1941 Pearl Harbor Attack - Photo: US National Archives

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On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked.  Lyndon LaRouche often described what Manhattan was like on that day.  There was both a stunned silence and sudden rapt attention as everything, as if in an instant, changed.  “Within two hours of that announcement of the Pearl Harbor bombing, the American population, or at least most of it, underwent a fundamental transformation in their beliefs, the way they thought about the world, the way they thought about themselves.  It happened like that,” LaRouche wrote.

Last night, March 30, 2023, the attack came from our insane Democrats and their financier controllers.  A grand jury, brainwashed and sick with Trump Derangement Syndrome, indicted President  Donald Trump. The Biden Justice Department has three more lawfare shots lined up.

In strategic context, the globalist oligarchy’s international financial system is collapsing and that has only started.  The Biden/British genocidal war against Russia in Ukraine is being lost.  Punch drunk with mad hubris they are proceeding now to a second war with China.  Most of the world is now reacting to the oligarchs of the Modern British Empire with revulsion and most are making their own arrangements for the future.  Most importantly, more than half of the U.S. population was already in revolt against them even before Thursday’s unprecedented atrocity.  You can see the beginning of the massive transformation which will now take place by watching Tucker Carlson’s show on Thursday night. I paid particular attention to Jason Whitlock and Glenn Beck.    


The neo-liberal utopian dream of controlling all of this, using the myth of apocalyptic events, be it imminent climate catastrophe or COVID, sold through full spectrum information warfare techniques to brainwash, kill, or jail the population, has shattered and failed.  Despite it, or, perhaps because of it Trump was already up thirty points in the polls as of Thursday. They are desperate to maintain their power and their patsy, Joe Biden, or some similar braindead, corrupted, and blackmailed Democrat must continue the destruction and control of the United States to make that happen.

This is the strategic backdrop to yesterday’s indictment and why they have done it now and will also press the Georgia charges for questioning the 2020 election and the phony Special Counsel charges involving January 6 and overdue documents at the National Archives.  Anyone thinking this is a rogue act by a partisan New York Prosecutor is fooling themselves.

Trump and MAGA are in the way and have been in the way of those out to destroy our country since 2015.  They are the resistance and no one else even comes close to qualifying for the battle now underway. Our former constitutional system, temporarily destroyed through lawfare, was in the way.  They are now hoping that we react with violence to their insanity.  Then they can sweep in on a much, much larger scale than January 6th.

But, like Pearl Harbor, this atrocity has only focused us.  We are now focused and will win the 2024 election by a landslide and will organize now to do so.  We will win every Trump legal case through popular mandate.  We will force the Congress to defund our Deep State completely and totally.  We will organize the economic, scientific, and cultural policies by which to create the human renaissance that restores the City on the Hill, our founders’ unique dream and creation, in new form.  Donald Trump understands this and has put forward the types of policies which can fire this transformation.  Lyndon LaRouche also understood this fully and gave us the full palette of ideas and policies which now come into play.   The people will rally to this just as they transformed themselves after Pearl Harbor.  The Rubicon has been crossed, as most commented last night, but it will only lead to a new birth for our nation.  

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