President Trump seen here waving his hands towards the crowd as he enters a New York courtroom. April 15, 2024

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On Friday, the House of Representatives, by one vote, (Speaker Mike Johnson’s) declined to require the FBI and others to get a regular judicial warrant when it asks FISA’s Section 702 (the know-it-all national vacuum cleaner of all available information about everyone) database about Americans. Because of a brilliant procedural move by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R. FL) the issue will be revisited today, Monday. 

In the meantime, on Saturday, Iran retaliated against Israel for killing two of its generals and several other officers in an attack on its consulate in Damascus, Syria on Monday, April 1st.   Israel, the Biden Administration, and others proclaimed a brilliant performance by Israel’s air defenses, the United States, the United Kingdom, and various historical enemies of Iran in the Arab world in thwarting this first-time direct drone and missile swarm launched directly from Iran against Israel. They are hoping to constrain the Israelis from further escalation of a war which could put the Middle East in flames and crash most of the world’s economies who are dependent on oil and gas from this region along with its shipping lanes. That’s not to mention the U.S troops who are like sitting ducks in this present overheated strategic theatre.

The immediate reports of military realities, however, defy this rosy picture of a stupendous display of allied defense. Instead, Iran inflicted major damage at the two Israeli airfields in Negev and related military installations which participated in the Damascus attack.  In a saner time, that would be called an appropriate reciprocal response. Amid this, Speaker Mike Johnson has been terribly busy serving his newfound masters in the Security State. He plans to put the long-delayed billion-dollar defense supplemental for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan on the House floor as early as Monday.  Makes you wonder who participated in ginning up the insane attack in Damascus, a violation of international law requiring an Iranian response, and in fomenting the maximum hype about said anticipated response over the last two weeks.  Most Republican politicians are like crazed bulls when the word “Iran” is waved before them. Similarly, when it comes to defending any action, no matter how self-destructive, by Israel. That profile may very well result in the insanity of billions more for Ukraine when that war was lost months ago and is sustained by a charnel house which is rapidly sucking in and killing Ukraine’s remaining working population while pouring billions in U.S. taxpayer funds into criminal Nazi gangs and corrupt oligarchs.

All of this occurs while Donald Trump is preoccupied with the absurd New York criminal trial about his former lawyer and serial perjurer Michael Cohen’s extortion payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. Jury selection in the case begins today. On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the Biden Justice Department’s unconstitutional reconstruction of the obstruction statute intended for financial crimes into a generalized felony statute barring protests on the grounds of the Capitol and utilized to exact draconian sentences on the January 6 trespassers and rioters. It could allow some justice, finally, for J6 defendants and wipeout chunks of Jack Smith’s Trump indictments.

Lots of patriots could lose their nerve when confronted by this situation, particularly with the hose of hate filled propaganda against Trump and his supporters which spews its filth every hour of every day.  Turn them off. Listen to Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach.  Focus on your education by reading Hamilton, Lincoln, LaRouche, Plato, Leibniz, Shakespeare, Schiller, Cusa, all the philosophical friends of our founders, who, during our revolution resolutely walked the lonely path where numerous defeats and their lessons birthed ultimate victory. Your demoralization is what the Security State and the Biden Administration are counting on. It is all they have.  Our republic stipulates that an educated and aroused population is its ruler, a role which many of us delegated negligently in previous times. Unless we want to lose this nation, that delegation is no longer warranted. Most Americans recognize this. That is why Donald Trump, despite everything, continues to lead in all polls.

Thus, we look at the situation very differently than those depressed by Friday’s FISA vote. At no time since the end of World War II has the security state been put so much on its back foot as now. The entire cabinet, Obama, Jake Sullivan, etc. were whipping Representatives directly, in dead panic, because of the revolt against FISA. This fight is occurring in a Congress which is split. On one side of the nominal Republican caucus are the old guard Bush Republicans who have sacrificed our treasure and destroyed our honor in pursuit of fulfilling British imperial grand strategy ever since the end of World War II.  They and the insane Democrats, won under Clinton and Obama to the hubris of the world gendarme role, constitute the majority. Their power depends on a police power which can surveil, frame, and imprison opponents of the regime.

To fix this, we must continue the fight which has put rotten official Washington in dead panic. The calls from the public to the Congress about FISA and Ukraine have generated this movement in Congressional opposition along with Donald Trump’s leadership.  Nothing else accounts for it. We need to elect a new Congress.   We must put every obstacle we can find in the path of the Security State.  They will wander into World War III rather than admit the abject defeat and exposure of murderous incompetence resting in the reality of what has happened in Ukraine. They will wander into World War III, in some cases, due to a misreading of the Book of Revelation coupled with the British intelligence spawned tenets of revisionist Zionism and radical Islam.

The present FISA and Ukraine battles represent the sorting mechanism through which the burgeoning MAGA movement can identify representatives as either nationalist patriots or globalist Tories and cowards and thoroughly map and discredit the apparatus which supports the globalist Tories. We also have to fight like hell to make sure that President Trump understands where we stand and to bring JFK and Martin Luther King Democrats into the MAGA fold, along with independents. We have an election to win which means creating a majority movement which is too big to rig.  War and peace, along with the related issue of creating a truly human economy rather than one controlled by usurers and moneychangers will determine this election. The world is changing rapidly away from the Dark Age in which we live to the new Renaissance, the birth of which we are witnessing. Tanking Ukraine aid, making a mockery of the New York Jerry Springer influenced Trump show trial, and taking new ground on FISA are our marching orders for the week.

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