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Last week was a week of waiting for one or more of the insane prosecutorial steps which everyone knows could tear this country irretrievably apart if our enemies succeed in provoking the violence they, and only they, wish to foment.  This is the desire of the modern British financial empire which has waged a continuous war on this Republic ever since they lost the Civil War.  Ever since Donald Trump walked down that escalator in June of 2015, they have made it clear that he is not to serve as an independent president of the United States.

There are four major lawfare fronts open now in the war against Trump, all of them proceeding under the sponsorship of the British/American Tory Deep State which evolved into its present lawfare and total full spectrum information warfare mode under the Obama Administration.  One is the test prosecution floated by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, the second is a similar test using Atlanta DA Fani T. Willis, the third and fourth are prosecutions engineered by Special Counsel Jack Smith.  All of them are now running at lightening speed as Trump catapults to a huge lead in the 2024 presidential race.  All of them involve a new form of the Bill of Attainder employed by the British Empire to eradicate its opponents and outlawed, specifically, by the U.S. Constitution.   Bills of Attainder specify individuals to be punished without trial.  In the Trump case, all rights to trial are being systematically eliminated.

But, by the end of last week, Bragg’s case was on life support, a product of massive popular backlash and the testimony of attorney Robert Costello to Bragg’s grand jury irrefutably proving that Bragg’s star witness, Michael Cohen, is allergic to anything resembling truth. Jack Smith, nonetheless, continued his shredding of the Constitution, assisted by his co-conspirator judges on the D.C. District and D.C. Circuit Court.  That district court continues to house the January 6th star chamber proceedings and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s DOJ has told them that they anticipate arresting and jailing up to 1000 more Trump supporters, mainly for misdemeanor participation in the January 6, 2021 riot.

Republicans in the House are now in full revolt against the destruction of any semblance of justice in our late Republic, challenging Alvin Bragg to come before them and otherwise beginning to reveal the full scope of the intelligence community arranged riot on January 6th. These developments are all occurring in the context of the selection of the American president in 2024, if not before. Ron DeSantis bookended them in an interview with the British monarchy’s favorite journalist, Piers Morgan. DeSanctimonious fully revealed his self-defeating Bush-like character, launching snarky attacks on Trump’s character in the midst of the national revolt against the perversion of justice exhibited in the regime’s lawfare assault on the 45th President. Bowing obediently before his Bush league financier donors and the British Empire’s Murdoch press at Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, DeSantis also walked back his previous mealy-mouthed opposition to the genocidal forever war in Ukraine.

The Strategic Context

Martin Luther King was firm in his belief that the “arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”  That is most certainly what is potentially happening now in the form of blowback against Alvin Bragg’s obvious political fanaticism.  But it was the non-violent peaceful protest movement built by King and based on the highest classical principles of Judeo-Christian culture which led to the victory of the American civil rights movement.   Thus, Donald Trump has correctly designed his path to victory: continuous expansion of the MAGA movement into new layers of the population through Agenda 47 policies which build the future—his initial Artemis Moon, Mars, program, his Agenda 47 plan to build ten entirely new cities on federal lands and calls for a U.S. “baby boom,” and his dedication to a “quantum leap” in living standards based on investment in advanced science, technology, and the real economy. Trump wins, however, only if the MAGA movement itself is prepared to fully assist him in filling out and implementing these policies.

Most Americans are already sold on his plan to dismantle the Deep State, end the immoral and evil forever wars beloved by Washington’s Security State, and his diagnosis that our enemies are not in Russia or China, but right here in the form of the woke financier idealogues who sold this country out in order to maintain their power and money. But, Americans are challenged when it comes to what it means to build a durable and constantly expanding physical economy, something which no one has actively experienced in decades.  

The present banking crisis presages the breakdown of the post 1971 floating exchange rate financial system.  No amount of patches within the accepted terms of the present system will save it this time, the process itself having been fully diagnosed by Lyndon LaRouche’s Triple Curve Collapse Phase function in 1995.  LaRouche forecast a breakdown crisis in which hyperinflation and deflation were both prominent and only a complete economic revolution based on American system economic principles would ensure durable survival. You break a systemic crisis by abandoning the system and striking out anew.

