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The progress the U.S. made in once again freeing itself from the British Empire (now called “globalization”) during the first term of the Trump Presidency, was made possible by and at the same time unleashed a new-found optimism. It’s been expressed in the resurgence of science and production in the U.S. economy such as Artemis and Operation Warp-Speed and sets the stage for even more scientific economic expansion in a second Trump term. 

This comes as no surprise to those who understand American history, as this nation was founded on optimism, and, that optimism, embedded in our culture, has saved the nation in every crisis we’ve faced over the last nearly 250 years. It will guide us to reverse the ongoing coup attempt and provide fuel to make sure that no usurpatious Biden/Harris administration can rebind us to the Empire from which we have, once again, freed ourselves. Lyndon LaRouche showed that this characteristic American optimism reflects a deep scientific principle on which all human progress has been based. On the Saturday night zoom call, Bruce Director will discuss the basis for the optimism and how it can be wielded in the current crisis. Document cited in the opening.