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President Biden’s claim about approaching nuclear Armageddon at a New York City fundraiser on October 6th has produced a flurry of commentary which uniformly misdiagnoses the problem. Delusional Joe asserted that we are closer to nuclear annihilation than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 and that he was trying to find, “Putin’s off-ramp.”  He went on to insinuate that if a nuclear holocaust occurred it was because of Donald Trump and the mess Trump created in foreign policy.  This post will elaborate the actual reality of what is going on in Ukraine, the rising opposition to the war in the U.S. led by Donald Trump, and how you change what appears to be a fatal direction in human history using the methods discovered by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Biden’s Remarks

The “Cleanup on Aisle Joe” folks at the White House and the Pentagon raced, instantly, to repudiate Biden’s comments, saying there was no new intelligence, or intelligence showing any change in Russia’s nuclear posture, or intelligence indicating an imminent nuclear threat.

The comments in the corporate media about Biden’s “reckless talk” did not repudiate Biden’s insane Ukraine war policy or cause a determined rush to find a just peace. Instead, they served to normalize discussion of human extinction. There are now public service announcements in New York City reprising the “duck and cover” drills of the 1950s. The most hapless administration in US history churned out $290 million for a drug said to counter radiological injury. The assumption, obviously, is that there will be someone around to distribute it.

2024 Neo-Con presidential aspirants Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley denounced Biden for being reckless and not being tough enough with Putin. According to these idiots, Biden demonstrated his ”insecurity” by worrying about the obvious possible result of continuing Washington’s current war policy.

In Ukraine, the war escalates.  Ukrainians assassinated the Russian politician Darya Dugina in Russia, the Nord Stream pipelines carrying Russian gas to Europe were blown up in the Baltic Sea, (ending the last hope of Germany and others that a break with the U.S. and Britain could secure an energy supply for the winter), the bridge linking Crimea to Russia was sabotaged over the weekend, the Donbas (now a part of Russia) has been subjected to relentless shelling. Washington’s Committee to Blow Up the World spent all last week celebrating these actions as a sure sign that Russia was losing and Ukraine was winning.

This morning, October 10, Russia reacted with missile strikes throughout Ukraine, hitting cities, including Kiev, and essential infrastructure.  Putin convened his entire national security council for the first time to announce the retaliatory measures.  Russia is making personnel and troop movements indicative of a final great assault which will decimate Ukraine’s remaining forces. Larry Johnson summarizes this here. The recent referenda joining four eastern and southern Ukrainian republics to Russia have now consolidated the Russian people behind what is seen in Russia as a widening war for Russia’s survival with the entire West.

Thus, there is more than a colorable claim in Biden’s first statement, at his fundraising party, about the nuclear danger. But the culprit is not Russia, or the cartoonish and demonic figure painted by Anglo-American propagandists as Vladimir Putin. It is US officialdom (acting against the will of the American population), the British, and their increasingly uncontrolled “breakaway” allies, the Ukrainians and the Poles. (An article in the New York Times last week chastised the Ukrainians for assassinating Darya Dugina. The Poles are the consensus favorite as the perpetrators who took out the Nord Stream pipelines.) 

The second Biden fundraiser statement—that he is trying to find an off-ramp or a way to peace—is a dangerous and potentially deadly fabrication. The Anglo-Americans are blowing up the off-ramps as journalist Aaron Mate warned in an October 9th post. Increasingly, Washington is abandoning the fiction of only supporting Ukraine with billions of taxpayer dollars in weapons packages. Increasingly, American advisors and special forces are active participants on the ground in Ukraine, as the British have been throughout.

Biden’s last statement deliberately defames Donald Trump, the only major US political figure calling for an immediate end to the war and finding a path to peace. Trump’s most recent reiteration of this view occurred in an interview with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, on the same day that Biden wandered into his New York City fundraiser. Trump says that Biden almost taunted Putin into starting his operations in Ukraine, that abject stupidity governs the war’s continuance, and that the present situation could easily lead into World War III. Trump also sounded this theme at his weekend rallies in Nevada and Arizona.

Trump’s campaign for peace has now achieved such resonance with the population that Newsweek and other fake news publications are denouncing it. His interview with Lara Trump was censored by Facebook citing long standing “policy.” Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the State and Treasury Departments were ready to sanction anyone opposing Washington’s war regime, including U.S citizens.

Colonel Douglas MacGregor continues to demonstrate that Russia has, up to now, conducted a minimalist military operation in Ukraine, but that is about to change. The Russians will begin their major new offensive when the ground freezes, and it is likely to decimate what is left of the Ukrainian army. None of Russia’s plans involve the use of nuclear weapons.

