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The resurgence of a nation, like its creation, is a miracle to behold! For those who haven't seen President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele's powerful speech from the CPAC conference, watch it here.

He not only outmaneuvered the political establishment to get elected, but he outflanked the international globalists and their drug cartels and gangs too. After turning the murder capital of the world into the safest country in the western hemisphere over the last four years, he was just reelected with 85% of the vote! If El Salvador can do it, why can't we?

In his speech, he calls for ending the US Federal Reserve central banking system, which is sinking the U.S. dollar, and for major structural reforms under the next President.

This is what Donald Trump is capable of, and what Lyndon LaRouche advocated for over five decades.

It's not only necessary, but it is increasingly possible. This potential defines the world strategic moment!

Join us tonight.

Michael Steger