Europe’s economies are now in free fall for lack of energy based on both the Ukraine sanctions and their insane devotion to the Green climate change and zero population growth madness. The Ukraine war is in the process of being lost amidst a genocidal killing field which neo-Con utopians in the Biden Administration along with the ever fanatical and genocidal British have engineered.  Rather than seeking peace, our insane Mandarins are doubling down and openly demanding a sacrificial Ukrainian kamikaze offensive against the Russian population in Crimea, ensuring a metastasized war throughout Europe and, potentially, immediate World War III.

As a result, the populations of France and Germany are in the streets in demonstrations by tens of thousands which have been largely blacked out here. Significantly, Dutch farmers are in the process of winning their fight against the Green insanity which threatened their total destruction.  After a year of increasingly massive peaceful demonstrations in the streets, they won elections for Senate in the Netherlands giving them significant control of the political agenda.

Lyndon LaRouche said that the most important problem standing in the way of an economic recovery and victory for our nation was the corrupted belief system of the oppressed population itself.  The oppressed, he noted ironically, will accept any proposition so long as it entails remaining oppressed, reactive, and enraged but politically impotent. That spell is now breaking as any legitimacy of the regime is destroyed by its monumental failures and the population realizes that, as ill-prepared as it might feel, the future lies with them and it is their responsibility.  To win, they need exactly the vision of the future being promised by Trump and embodied in the works of Lyndon LaRouche. The regime has lost the “mandate of heaven.”  To win, those involved with the MAGA movement must prove themselves capable of receiving that mandate.

The Four Lawfare Battlefronts

All of the putative cases against Trump are set in forums where the constitutional protections of trial by jury, due process under the law, the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Sixth Amendment right to counsel have been systemically eliminated for the case of Donald J. Trump.  Former Manhattan DA Cy Vance openly told his selected Trump henchman, Mark Pomerantz (recruited for Vance’s “get Trump” project from the Democratic private law firm Paul Weiss), “jury selection” from a completely inflamed jury pool will cure any deficiencies in facts or law. Trump’s attorneys have fully outlined the political hit operation involved here.

In Georgia, DA Fanni T. Willis is trying to claim that Trump committed a crime by challenging the fraud which occurred in the notoriously corrupt Atlanta 2020 presidential election and by his lawyers setting in motion a process to challenge that fraud in Congress under provisions of the U.S. Constitution.  She convened a “special purpose” Grand Jury to accumulate evidence of the purported “crime.”  Such a grand jury is civil under Georgia law, but the presiding judge converted it to a “criminal” special grand jury by fiat, resulting in a standardless procedure which violated the constitutional rights of all witnesses compelled to appear before it, particularly their Fifth Amendment rights not to testify.

Willis then sent the obviously biased forewoman, Emily Kohrs on a national media tour to pump the case and the prospect of indicting Trump.  Willis herself is an established anti-Trump figure on such outlets as MSNBC and has run an ongoing commentary on her star chamber proceedings both in the corporate press and through her own social media accounts. As a result, Trump’s lawyers have filed a motion to suppress the report of the special grand jury and all witness testimony associated with it, and to disqualify Willis and presiding judge Robert McBurney.

Finally, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s attempt to indict Trump for the events of January 6th and a concocted obstruction of justice charge involving Trump’s alleged withholding of documents due at the National Archives is proceeding through the D.C. courts with all the fundamental constitutional deficiencies which have characterized all the lawfare against Trump.  In the Mar-a-Lago probe, Trump’s lawyers have been ordered to tell Smith about their conversations with Trump in contravention of the attorney client privilege.  In the January 6th probe, numerous witnesses who could normally rely on executive or attorney client privilege have seen those privileges eviscerated by Judge Beryl Howell and Smith’s henchmen.