Biden at the Leaders Summit on Climate in April 2021. Photo: White House

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Texas electricity regulators make promises to the public that electricity should likely stay on through the rest of the summer. How do they plan to keep this promise? Kesha Rogers is joined by Gregg Goodnight, chemical engineer and member of the CO2 coalition and The Right Climate Stuff, to discuss climate science and public policy.

In this extensive interview Mr. Goodnight lays out some of the policy discussions and fight going on around the Texas energy grid and the need for increased productivity in energy supply following the devastating winter freeze that hit the state in February and the summer heat waves that threatened the grid in June.

In the second part of the interview Mr. Goodnight discusses the effects of Joe Biden putting the U.S. back in the Paris climate accord as one the first acts of his presidency after Trump removed the U.S. from them, and the failed national and global climate agenda of the Green New Deal or what President Trump called recently, " The Green New Bullshit." Check out the discussion and learn more of what you can do to get involved.