Further, Russia is winning the war based on the complete failure of the present US, British, and European elites to understand the fundamentals of physical economic science. The sanctions, intended to destroy Russia, are instead destroying Europe and the US because Russia has fundamental resources and extant industries which Europe and the US have destroyed and are in the process of eliminating through the suicidal green religion. Further, Russia’s primary college and technical school graduates specialize in engineering and hard sciences, not gender studies.

It is the probable defeat of the Ukrainians, sooner rather than later, and the onrushing economic crisis in the US and Europe, along with the potential Anglo-American reaction to both, which poses the greatest present threat of nuclear war. Such a result could emerge from a mad flight forward by Anglo-American  utopians or miscalculation. After all, how does mad Washington explain this to the American people?

According to Byron York over at the Washington Examiner, the nuclear holocaust piece Joe Biden presented to the assembled billionaires at James Murdoch’s New York City abode was not even first in Biden’s meandering pitch for megabucks.

 “He didn't lead with it,” York writes, “Look at the pool report from the fundraiser, and Biden began his remarks the way he begins most political speeches these days, by expounding on the threat he says the Republican Party poses to American democracy. . . He then gave an assessment of the midterm elections . . . . Biden then moved on to abortion. Then to climate change. Then he bragged about passing the misleadingly named Inflation Reduction Act. Then he attacked Sens. Rick Scott (R-FL) and Ron Johnson (R-WI).” The explosive (literally) remarks came after all of this as part of an attempted segue into foreign policy.

Mind you, this occurred in a week in which Biden claimed, while in Puerto Rico, that he grew up surrounded by Puerto Ricans in Delaware. Puerto Ricans constitute less than .81% of Delaware’s population. While speaking to a Jewish audience in Delaware, he claimed that while Catholic, he attended Jewish services repeatedly on weekends while living in Delaware. Both are unhinged fantastic whoppers, resulting, according to the Washington Post, from Biden’s overly empathetic connection with his audience. Then, in Florida, as news that his son Hunter might shortly be indicted dominated the news cycle, Biden turned to a local official and bizarrely said, “You were raised the way I was. Don’t F—k with a Biden.”

The Post increasingly functions as the lead publication attempting to explain away the simple fact that the President of the United States is corrupt, senile, and incompetent. By their logic, the President’s script for his New York fundraiser must have read: “Cynical Utopian New York liberal billionaires. Scare the s—t out of them. What if Trump were President now? Don’t F—k with a Biden.”

Ending this war and the nuclear threat will require creative, outside-the-box thinking—thinking outside the intellectually dead and fixed ideas of the present failed system. It is an urgent requirement before, as Trump has emphasized, “everyone gets killed.” It is why inviting Elon Musk and Donald Trump into the conversation makes sense.  The first step in ending this crisis is decimating the Democrats on November 8th. The next steps involve the type of thinking embodied in all peace proposals made over the course of his life by the late Lyndon H LaRouche, Jr.

Some Lessons in Creative Peacemaking from Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche taught that history functions in long form; that the events of the day are often foretold in decisions made long ago. Similarly, great and beneficial changes occur only through imagining and creating a brand new future, different in most respects than anything that has gone before.

If you listen to Bob Ingraham’s recent class series on George Washington and the actual American Revolution, you will come to no other conclusion than that our scientifically and technologically revolutionary founders rigorously studied humanity’s past and its failures. They proceeded to pledge and live their lives passionately dedicated to creating something entirely new, but also enduring. Enduring because of its designed capacity and dedication to securing a better and more prosperous future for each new generation.

In many respects, our problem today began with the Carter Administration and its obedience to the Trilateral Commission’s diktat dismantling the modern US agro-industrial complex created during, and in the immediate aftermath, of World War II. They called it “controlled disintegration” and said it was necessary to cure a “crisis in democracy” caused by too much dispersion of power by the elites to the American citizenry.

Richard Nixon’s destruction of the stable Bretton Woods gold reserve monetary system preceded the enforcement by Jimmy Carter and Paul Volcker of its consequence. It is not accidental that the satanic cults of environmentalism, zero population growth, and narcissistic individual hedonism began their march through our institutions at the same time.

The U.S. population revolted against Carter’s edicts and elected Ronald Reagan president. Much is made by present day conservatives and Republican Party hacks about what Ronald Reagan meant by “peace through strength” with respect to the Soviet Union. It was never what is now described by them.

