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Every Republican Senator except for Rand Paul, is apparently stupid enough to think that pushing for an unnecessary (and disastrous) war with Russia--is a darned clever way to win support away from the senile Biden and the Democratic Party. If they believe that, they are indeed “children,” as Tucker Carlson said recently.

Behind that miscalculation, lies another. These RINOs are despised by the base for undercutting President Trump and selling out the nation. How will they wrest control of the Republican Party away from Donald Trump, whose signature foreign policy was to end perpetual wars? How about a national war-fever—or even a little war (they hope it will be little)?

What these myopic fools refuse to face is that war, or the immediate threat of war, is the perfect excuse to implement a new form of top-down regimentation and control to replace mandates, lockdowns, and vaccine passes. The extraordinary powers that the “secret government” gained from the “War on Terror” are still there. What better means to extend them further into full fascist dictatorship, than the threat of war with Russia?

We are heading into a critical phase in our fight to win back the control of the country, a fight which was crippled by the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax against President Trump, and the stolen election of 2020.