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A young man returning from World War II took it upon himself to debunk a new set of ideas being spread in post WWII American intellectual circles: cybernetics, information theory and artificial intelligence. The young man’s name was Lyndon H LaRouche. He already recognized such ‘ideas’ as not only wrong, but evil.

As a youth, before the war, LaRouche had explored the ideas and discoveries of the 15th Century European Renaissance. He knew these ideas, were not mere “information theory”, but were the very foundation of our Republic. He decided, that foundation must be defended, and the evil of "information theory" must be conquered. The ideas of the American System, built as they were on the ideas of the European Renaissance, must now inform a science, the science of physical economy, to become “the King and Queen of all sciences.” This class series is an introduction to LaRouche’s discovery and the power of reason, the title as well of LaRouche’s early autobiographical writing.