Starship Test Flight Mission. April 16, 2023. Official SpaceX Photo

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Many a person or animal has disappeared in the swamp, never to be seen again. Over the past 50+ years the Washington swamp has been deepening. Thousands of people earn their pay by tracking down and destroying anything or anyone that, or who, represents human progress.

According to the report of, this past week former NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations, and current Vice President, Build and Flight Reliability for SpaceX Bill Gerstenmaier testified before Congress about the slow regulatory approval process for testing of the SpaceX Starship system—the system which is key to implementing President Trump’s and NASA’s Artemis Project for establishing a permanent human presence on the Moon:

“These delays may seem small in the big scheme of things, but a continuous delay of each and every test flight just adds up and eventually, we’ll lose our lead and we’ll see China land on the Moon before we do.”

“Licensing, including environmental approval, often takes longer than rocket development. This should never happen and it’s only getting worse.”

The next Starship prototype has been ready to fly since mid-September but has been held up by the FAA and the Fish and Wildlife Service! —both of which must grant approval before the next flight. SpaceX intends to fly 2 more Starship missions this year, and many more next year, but right now Starship is mired in the swamp.

As President, Donald Trump acted to begin draining the swamp and promoting the revival of the nearly drowned nuclear and space programs, and industry and agriculture in general. Now the swamp is attempting to swallow up President Trump in legal quicksand. And a significant segment of Congressional Republican swamp creatures have been doing their part for swamp rat rights in a vain attempt to stop the growing movement behind President Trump’s return to the White House.

Call your Republican Congressional Representative and demand that the House of Representatives defund the prosecutions of President Trump, and the British Empire’s wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. Sign and circulate the petition.