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What do the release of new documents related to the JFK assassination, the Twitter Files, and the  Lawrence Livermore fusion breakthrough have to do with each other? They each represent the potential to shatter the oligarchy's post-war assault on our nation's (and the world's) progress.

The role of the intelligence/national security apparatus in the JFK assassination is beginning to emerge and its orchestration of the social-media suppression of Donald Trump and so many others is now out in the open.

The "how" and "what" is there to see, but what about the "why?" The why has to do with the subject of tonight's Strategic Overview:

The "Eureka" breakthrough at Lawrence Livermore on December 5th, demonstrating that fusion power is now on a near term agenda, was possible as early as the 1950s. Why was it blocked? Barbara Boyd and Bruce Director will discuss this, the activities of Lyndon LaRouche and the Fusion Energy Foundation to realize fusion energy and the forces arrayed against it in tonight's strategic overview.