Instead, Reagan adopted Lyndon LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative in a famous speech on March 23, 1983. In it, Reagan proposed developing a scientifically revolutionary beam weapons missile defense system, based on new physical principles, which would end the threat of thermonuclear destruction presented by the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) standoff between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Instead of MAD, the Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) envisioned mutually assured survival. Reagan had previously detailed Lyndon LaRouche to discuss this policy in a back channel discussion with the Soviets. In these discussions, LaRouche proposed joint development of the new technology.

The Soviets, under then General Secretary and British agent Yuri Andropov, rejected this proposal and actively sought LaRouche’s imprisonment. They were allied with the Democratic Party in the United States. Republican hacks completely undermined Reagan’s SDI proposal. As LaRouche predicted, the failure to pursue the US offer sealed the fate of the already collapsing Soviet economy—for lack of the scientific and technological driver which could have rescued it. You can read LaRouche’s account of this here.

In 1984, LaRouche released a proposal for a durable peace between the United States and the Soviet Union as a key aspect of his Presidential campaign. As with the SDI, the proposal sought cooperation on the frontiers of scientific development and joint action to develop the economies of the developing sector.

On October 12, 1988, LaRouche gave a press conference at the Kempinski Bristol Hotel in Berlin, forecasting the reunification of Germany (which no one believed was possible or imminent at the time). He proposed the joint capital-intensive development by the United States and the Soviets of the economy of Poland as a crucial experiment for East/West cooperation. It was designed to avoid the economic calamities and insecurities then dominant in the East Bloc which, historically, had often led to war.

LaRouche was indicted two days after his Berlin press conference by a federal grand jury sitting in Alexandria, Virginia. That involved the same type of corrupt prosecutors who have targeted Donald Trump since 2015, including Robert S. Mueller III. While LaRouche was imprisoned, mass ferment broke out in Poland and East Germany, leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall. In an effort led by his wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, LaRouche’s Berlin proposals were expanded to include using the dense, capital-intensive Berlin, Vienna, Paris economic triangle as a driver to develop all of Eurasia, resulting in a durable peace. It came achingly close to realization before the British Empire moved in to kill it and to loot the former Comecon bloc down to the bone. That story is told in the LaRouche PAC production, “The Lost Chance of 1989.”

As you can see from the above, each of LaRouche’s proposals was based on the principle of the peace of Westphalia, the 1648 peace negotiations which ended Europe’s vicious religious warfare which had killed millions. The same peace established the dual international law principles of the modern nation state and absolute national sovereignty.

Under Westphalian principles, peace is founded on the mutual recognition of the “advantage of the other” in negotiations between formerly hostile sovereign nation states. Each strives to identify and produce the advantage or maximum benefit to the other. This is also, of course, a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith. Cooperative capital intensive and technologically advanced economic development is what turns this precept into reality. In the case of Westphalia, that successful economic policy was discovered and implemented by Cardinal Jules Mazarin and Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

In 1999, the British satanist Tony Blair, acting in coordination with the Clinton White House and George Soros, gave a speech at the Economic Forum of Chicago aimed at overthrowing the Westphalian principle, by name, and justifying NATO’s genocidal war in the former Yugoslavia. The speech also regurgitated many of the globalist precepts which are destroying our nation today. As George Soros put it in a January 2004 article in Foreign Policy magazine, “Sovereignty is an anachronistic concept originating in bygone times when society consisted of rulers and subjects, not citizens. It became the cornerstone of international relations with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 . . . . The rulers of a sovereign state have a responsibility to protect the state’s citizens. When they fail to do so, the responsibility is transferred to the international community.”

This “responsibility to protect” British foreign policy doctrine, coupled with the equally British doctrine of preemptive war, justified the Iraq War and every failed forever war the US has engaged in since. It underpins all the US/British color revolutions, particularly those conducted in Ukraine. It was championed in the Obama Administration by Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Victoria Nuland, all of whom play key roles in Biden’s foreign policy menagerie today.

Compare this with Donald Trump’s proclamation that the future belongs to the patriots, not the globalists. Or compare it to the last portion of George Washington’s Farewell Address where he counseled against all foreign entanglements, particularly those in Europe where ancient hatreds lurk. America must exercise “good faith and justice” toward all nations, favoring none.

Our off-ramp is clear as day. End the funding for this war now. Create the conditions for peace using the principles outlined by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Focus on rebuilding our own collapsing economy. Crush Biden and the Democrats in the midterm elections, making the end of this war the raison d’être of that crushing defeat.