which “did not advance” the phony J6 show trial narrative—i.e. information exculpatory to Donald Trump and others—also has been destroyed.

The Strategic Context

For the British-centered oligarchy, the capture of Russia through a permanent bleeding war conducted through former Soviet states, led by Ukraine, was a strategic imperative which Trump openly vowed to thwart. His other America First strategic and economic and energy policies threatened their financial control of the United States and the hegemonic role played by them in globalist international institutions. When Robert Mueller finally ended his bogus inquisition, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi conspired to launch the first impeachment in a dead panic. Trump had begun to explore the corruption of the Biden family in Ukraine and along with it to criticize the ongoing preparations for an open war with Russia. At the time, the British oligarchy had already put their strategic goals in writing in the 2018 House of Lords report, UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order. They declared there that under no circumstances could Trump be allowed a second term.

When it became clear that impeachment would fail, the focus became ensuring that Trump did not occupy the White House in 2021, even if that meant conducting a military coup. January 6, as recounted by Steve Sund, was the realization of that intent. But, as opposed to a coup run in any respect by Donald Trump, it was a coup against the American Presidency and Donald Trump.

In December of 2019, the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) was founded by Rosa Brooks, then teaching law at Georgetown University, and Dr. Nils Gilman, Vice-President of Programs at the Los Angeles-based Berggruen Institute. Its main funding came from the Protect Democracy Project and United to Protect Democracy, launched in January 2017 by former Obama Administration lawyers to undermine the Trump Administration. The Berggruen Institute is a major transnational elite, futurist fascist outpost, planning the major transformation of the world which must occur, according to them, because of climate change, and COVID. They publish the World Post in conjunction with the Washington Post.

Rosa Brooks is a former Obama Pentagon official who served as an aide to Michèle Flournoy, the chickenhawk Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from February 2009 to February 2012. Prior to her ascent to the Pentagon, Brooks had served as counsel to the President of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and remains on the advisory board there.

On January 30, 2017,  Brooks authored an article in Foreign Policy magazine titled, conveniently, “3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020.” She favored impeachment as an immediate tool, making the same unconstitutional claim echoed by her Democratic Party colleagues, that Congress could impeach “for any reason whatsoever.” She also cited invoking the 25th Amendment, a tactic which came into being when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein tried to implement it following the firing of James Comey. Finally, Brooks cited a military coup.

On September 7, 2017, an Australia-based, worldwide university consortium publication, The Conversation, picked up the coup idea and filled it out in an article] called “Thinking the Unthinkable: Could There Be a Military Coup in the US?” authored by Luke Foster Middup, an academic specializing in “civilian-military relationships” at the British spy training nest, the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland. Nonetheless, the idea was in the background as impeachment was pursued through the bogus Robert Mueller inquisition and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment show trial in the House.

According to Bob Woodward, former Defense Secretary James Mattis was telling former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats already in May 2019, that there would come a time when “some of us” would have to physically remove Trump from office.

In June 2020, the left’s nationwide riots hit full force in Washington, D.C., becoming so violent at points that the Secret Service evacuated the President to a secure bunker in the White House. As Steve Sund told Tucker Carlson, the rioters even conspired to set the fully occupied Hay Adams Hotel on fire. But all charges against these rioters were dropped. It seems clear, as we outline below, that this was a controlled preliminary exercise to see what was possible should Trump be reelected, and this type of street violence necessitated.

When General Milley joined Trump in a walk to St. John’s Church to honor that national landmark set on fire the previous night by arsonists, the press, and the insurrection corps within the ranks of retired generals went wild. Trump’s proposed use of the military to quell the riots was met with equal disdain and public condemnations, by Generals Mattis, Colin Powell, John Allen, David Petraeus, and John Kelly. Then-current Defense Secretary Mark Esper, a Beltway Bandit plucked from Raytheon, denounced the proposal to use active-duty troops. Milley apologized publicly for appearing with the President at St. John’s Church. Mattis told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, a key player in the Pentagon’s disinformation runup to the Iraq War, that President Trump was “a threat to the Constitution.”

At the very same time, in late June 2020, the Transition Integrity Project conducted a tabletop war game using establishment Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans to map out the realities of a potential coup d'état. This exercise received a calculated PR rollout and has been widely publicized to establish such planning as “normal” in the public mind.

In the war game the governing assumption was that the President was an unscrupulous, authoritarian would-be dictator seeking to consolidate his power with a base composed of “white power” and “extremist” networks, who would need to be neutralized and eliminated post-election. The Biden forces were portrayed as pluralist defenders of democracy whose adherence to “norms” would result in the loss of the United States to Trump’s fascism, unless they were to radically change their behavior.

The exercise included the assumption that the presidential election would not be called on election day because of widespread use of mail-in voting. The second given was that regardless whether Trump or Biden won, there would be widespread street violence. The Transition Integrity Project scenario were Trump to win had the Democrats refusing to concede, seeking to fix the electoral college or abolish it, making demands to pack the Supreme Court, to assure statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and to allow western states to secede from the Union.

According to the Transition Integrity Project, the two uncertainties in their scenario were (1) how would the military respond? And (2) how much control would the Democrats be able to maintain over the street rioters? They found the June military response in Washington, D.C.—in effect a generals’ revolt—to be “reassuring.” With respect to the rioters, it was unclear how totally they could be controlled even if “mobilized.” The exercise results counsel that the Democrats should work to establish even more direct connections with the rioter groups to assure their performance.

On August 11, 2020, in the wake of the July propaganda campaign about TIP’s exercise, Defense One, a magazine controlled by Democratic Party-funder and New America associate David Bradley, published an article by retired colonels John Nagl and Paul Yingling blatantly calling for a military coup. When this call met the inevitable backlash, Defense One followed up, on August 18, with a call to make this a matter of reasoned debate within the military, rather than a reflexive rejection. That article, if you can believe it, was authored by none other than Thomas Crosbie, an associate professor at the Royal Danish Defense College’s Center for Joint Operations, Institute for Military Operations. A sociologist by training, his research focuses on military politics, the military profession, and the conduct of war. On September 4, 2020, The Atlantic further stoked the flames in this seditious campaign by running the completely fake claim, under Jeffrey Goldberg’s byline, that Donald Trump routinely disparages American troops as “suckers” and “losers.”

The stage had thus been set for the events which would follow an election which had otherwise been rigged. This background makes clear why the Pentagon and the Congress conspired to prevent the timely deployment of the National Guard and allowed the violent riot to proceed, and why Steve Sund, an honest cop, had “no need to know.” This background, coupled with what Steve Sund saw, forms the background for the honest investigation of January 6 which now must proceed in the Congress if this nation is to survive.